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Anyone ever look at SW like the Maverick Wars?

I've been going on a Megaman Marathon ever since the release of Megaman 9. First going through Megaman 1-8 and now I just finished Megaman X1-X3. I also read the Rockman X manga and it got me thinking. SW is a lot like The Maverick Wars.


You could equate the fanboys to that of being Mavericks/Irregulars. They like to enjoy causing choas and devestation to everything in their wake and most of the time they really don't care for the consequences of doing what they do. Some turn Maverick/Irregular by choice. Others the Zero/Sigma Virus they become corrupted and have no choice. They become infected in the ways of brand loyalty.

Mavericks Hunters/Moderators/Admins/GUFU

With Mavericks/Irregulars running about there becomes a rise of Maverick Hunters to counteract them. Moderators are the main force, Admins are at the elite level and formerly there was GUFU who did there thing in their own unique on the outside such as Repliforce and Red Alert did. (Just that GUFU didn't turn Maverick/Irregular we just changed our focus)

Heh just an outside though.

So you think you hate BlackBond?

It amuses me to great degree how much time and energy is exerted trying to put me down on a personal basis.

When it comes to hating on BlackBond you might see any number of the following

  • BlackBond you are not a god on these forums
  • BlackBond you aren't always right
  • BlackBond we just hate you
  • BlackBond is going to destroy GUFU
  • BlackBond is a liar
  • BlackBond if you care about GUFU you won't run for Leader
  • BlackBond you're not Leadership material
  • BlackBond you're an (insert racial slur)
  • BlackBond your behavior is unacceptable
  • BlackBond your posting sty1e is harmful to others

Its funny but you know what.....


The fact that people actually use their time and energy to try and bring me down on a consistant basis just proves what I've been saying all along.

But just remember. I feed off the hate. It is indeed....DELICIOUS!

Putting this silly 360/PS3 pricing mess to rest with finese and authority

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You know you've seen it. It happens like clock work every now and then when something big goes down prior. The whole notion that 360 is more expensive then the PS3 in the long run. Remember this key word. The long run.

Now when you walk into a store that sells video games and you go ahead and look at Xbox 360's you'll see.

  • Arcade = $199
  • Pro = $299
  • Elite = $399
  • PS3 20 GB = $399

So then you ask yourself. Where oh where do these people find the logic that a system that has two SKU's under $399 is more expensive then one that is $399?

Well here is your answers.

Apparently when you buy a 360 YOU MUST BUY

  • Wifi Adapter
  • XBL 5 years
  • AA Batteries
  • Used to be HD-DVD
  • ect

Yada yada you get the picture.

Bottom line I'm sure you get the picture. Most people have grown out of this and have become more educated on the subject finally realizing that YES YOU DON'T NEED all of that stuff nor do you need it to play games. Hell you might as well say a Hermit needs a PC that can max everything.

On to the next. Now we get the, but but teh XBL costs $50 a year and over a 5 year span its $250!!! Man holy hell. Now things are getting outrageous. People confusing intial cost of hardware with a service that is applicable to the system. Then we have to hear about PSN is free blah blah blah yada yada then we have to here but teh XBL is better! yada yada yada. And then we have to hear about PC gaming provides it free! Even though these people who supposively have high end PC's to play PC/360 titles still praise PSN at then end of the ball game.


If you're really so consumed over this whole price thing and all you do is rely on this argument over and over and over like its RROD I would like to provide you with some interesting data concerning THE REAL HIDDEN COST of these consoles :twisted:

No BlackBond isn't going to do what he normally does. Which is trap the otherside within their own logic with claims such as.....

  • HDMI Cables
  • Upgrade to Dual Shock 3
  • 1080P TV for that oh so precious Blu-Ray
  • Qore
  • Headset

Because hell I'm not subscribing to Qore. I'm not buying HDMI cables for my PS3, and I'm not going to even watch Blu-Ray movies.

Because hell. BlackBond's got the PS3.

But BlackBond doesn't have no HDTV

Essentially what I'm saying is I don't need a HDTV, QORE, or HDMI to enjoy PS3 (I need games lol cause I don't have any PS3 ones yet haha)


You want to complain about the costs of XBL then oh you're so going to love this....



Now I know I know. But BlackBond that doesn't mean anything. Because we don't know about the 360's power consumption. But don't worry B^2 is gonna take care of you.

Electricity Cost Xbox 360
Watts 173.83
Hours Per Day Used 4.0
Kilowatt Hour Cost ($) 0.08
Days Used 300.00
Your Daily Cost Will Be $0.06
Your Monthly Cost Will Be $16.69

Electricity Cost Other PS3
Watts 201.07
Hours Per Day Used 4.0
Kilowatt Hour Cost ($) 0.08
Days Used 300.00
Your Daily Cost Will Be $0.06
Your Monthly Cost Will Be $19.30

360 yearly cost $16.69 x 12 = $200.28

PS3 yearly cost $19.30 x 12 = $231.60

Energy cost different $231.60 - $200.28 = $31.28


Give or take the minor differences between the two sources of data I'm sure you still see where I am going with this. The difference in power cost does make a differnce over the course of the year.

