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So tomorrow morning I will drive down to begin a new chapter in my life.. college. I will be attending the University of California Santa Barbara (aka UCSB). UCSB is home to beautiful beaches, beautiful sights, and beautiful parties (I hope). As some of you may know, UCSB was ranked the #2 party school in the nation by Playboy magazine in 2006 and #9 in the 2008 Princeton Review. I didn't choose the school for this reason, but I'd be lying to say I'm not looking forward to it; especially Halloween. Halloween is supposed to be like a circus at UCSB, with near 50k people coming to Isla Vista (the area all the students live) each year.

At the same time though, it will definitely be weird leaving the house. I've lived in the same house my entire life. Never moved... not once. Tonight I had a dinner with some of my family and they got really emotional over me leaving. When my aunts and grandma started crying it finally hit me. I'm leaving. I'll only be 6 hours away, but I'm going to be on my own now. The responsibility I have now are at least double what I had before. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also apprehensive. Going into high school I had 8 people from my grammar school transition with me. This time, I have 12, but out of the 12 I only speak to 3 of them, and none are really anything more than acquaintances. It'll be weird, but I'm looking forward to it.

Anyways, gaming wise I've been rather slow lately. I got Mercenaries 2 and had a blast with it. For about 5 hours. Haven't played it since Sept. 1 (release date was Aug 31). Then I bought Spore on the release date. Haven't touched it since Sept. 10 or so. The game is really cool, but at the same time very simple and repetitive. Some have said it feels more like a large tech demo than a game and I somewhat agree.

I've been playing a lot of Team Fortress 2, Project Reality (BF2 Mod), and Diablo 2 recently. Tomorrow, the 19th, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition is set to be released. I'm really looking forward to that, as I loved the original. They've redone the game, adding more quests and redone dialog. And the best part is it will be a FREE download! How often is stuff given away for free these days? Especially in the gaming universe.

That's all I got for now. When I get down to Santa Barbara I plan on taking some pictures to send home and such. If they turn out decent I'll post them here as well.

Side Note: AC Milan really needs to step up their game. Losing to Genoa and Bologna is a terrible start to the season. Kaka looked horrid in the Genoa game. I know there are a few AC Milan fans out there, I feel your pain right now.

So Much for the vBlog

Well, doing a biweekly video blog didn't exactly work out as planned. First I went to Italy on a two week vacation and ever since I got back I've been working near 40hrs/week. Not a ton of time to make video blogs!

Now I'm trying to get ready for college, which starts in September. So I probably won't get around to making a new vblog for a good long time.

I have had my eye on a few games coming out in the next few weeks and preoredered Mercenaries 2 and Spore. I'm especially excited to try Spore out, it looks really revolutionary. I'm also looking forward to Fallout 3 and Fable 2.

I got into the Warhammer Online beta last week and have been playing a little bit over the weekend. It's a decent game, but (in my opinion) nothing to get excited about. Part of the reason it may feel to mediocre to me is because there are so many people in the starting areas. It takes a LONG time to complete quests, especially the quests that require you to kill X enemies in Y area. So many people are going after the exact same mobs makes it difficult. I decided I won't be buying the game on release, but if they offer a trial 6 months or so after I'll definitely give it a try and possibly buy it then.

First Video Blog

I've finally decided to start doing a biweekly video blog. Made it in iMovie 08. I'm completely new to video editing, so it is an extremely basic blog (90% me talking to camera, no title screen, etc). If you guys have any good ideas for a title to my vblog, please leave a comment, I'd appreciate it. You'll notice a few times I'm just sitting there with a creepy smile at the camera. I kept wanting to laugh; for some reason being alone in a room talking to a camera felt funny as hell to me. If anyone has any comments or feedback, I'd be glad to hear it! Thanks guys and enjoy.


The Addiction is Over

Well I am happy to say my addiction to World of Warcraft is now over. I have not played in over two weeks and have returned to my normal life. My priest is sitting at level 54, waiting for the next time I am bored because of a lack of games.

