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BlackBond is no more

You know it comes to the point where you ask yourself. Why do you do the things you do? Do you do it for others? Do you do things for yourself? Or do you really just not have any sort of motivation.

BlackBond used to be that poster that cared nothing about anyone but himself. But then he came to think of others. He joined GUFU and set out on his own going battle against fanboyism, comedic entertainment, and just bringing some much needed logic and a fresh change of pace to SW.

That's what BlackBond liked to do and to be honest he didn't just do it for himself he also did it for you.

Heck BlackBond was so successful he even garnered the appreciation of the masses becoming a knowledgable, feared yet loved, well respected Poster.

To the point of even being accoladed these awards.

System Wars Awards

LULZ, King, Hero, and Unique TC. Not that it means anything really but BlackBond appreciates the love. Just think of it as, "King Bond Hero of SW" yeah that sounds right.

But even with these titles things never really changed and really why let them. Sure BlackBond goes by King Bond over at the GUFU IRC but its all good and fun. But then something happened.

But there isn't any appreciation for the finer things. Things such as logic, sensible comedy, intelligence, debate, and above all else fun. Instead you have you havewould SW being like a 30 man knife fight in a pitch black dorm room.

But not only that....You have legitiment disrespect for aHero and a King. Nobody says you have to respect anybody but to disrespect someone and personally is another matter.

For all the praise one gets he will also see that amount of hatred from the opposite side of the spectrum. But now its not just the opposite side of the spectrum its nearly all and this doesn't have really anything to do with fanboyism. To think and to se some of the things that go on here has grown on to the point of being bored and tired.

How many times can one call me arrogant?

Talk about my race?

The color of my skin?

The fact that I own lots of games and I post on a game forum

Call me a nerd when you are on a game forum.

BlackBond is an (explicit)

Make racial comments.

Call me a hypocrite

Call me a liar

Call me dishonest

BlackBond can't lead

BlackBond will ruin things

You're so full of yourself

And all while never being able to prove it? Its really just come down to the point where debates aren't even debates anymore. Its BlackBond saying one thing and then reading the cheap like cop-out responses above.

So you know what fine. BlackBond has heard it so much and its been repeated over and over like a broken record. The insults, the name calling, the berating.

As you know BlackBond feeds off the hate infact he enjoys it. But now, now he's going to get drunk off it. Those who keep preaching it probably just in the end really want it and to be honest now BlackBond is feeling like obliging.

Arrogance? Fine I will be. Full of myself? Now BlackBond can't get enough of himself. BlackBond will be everything that is said. Certainly BlackBond can make it happen.

There is only so many times you can play the Hero, be the popular favorite, the peoples champ. The guy the crowd likes to get behind. But that time is over. Just like BlackBond is no more.

For now on BlackBond shall be addressed not as BlackBond but as King Bond. Yes this is a heel turn. King Bond is tired of the goodness. Tired of putting his neck out and playing Hero. King Bond demands no respect, no loyalty, no nothing. Quiet frankly whatever is given to me here King Bond doesn't want any part of it.

King Bond has all that he need. The money, the women, the education, and more platforms and games to make even the so called hardcore look casual.

Its nothing personal so don't take it that way. But a new era is begining. The era of King Bond

Bow before Royalty

Reality Check

In this country we focus so much on censorship and you know what censorship is not the problem. Lets look at video games and television. Everyone wants to say that video games causes people to committ more crimes or causes them to go crazy. Hitler was one of the biggest murderes of all time and correct me if I am wrong but GTA wasn't out at that time. Violence has existed forever now. Even in the bible you had brother killing brother.

If someone is crazy and someone needs help then that's on the person. Also lets look at how in American society how we have to censor everything like right now how you can't curse anymore or it will make you a bad person or something.

I mean look at the huge difference between cartoon and anime. In anime they actually curse, show violence, intimate scenes and this is the kind of television that kids watch in Japan.

The Dragon Ball Z we saw in America is completely different then the one seen in Japan. And holy crap last time I checked Japan is at least 5 years ahead of technologically. They are better educated then American's but oh crap their television is more violent. So you still wanna blame television too?

Lets talk about how materialistic this country is. Christmas is no longer about spending time with your family and exchanging gifts because you love that person. Nope, its all about who has the biggest gifts, Its all about who's spending the most money, its all about who has the most lavish party, whos the most high ****person in there.

I mean the level of corruption in this country and even within our government. I mean why do you think so many people are out there selling drugs? I'm not condoning drug usage or dealing but the fact of the matter is for some people drug dealing is a neccesity. I mean what are you supposed to do when no job wants to hire you? What do you do when you have no money to pay for food and shelter?

