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  Yes, it is very important to take advantage of your familiars metamorphoses by taming the first stage, leveling it up up all the way before each new stage and get those familiar hearts maxed. Without doing these things, your familiar will finish far weaker than if you had done these things.

I would also stay away from taming 2nd  or final stage familiars unless it is for a side quest or trophy. If  you are going to spend time taming a familiar then wouldn't you want to get the most out of the creature and your time?

Good luck! Feel free to message me any questions. I have pretty much conquered the games finer points.

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   Being that you posted this a couple of weeks ago, and Ni No Kuni is an extremely addicting game. I'm confident that you figured out some tactics to get through.  But if you didn't then i would recommend the following


1.  Change her actions to something less MP expensive.

2.  Give her a familiar with decent defense to defend against attacks to help knock extra mp lose. If you insist on using a lot of it.

3.  Finally, find a familiar with some decent beginner stats and give it to her.


I would not recommend using just the character after the first few hours of game play.  in my opinion, it is better to become acquainted with different familiars and see which ones you prefer each character to use. i gave her very fast familiars with the occasional magic user to help weigh it out.

Hope this helps!

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5. Extermination 4.Zone of the Enders 3. Shadow of the Colossus 2. Final Fantasy X AAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDD 1. Devil May Cry 3GuitarSmash

It's not quite on my top five list, but I'm glad to see someone giving ZOE the love it deserves. One of the best premiere titles of all time!

1. Final Fantasy 10

2. Final Fantasy 12

3. Monster Rancher 4

4. DBZ: Tenkaichi 3

5. Tony Hawks: Underground 2

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  I have currently captured most of the familiars and several have been caught at 2nd or 3rd metamorphoses. However, I have only raised a couple of them due to seemingly weak stats. Even on the Dino, one of the strongest familiars in the game. So, to answer your questions.

1. Yes, I am pretty confident that training a familiar from 1st form is the better route in terms of stats.

2. Yes, you can capture 2nd and 3rd evolved forms of most familiars.


Hope this helps :)

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Rival Schools needs a sequel or a reboot. I would play it and others would as well. BranKetra

Might be a stupid question but are you aware of Project Justice? It is a Dreamcast sequel to Rival Schools. Pretty hard to find and expensive if you try getting it online. I have heard a lot of positive things about it though!

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Sounds like it could possibly be something from the Ultima series. I recall some historical figures from one of the "Worlds of Ultima" games. In fact, I think one of them was supposed to feature King Arthur but I am not sure. Good luck!

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Seems like a good way to start my career in forum topics. Sorry if it has already been done. You know the deal, what are your top fighters? You can list how ever many you like.

1. DBZ: Tenkaichi 3

2. Marvel vs Capcom 2

3. Power Stone(1 or 2)

4. Evil Zone

5. Tekken 2

6. Street Fighter Alpha 3

7. DBZ: Budokai 3

8. Fighter's Megamix

9. Soul Calibur 4

10. Deadly Arts(probably ruining my credibility just listing this one)

11. Super DBZ

12. Neo Geo: Battle Colisseum

13. Street Fighter X Tekken

14. Tekken Tag Tournament

15. Capcom vs SNK 2

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As everyone has pointed out, the Street Fighter collections are well worth your time. Also, I have yet to see anyone bring up Neo Geo Battle Colisseum. It is probably in my top three PS2 2D fighters. Also, the SNK collections like Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, and World Heroes are pretty solid for revisiting the golden days of SNK and the genre in general.

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I would love to see Fatal Fury or the Street Fighter EX series make a fruitful return.

Other series that come to mind are:

Power Stone

Fighting Vipers

Evil Zone

Or any fighter that Capcom distributed in the PS1 days.

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D.C. Comics vs SNK Tekken vs Bloody Roar Savage Reign vs Guilty Gear Samuria Showdown/Last Blade vs Guilty Gear/Blazblue SNK vs Capcom 3(2D)/Capcom vs SNK 3(3D) East(Manga/Anima/Videogames) vs West(Comics/Cartoons/Videogames) Sonic & Mario Halo/Metroid(Samus & Master Chief Team-up) Call of Duty/Battlefield vs Aliens(Xenomorphs) Killzone vs Resistance These are one I would like to happen.Neoprime616

Preach it brother!!!

Personally though, Street Fighter vs. DBZ would be a dream come true. Also, I would love to see something along the lines of an underdog fighting game where you took a lot of the cult classics or lesser known old school classic fighting games and pitted them against each other.

These are some of the games I have in mind.



Evil Zone

Primal Rage

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