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PS3 blu-ray drive failures

I've noticed a disturbing trend of late; more and more PS3 drives have been failing, and I think that a little preventative maintenance would go a long way at this point. Please take the time to install games with any installable content to your hard drive to help reduce wear and tear on the drive. Also, I generally discourage the use of the PS3 as a blu-ray player, as the players are pretty universally affordable at this point. The below, for example, is a Sony-branded player that can be purchased for $38.53 as of the time this was written, fulfilled by Amazon.

I promise, it's a good idea. I'm suggesting it even though my business is largely based on when these things fail, and I don't sell blu-ray players, so I promise it's an earnest plea. Please! Think of the consoles!

WARNING to all Nintendo Wii U Owners!!!

I figure this is as good a place as any to post this, so here we go.


Granted, it has been a while since the launch of the Wii U, but I figure four months and some change after the launch is better than never.

For anyone planning on buying a Wii U, please note that the first time a system is connected to a network it will ask to do an update. Note that the update is HUGE, weighing in at about 5 GB. This update must not be interrupted, under any circumstances. Doing so may result in a "bricked" console, and it is not covered under Nintendo's warranty, as it is technically considered "user error," and Nintendo explicitly warns against it.


If you or someone you know have a bricked Wii U, please contact Console Sage.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Been playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. So far it's actually quite good. I plan on reviewing it once I've gotten more than a few... dozen... hundred hours into it, as that'll be eating up what little free/sleep time I have Wish me luck!

Console Sage

Well, Console Sage is now live. Has been for a little under a month. I will be posting CS-related news, some reviews here and there, and the occasional random rant on this, my social media site of choice. Stay tuned for more stuff of varying degrees of interest!

One more day

One more day... brimming with excitement, filled with fear. Will the Vita live up to my expectations, and bring my wish for a console experience on the go to life? Or will it sit, unused, like my poor 3DS? Time will tell. About 27 hours, to be more precise. Wish me luck.

2 More Days...

So, I know I'm unhealthily obsessed.... I just don't know how I'm gonna stand the 48 hours that stand between me and my 3g/WiFi Vita.... Someone help.

Forgot to say thanks to GameSpot employee!

Forgot to mention this, not that I think random GameSpot people read my just-started blog. A huge thank you to the GameSpot employee that worked the desk once the Resident Evil tourney started on V-Day. Thanks for letting me leave the game alley's business card on the table; I saw that most of them got picked up by the time Team Phobos got eliminated. I appreciate the chance to generate more exposure. If you come to Castro Valley ever, ask the folks at The Game Alley if you can deal with Ian, and maybe I can cut you a deal. :) We sell old-school games too, so it's not just all stuff you've reviewed and become sick of. Thanks again!

Vita expected to do better in West!

I knew it! Good ol' Sony echoing an opinion I expressed at work about a month ago. As much as I hated the idea of a portable game being $50, I may have to get Uncharted on my next paycheck.

Gamespot Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Tournament

So, I competed last night at the GameSpot event in San Francisco... I was on team Phobos (Yellow Team) and we made it through the first round, but failed in the second. I'd be a little less bitter if Capcom had told us that clicking both analog sticks made the unit enter debug mode. I accidentally clicked them, and the Capcom rep behind me took the controller, messed around with it for a few moments and gave it back to me after I had already been infected by a zombie. "Sorry," he said. Now, I still think we would have lost, but not so badly if I had actually been in the fight for the first two minutes. When I brought it up to one of the other Capcom folk there after the match he told me.... "You've gotta watch out for that." That's all well and good, but the button callouts in front of our TVs said nothing about a debug mode... Bitterness... Well, first official tournament in a game, and I think I've become addicted. Or at least enough to want to join back up and win the next one.