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Beat em ups!!!

My 2 favorite video game serious of all time are Double Dragon and Streets of Rage!! I know a lot of people either don't know about these games or say they are to repetitive. I say wrong what is wrong with simple and fun game play. I use to come home from school and me and my two brothers would team up and go against a common enemy. It brought me and brothers closer as a family and we felt like we accomplished something together when we beat Mr. X the last boss on the game. Now a days it is all about Shooting something. Call of Duty, Halo, Gears Of War, and Killzone just to name a few. Don't get me wrong these are great games but In my opinion America has gone shooter crazy. If the game is not a first person shooter it is hard to make money on a game in America. What happen to the good old fashion beat em ups Final Fight, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We as gamers should tell these video game companies to bring the beat em ups back!! Some companies have with games like castle crashers, and Scott Pilgram Vs. The World. I just want to see more beat em ups. Come on Sega make a Streets Of Rage 4 please you remade Sonic so many times why not make a new Streets of Rage. And please if you do make it right with I stress 2 PLAYERS OFFLINE AND ONLINE CO OP!! Don't stray away from your roots. And Don't give me an excuse about Beat em ups not being able to make it in today's market. Look at the GOD OF War series excellent series but if you get right down to it all it is, is a glorified beat em up. It has sold millions. So there is a market for it. Sorry my good readers for ranting so long but I hope at least some of you who read this can agree with me that we need more beat em up. Happy Gaming and GOD Bless!!