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Star Wars: A new hope?


We're not talking about movies here. I have been following the development of this game for over one year right now, and I'll just go on and say that this is the only MMORPG so far that looks to have what it takes to be a threat to WoW. About time. I suggest you go and have a look if you haven't already.


Rest in peace, RJD.

This is no gaming related news, but I'd feel like a criminal not to mention it.

Two days ago, a god amongst musicians passed out, forever.

This piece of news reached me just now, as I've been pretty much busy lately to even notice what's going on in the music scene. This is a great loss not only for the world of rock and metal to which I belong, but also for humanity. I'm deeply distraught, my most sincere condolences to Wendy.

- BM



Ahoy! After months of lurking I've finally decided to contribute to the site and join, so everybody can hear me blabbering about games and such. Yeah, it was about time. Now I'm back onto my beloved Thief III, so I'm gone already. Bai.