But BlackBond even with the power cost XBL $50 a year minus PS3 $31.28 of increased energy cost over the 360 is only $18.72.

Indeed, but really people you are going to complain about an insignificant $18.72 a year? That sounds kind of silly to me. Silly because you will be using your PS3 to charge your controllers not to mention the time you spend watching Blu-Ray movies. Makes it a little interesting now when you factor your PS3 usage into charging that controller and watching your Blu-Ray huh?

Now considering the price of entry into buying each system, the gap between them, combined with the difference between XBL going against the increased cost of energy consumption by the PS3. Yeah I think its time to throw this silly argument out the window. But then again even though the energy costs pretty much cancels out XBL costs, PSN doesn't cancle out XBL's superiorty over it....But yeah I won't really touch on that.

Bottom line there is no room to really complain on this subject anymore. The small difference in money of $18.72 over even 5 years is less then the price difference of both products. And if you're one of the people that say you don't pay for your own electricity then I guess someone else is going to say that their parents whoever are paying for their XBL. Money is money no matter where it comes from.

BlackBond has spoken


I know I said I'd leave the movie watching data out of this but now I decided to add it. Which really makes things a lot worse for the PS3. Part of the reason why I didn't include it. You saw the difference in the gaming side of things. Now check this.

PS3 uses +50 Watss of power when watching DVDs

Blu-Ray consumes +60 Watts of power over DVD and Blu-Ray movies power consumption is equal to that of playing your Xbox 360.


Favorite Animation Voice Actors

Steven Blum

Brian Drummond

Crispin Freeman

Scott McNeil

Johnny Yong Bosch

Chris Sabit

Brad Swaile

Anyone else have any other VA's that they like? I'll be updating with some links later but stupid AMV's make this process horrific to do.

The PS3 cannot catch a freaking break

  • Devil May Cry 4
  • Virtua Fighter 5
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • Ace Combat 6
  • GTA IV (Exclusive DLC on 360)
  • Tekken 6

The Empire has crumbled. I mean damn when you can't even secure a Fighting game I don't know what to say.

Typical damage control on the situation is that Sony will still make more new IP's then Microsoft. Well Sony will make better games then Microsoft as well. Problem is its not about who makes them its about how many you have. You can check Nerdman's list on SW for a general idea of list of games.

As for the people claiming on this new IP damage control.

  1. Kameo
  2. Viva Pinata
  3. Too Human
  4. Gears of War
  5. Saints Row
  6. Crackdown
  7. Dead Rising
  8. Lost Oddessey
  9. Infinite Undiscovery
  10. Blue Dragon


There is a decent number of decent games out there that are new IP's on the 360. So I don't know why people hide behind this new IP crap on PS3.

Kinda akward timing to finally get a PS3 though isn't it lol. I wanted Tekken 6 now the game gets delayed and this happens lol. Eh wel it was only $200.

More attacks on GUFU

Seriously. I find it funny how so many of these people that get banned all the time have a problem with GUFU. You're banned for a reason so its time well yeah you stayed banned. We will outlast all of you like freaking cockroaches. So threads and threats like this. Lets be serious.


I've always been a long time viewer of these boards. Most of the time i've been banned so I can only watch from a far. Most of you have no idea who the GUFU are and that's okay. I know the true nature of these vile bunch. The officers, the peons, and the janitors of the GUFU are not in your best interests. Before it's too late take a good look at what you have here in system wars. As your kissing your controller goodnight and tucking your R.O.B. in before you sleep. Remember you have someone to turn to and that person is me. Don't let the GUFU get you down. After this I will be shortly banned. It happened around the time of PS3's savior "metal gear solid 4" and it will happen now. Before I go though I want to pass on some of my wisdom that I have learned over the years.I was around the time of the OFJC. You don't know what it is and that's okay. I do and that's all that matters.I'm not Yo_foo, he was a great man, one of the best trolls out there. This post will be accused of being free publicity for the GUFU. This post is to help open your eyes to the tyranny that is oppressing you. System wars has been neutered by these very people and it's sad.Before was called that, it went by another name. Videogames.comI'm 25 years old now. I've been on for well over 10 years now. I can remember reading up to date reviews on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Metal Gear Solid. Put that into perspective for a moment.It may be another six months before I post again. Some of you will be like thank god! Some of you may miss these, but remember GUFU does need to be brought down.


Why isn't Gamespot putting GUFU on the featured Union List?

Do you see anything wrong with unions that are listed that are completely inactive that have posts dating back to 2006 and 2007? While GUFU on the other hand is the always highly active and is the most viewed Union on the site?

I mean look at some of the topics on the boards. GTA VCS announced on PS2? I'm sorry but this is a complete joke unless the featured union list is just a random list.

Being the Union that has the highest number of views on this site I demand that we be featured and featured often.