And so people they just judge people and they don't sit down and think, "So why is this person doing this?" The problem is we focus on so much crap that doesn't even matter instead of focusing on education, morals, and true values of life. Instead what is focused on is crap like gay marriage, interacial relationships, ect.

I have a couple gay friends (both male and female) and I don't care what others say or say and if you want to judge me by that then fine I don't care I've been judged all my life hell even here in the forums. If someone wants to be gay then yeah that's their business.

And another thing with cursing. Oh noes cursing is so bad! It was invented and its in the English language. And for people claiming that a word is bad lets be serious a word can't go out and kill people.

Back to education in European countries where they learn a lot of English. Those people speak and write English better then most American's do. The only difference is that they have an accent but then again everyone has an accent. You may not have an accent now but go some where else and you will have an accent.

The close mindedness of the people, the racism, the inability to listen to others, the fact that people care about things that aren't really important is what leads to problematic issues

Lets talk about bad parenting. Parents these days don't seem to realize that they are influencial in the lives of kids. But its like their kids are made out of gold and they can't do know wrong. So now when a child commits a crime, parents want to blame the movies they watch, the music their kids listen to. No lets blame it on the fact that you neglected your kid. Lets blame the fact that maybe you were too hard on them or maybe not hard enough, that you didn't see the warning signs that were there. When I say too hard on their kids I mean I see kids they're good kids. Good in school, no drugs, but they like to hangout a lot and parents will dog them for it and then focus on things that don't really even matter and then kids end up doing bad things.

Its not about censorship, its not about having a problem at hand and saying lets put a whole bunch of stupid laws in place. Its funny how they set a standard in this world especially in the school system how if you come from a certain race, ethnicity or neighborhood you're not supposed to do well in life. That's a bad thing you know.

A little change in scenary or you know when people know you care about them it can make a huge difference in life.

The ruling on the field stands;title

I mean there really isn't much to say. Enforcement should not be decided upon merely speculatory manners. For things that you appeared or heck maybe even seemed to do. Why not have oh I don't know, maybe have it based on things you actually did? Yeah that would be good.

The words seemed and appeared should never be justifable reasons for judgement as they are merely but speculation. They are not concrete. Punishment based on mere speculation is not accurate, period.

So with a valid point and for a valid defense I decided hey why not make an appeal and what do I get. Oh wait Tekken? Yes Tekken?

I'm not sure if you guys are aware or not but I am a Fighting Nut. I love the genre. Just so happens to be this game has been going through some rough times.

-You know the constant delays

-It not coming out until the 360 version is ready

-It came out in JPN arcades in 07 and here we are in 09 still not having it

-It taking so long to come out on consoles that their skipping Tekken 6 all together and giving us its update in Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion.

So being a fighting fan you know who the rest of the big fans our. There aren't a lot of us. You have your guys like Dreams who are currently into Tasunoko vs Capcom, you have your people like me who like the 2D fighters and are eagerly anticipating BlazBlue, you have people like Yoshi who play DOA.

So seeing that this guy is a huge Tekken fan I ask, "How's the Tekken 6 thing going. You weren't around for that?"

Notice the question mark, meaning "were you around for that?"

I mean because delays suck, getting it late, sucks, having to wait for the 360 version to be complete instead of us playing it all sucks.

And yet....the mods deemed this comment as reason for moderation because it was just an attempt to get a rise out of the user.

Exuse me for asking about Tekken 6. My bad. I mean wow I never thought asking someone about their favorite game was intentionally trying to antagonize or get a rise out of someone. Make sure you guys never ask me about any game I'm interested in.

Its the things like this that are just a sour spot on the community. Becuase rather then let me explain myself I get condemned and told to take it up to customer service rather then being able to talk it out civially.

I know the mods and I enjoy interacting with them. But it seems like I was just brushed aside and told to

"Hey go E-Mail an anonomyous recipent because hey I don't feel like dealing with you or giving you a chance to explain yourself"

Obviously I'm not going to go email customer service because hell nobody wants to every deal with customer service and everyone on the planet knows that people don't want to deal with customer service obviously. I mean just talk with me. How unreasonable is that? I see people getting more then two replies and getting feedback by more then one moderator. Why can't I get that.

You don't even have to do it because if it appears or seems that you did. Its all the same.

So you want to know what a Maverick/Irregular is?

Mega Man Universe

Maverick(イレギュラーIregyurā?,Irregularin Japan)is a term given to Reploids and Mechaniloids that are a threat to humans, which can be caused by errors, viruses, reprogramming, or even by their own free will upon deciding that humans are too weak to live. They are usually countered by application of superior firepower to a fatal degree, and the Maverick Hunterswere formed to enact this.

