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I just finished writing a rather long-ish review about Mafia II on the site. You are welcome to read it, but know that it's from the point of view of someone who really, really enjoyed it. I had zero expectations, no hype at all (I'm waiting for completely different games in this period), so my vote was not influenced from other factors. I bought it out of curiosity (and of course with some positive reviews backing my decision to buy it up. Freshly released games cost too much to be bought blindly).

I think it's worth buying unless you're not into following storylines. Of course, do not expect any kind of sandbox mode. It's a railed adventure. So I also understand that it is not for everyone.

Myself, I prefer theme-park experiences over free roam and sandbox, because it adds to the quality of the narration. Another person may say that Mafia II is linear, dull, and gives no freedom to the player, thus considers it junk. It's a matter of perspective.

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As long as what's sold can be obtainable through free play (such as xp) and only helps making it "quicker" I really don't mind. Wouldn't buy those even if I had money. Thanks for the reply, I'll check those out. :)

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Hello everyone.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest me a decent F2P MMO that could keep me busy for less than a year while waiting for the relase of SWTOR, as I want to save some money to pay me the subscription fee for a solid amount of time in the meanwhile.

While I understand that having microtransactions is the whole point of a F2P, I'd prefer them to be based on optional things that you could gain by working hard on the game, such as "levelup potions" or rare objects that are anyway obtained by grind with some luck. That I don't really mind, I like working hard. But in some games I've been trying lately they sell strong pieces of gear that aren't obtainable in any other way, and that's just plain unfairness to those who can't pay.

Thanks in advance. (If someone has a deja-vù, yes, a few weeks (months?) ago I was asking for a single-player game that feels MMOish. Don't think I'm obsessed, it's just the only kind of game I can bear playing :P)

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I'd say the very first Unreal. When it wasn't even tournament. But then again, I'm sure nobody'd listen. Duh.

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I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing anything major in the whole gaming industry in the upcoming years, but only small improvements. Step. By. Step.
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I wanted to try Guild Wars, I even bought it and found it not that bad. Problem is that a sequel is coming and I already image the whole community crumbling as soon as it comes out, and it would be horrible to work my way to the top and then discover noone cares anymore. (And if anyone here is an actual GW player I'd love to hear your opinion on the matter, I don't want and will not open a new thread about this though)

About the games I liked, I love the Elder Scrolls series, but Oblivion is not my fave, I'd say Morrowind or Daggerfall. Fable was decent. I own Dragon Age but I don't like it -that- much.

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Hmm Lost Odyssey on 360, or maybe last remnant on pc.

Try Gothic 2, or Enclave, or maybe you could try Final Fantasy XI (11 the mmo)

If I think of More I will let you know


Hmm, I've never tried Enclave. Might have a look at it, thanks.

And thanks MaxGamer, but it's part of the Elder Scrolls series, which as I said in the main post, I have fully squeezed until the very last drop.

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Maybe it has been asked already, but I wish to know if there was any. I've been playing WoW for years, and quit it only because the player depends too much on others, and it gets so competitive that people forget even how to have fun. People flame, spam, everything has to be organized and it affects real life planning as well.

Yes I enjoy the extremely slow character build-up, the grinding, and everything related. Single-player games rarely give me that feeling of accomplishment, I just end up finishing everything too quickly, and turning the difficulty up makes them just more frustrating rather than fun. RPG games don't even have well hidden secrets anymore, like rare pieces of equipment that leave you exploring for long days. Everything today feels just like a breeze.

A friend told me to try FFXII, but the combat was messed up in my opinion. Also, I'm not really into console games.

Beside that, I've already tried: The Elders Scrolls series (+ all the major mods), Fable, Diablo & its clones (boredom and button smashing at its finest imho), Baldur's Gate, and probably most mainstream RPG games. What I'm hoping is that some of you know of some more "underground" game that fits the description and hasn't become famous for whatever reason.

Oh and I hate those where you get to control multiple characters. I want to focus on a single individual at a time.

Thanks in advance, people.

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Am I the only one who dislikes 3D effects? I seriously hope it's not going to become a "must have" in order to use all the next gen DS games.
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Blizzard is making pathetical attempts to keep the story alive, but while doing so they actually ruin it. That seems to please the huge amount of kids that has been lurking the game over the past few years though, and that's why I quit about ten months ago. Vanilla WoW was epic, BC felt weird, WOTLK killed the Warcraft universe. Reviving already dead heroes (I'm talking about a certain dwarf), twisting the story in a ridiculous way, recycling equipment and much more. Now they are even trying to rebuild the old continents. Yet another commercial move that will grant them success with minimal effort (if compared to building a whole new continent).
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