I have been spending my life away this week. So far, I've bought:

  1. Pre-order Age of Conan Collector's Edition
  2. Pre-order Warhammer Online Collector's Edition
  3. Fantom Titanium 500gb External Hard Drive
  4. Pre-order Grand Theft Auto 4 (X360)

That all equals about $350 spent in a week on gaming. Not good folks.

And for anyone that is interested, I was accepted and will be attending UC Santa Barbara next year. I'm looking forward to it and can't wait to start living on the beach!

The Addiction Continues

Well that level 26 priest is now a level 45 shadow priest. My, how my life is dying before my eyes.

I plan to pick up Army of Two and Bully: Scholarship Edition in the next few days. I'm really excited about Army of Two, I'm trying to talk a friend into getting it so we can play coop. I'm a huge fan of coop games and when a game is made specifically for coop, all the better. Bully is more just a game to waste the time. Might rent it first. It's got a good review on IGN and everyone liked the PS2 version, but I tend to get bored with Rockstar games pretty quick.

The Addiction Has Struck....Again

Well, as I have been unable to find a PotBS trial key after 3 days of scrounging the entire internet for one, I have decided to resubscribe to World of Warcrack. I haven't played since June '07.

My highest character is a 55 warlock on the stormscale server, but I wanted to play horde this time around. Some friends from school are on the Perendole server, so I made a UD priest there. Name is Macs. Currently level 26.

I have always loved the idea of a shadow priest. Melting faces pvp and being a healer or dps in pve (yes, I know 95% of the time I'll be healing). I can't wait until I get shadowform at level 40, that purple transparent glow is sick.

Give me a shout if your on Perendole also!

WoW Logo

Looking for a PotBS Key

Hello fellow Gamespotters, been a while since I made a blog post here. I still visit the site daily and read/watch the blogs, just haven't had the time to make my own contributions. The last few months have sucked gaming wise. Ever since that Novemeber rush of Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, etc, nothing really good has come out. The other day I picked up Sins of a Solar Empire. It's decent, but it didn't grab me like I was hoping it would.

I recently stopped playing EQ2 and am looking for a new MMO to fill the void it has left! Was wondering if anyone has a spare Pirates of the Burning Sea buddy key they wouldn't mind lending me. If anyone can help me out, send me a message and I'll give ya my email address. Thanks in advance guys!

Call of Duty 4 Review

I have written my first real review on Gamespot, reviewing Call of Duty 4 for the PC. You can check it out here. Please leave any feedback on what you liked/disliked about the review!

Call of Duty 4

Hopefully I will get a review of Assassin's Creed up within the next week or so.

Why Sports Games **** on XBL

I am tired of all the jerks on Xbox Live who quit towards the end of the game when they're losing. I have been playing a lot of NCAA Football 08 on Live recently and I love it. Playing against another human is far more fun than against the CPU.

Currently, my record is 1-4. Yet I am certain I have played at least 12-15 games. Every time I have been ahead in the third or fourth quarter (except for twice), my opponent has quit the game on me. I always play as the Oregon Ducks and 50% of the time I am playing against West Virginia. Little do people seem to know, the Ducks are almost perfectly matched up with WV in the game. I always hate it when my opponent selects WV at the team select screen, because I know he is going to quit if I am winning after the half.

Today I was playing as my usual Ducks vs a WV team. My opponent was 0-9. I figured, awesome! Maybe this guy won't quit on me today. Nope, we go into half with the score 17-7. He gets the ball first after the half and gets 1 first down. Then he gets to 4th and 3 and of course goes for it as all WV players do. I stop him 2 yards short and get the ball. I proceed to drive down the field and quickly make the score 24-7. Then the inevitable happened, the pause screen came up and I got the message "Your opponent has left the game."

Why do sports gamers online ALWAYS quit when they are losing? NCAA Football 08 is not the only game with this problem, MLB 2k7 is the same way, as well as NHL 2k7. If anyone else is sick of this or has experienced the same situation over and over, feel free to comment.

Blue Devil Gamer

I have opened a new blog site called Blue Devil Gamer. The URL is If anyone wants to start their own offsite blog, message me and I can set you up on a subdomain (eg, with some space for your own files.
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