System Wars

Maverick(イレギュラーIregyurā?,Irregularin Japan)is a term given to Fanboys and Fakeboys that are a threat to the logically thinking, which can be caused by brand loyalty, blindness, inability to comprehend basic logic, or even by their own free will upon deciding that non-mavericks are too unconfrontational. They are usually countered by application of superior posting or mod power to a fatal degree, and the Mods were formed to enact this.

King Bond's Rule

1. Ignoring Stickies should equate to an automatic 7 day suspension after first offense.
2. Claiming your opinion as fact non jokingly is an automatic 7 day suspension.
3. Racism should be an automatic ban. Why GS allows people to call me racially sensitive things multiple times before bans is beyond me. Racism should be instant ban.
4. Putting :FACT: in your topic title and presenting opinion should be an automatic 7 day suspension.
5. Lacking basic level business comprehension that also goes forth with basic economics yet talking on and on despite not knowing jack about business should be a 7 day suspension.
6. Bans to all Irregular/Maverick Posters.
7. 7 day suspension to any poster who exhibits Maverick/Irregular tendencies every time over three.
8. Any poster who creates one of those stupid price comparison threads with the 360 is an automatic 7 day suspension no warnings at all.
9. Any mention of the words pertaining to the support of "Console Exclusive" automatic 7 day suspension.
10. Blatent Maverick/Irregular posts with an account under Level 5 is an automatic ban.
11. No account under Level 5 should be allowed to post in SW.

12. Blu-Ray is needed for games is a 3 day suspension.

13. Claiming that PC's have to be upgraded every couple of months is an instant ban.
14. Claiming that gaming PC's cost $3,000 or any number higher then $3,000 is an instant ban.
15. Using arguments about being able to play on a TV and use a controller without realizing that you can do that also on a PC is a 7 day suspension.
16. Eagerly campaigning that a game will flop is a 7 day suspension.
17. Fakeboy Maverick/Irregular posts that are not humorous is a 7 day suspension.
18. Spreading propaganda like a video game PR guy is a 7 day suspension.
19. Confusing good business and instead calling it an act of desperation is an instant ban. A-U-T-O-M-A-T-I-C.
20. Claiming product X isn't as good as Y because you don't want to pay for X even though its superior is a 3 day suspension. When did price affect quality? If its better its better period. Just because something is cheaper doesn't mean its better. If X > Y then X > Y period.
21. Silly analogies that have no relevance at all to video games especially the ones about cars are an automatic 3 day suspension.
Any usage of VGChartz in reference to estimations of hardware sales is a 1 day suspension.

December 23rd The 23rd Birthday of King Bond Hero of SW

Not to mention Lord of the LULZ and yeah something about Unique TC but I can't find something that rolls off the tongue about it now.

So yeah once again Christmas comes early for King Bond. It usually does every year since I'm born two days before it.

I don't really ever get gifts because I never really ask for anything and anything I want I just buy anything. It would be nice to get a 1080P 40' HDTV or a beast computer rig but Santa doesn't ever roll through with that kinda stuff he always be making excuses and the likes.

Things I'm doing for Birthday and Christmas hmmmm well there's three of them. Hopefully :shock:

Heh if I pull this one off I shall transcend a King and become a "Gosh Oh Damn" (G.O.D) How did he do that!

Well I haven't been really active lately in the GUFU community as of late and well IRC is always dead so I've just been lounging lately. Currently BlackBond LIve is on Hiatus but it shall be making a triumphant return. I do need to find a Crown like a legit one that I can wear during the broadcast.

I mean hell things are getting boring and well its time to evolve and shake things up. Time to change things up and get King Bond all fresh and unique for 2009 and such. So I've been laying low patiently preparing and such.

Now I must be off to check on "The Kingdom" before I go to work.

The end of an era

Wow I don't even know where to begin with this but today disaster struck. A disaster so immense that its impact will be felt within SW and GUFU.

Today at 11:46pm my laptop suddenly died without warning. I thought it was a simple over heat but it was ice cold. So I tried turning it back on and I realized the cold truth. It just died.

That laptop went through hell and back with me. All 32 MB of GeForce4 MX Mobile and all of its 512mb ram god dammit. A real soldier. And now he's gone and with him he took things that I may never be able to replace....

  • Pictures of the last 5 years of my life
  • Pictures of so many hot chicks
  • The Digital Counterpart version of "The Chickionary" :cry:
  • About 100 .gifs that I never even got to use that were just plain awesome
  • 98 Pages of in life quotes
  • Rockman Zero Perfect Works
  • Legit and Large hi resolution picks of every Robot Master, Maverick, Net Navi, Psuedoroid as well as all the main characters in the Mega Man Universe :cry:
  • Home Video's
  • Game saves

Man its just horrible. I feel like a kid who's dog just got run over right infront of him. Sure I have a lot of things backed up but really I can't even remember the last time I backed things up.

Hopefully there is a way to extract all the info off my laptop's HDD or something like that. If anyone knows how I can retrieve the Data off the HDD inside a laptop I'd greatly appreciate it.

The Mega Man ZX Series

Upon completion of both of these games I find them very interesting. Interesting from a gameplay perspective and for the continuation of the story line of the Mega Man Universe.

Basic story is that upon the conclusion of Mega Man Zero 4 The Ragnarock Station which was fused with Dr. Weil crashed into the planet. The crashed Ragnarock was still filled with Dr. Weil's aura thus being able to corrupt, twist and even create Mavericks. These pieces of the downed Ragnarock are called Model W's.

To counter act the effects of the Model W, Ceil from the Mega Man Zero series creates a set of Biometals off of the X, Zero, and the Four Guardians who are clones of X, Fenfir, Phantom, Harpuia and Leviathan. A total of six biometals

Unfortunately Model F, P, H, & L end up in the hands of Serpent of Slither Inc who has been corrupted by Model W. Serpent tries to awaken Model W by feeding it fear. To do so he uses the piece of Model W to cause Maverick outbreaks. Since Slither Inc is essentially a corporation that stops Maverick outbreaks the populance doesn't even suspect Serpent or Slither since they have created armies to stop Mavericks while Serpent has used his wealth to increase the living conditions of the populance.

  • Model X
  • Model Z
  • Model ZX (Combination Double Mega Merge)
  • Model H
  • Model L
  • Model P
  • Model F
  • Model W

The Bosses of this game are not technically Mavericks. They are called Pseudoroids. This type of reploid is one that is created off of biometal fragments. The game has different Biometals that are split up to create different Pseudoroids. Once you defeat and Pseudoroid you can obtain the Biometal and transform into the according Model.

Pandora and Prometheus are twin Reploids turned Mega Men (term used for a Biometal user) Pandora has a calm quiet demeanor while her brother is very harsh, cunning, and ruthless. These two show up to work for Slither Inc.

I had fun with Mega Man ZX. It has a reasonable story in which the Ragnarock which Dr. Weil fused with fell to Earth creating choas. It has very nice gameplay as you transform from any of your biometals at any time, each with their own special moves and unique abilities. This makes playing the game with a variety of sty1es very fun. But to be honest I've grown so accustomed to Zero I just find myself using Model ZX the most followed by Model H seeing as how it uses blades as well.

ZX Advent

This game has lots of story twists from the past game that are well techinically spoilers. You play as a reploid known as Grey who has no idea about his past. Bounty Hunters enter a facility and in a fight with security Galleons the stasis cell is broken and Grey emerges. Pandora and Prometheus immediately give chase and hunt down Grey claiming he's defective. Once Grey makes his escape he is rescued by Bounty Hunters who want him to go on a mission to deliever a Biometal to Legion the worlds Government. Upon delivery Grey is attacked again and Merges with the Biometal called Biometal A.

Biometal A is a tribute to Axl in Mega Man X. After you defeat a Pseudoroid you are able to copy them completely with Model A's A-Trans ability. Using the touch screen you can switch at any time and they all have special and unique abilities. Model A does also have its own abilities including a Buster, Giga Crush, and Homing lock shots.

Unfortunately the Biometals from last game have been stolen from Vent and given to 4 new holders. This is in an effort to play the so called "Game of Destiny" A game where all Mega Men (Biometal users) fight in order to see who will become the Mega Man King and have their ambitions realized. But all is not as it seems with the so called "Game of Destiny"

  • Model A
  • Model H
  • Model F
  • Model L
  • Model P

The new owners of Model H, F, L, & P all have their own ambitions for creating a world in their liking. The winner of the "Game of Destiny" becomes the strongest Mega Man and the Mega Man King. Thus making their ambitions come true.

Pandora and Prometheus are the wons who set forth this scenario. Not only does a Mega Man have to defeat all the other Mega Man to become the King. Model W's are still all around the world. Once the Model W's are found they are then assembled into a complete form. The Mega man King will then Merge with complete form of Model W and become the Ultimate Megaman thus being the ruler of the world.

I liked this one a lot better then the first. A more interesting story. More characters. 4 different individaul users of the Biometals plus Pseudoroids. Lastly is Model A's A-Trans which copies any defeated boss (even Biometal Users) this gives the game great versatiltiy in gameplay as you have many sty1es to choose from. There are some good plot twists and even a hidden ending. But I don't want to spoil.

These games have good difficulty as well so in the realm of a normal human non Mega Man freak it might be too hard for some. But hey there is an easy mode. Overall I like this direction the series is going with many more characters being introduced coupled with tons more gameplay options. If youc an handle the difficulty then go for it. Oh and did I mention that ZX Advent has Voice Actors and Voice Overs along side text lol.