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I just got a MacBook Pro and made a new video.

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Hello everyone, I just got a 15.4" 2.4 Ghz MacBook Pro with 2 Gb of RAM. In my opinion, Macs are so much better than Windows on many different levels. One being that everything in Mac OS is practical and simply works when you tell it to. Also, since I got a Mac, I will also start making videos and things in Photoshop more often. My newest video that I made is a promotional video for the Splinter Recon Union which I am an officer in. The song in the video is "My Last Serenade" by "Killswitch Engage" incase anyone was wondering. The video is shown below: [video=dX1hwjH45b4FvjfX]

Halo 3 Beta Videos and a new video editing program.

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Hello everyone, I would just like to tell everyone that I will be releasing multiple videos of funny kills and montages that occur in the Halo 3 Beta on the Xbox 360. My first video is not that good, but it was my first day using Sony Vegas 7 which is an awesome and powerful video editing program made by Sony.

My first video is called "Upside Down Snipe". This kill occured in a game of VIP on Valhalla. I was the VIP and I had sniper and as all of the enemy team was coming over the hill a guy on a mongoose fails a jump and pays for it. :)


My second video is called "Man Cannon Skyjack." In this video, someone is flying into our base on a banshee and he is right in front of the Man Cannon. So, I decided to jump off and attempt to board his banshee. At first, I thought I missed but it turned out that I didn't and he went "Free Fallin'" :)






Fuzion Frenzy 2 p\/\/nZ n00bz fo' r3aL!!!!!!1on3!11!!!

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Today in the mail I recieved my final gift that I earned from the Xbox Rewards program by earning 1,000 Gamerscore in a 2 month time period. Today I recieved Fuzion Frenzy 2!!!! [sarcasm] It has to be the best game ever made of all every time. It is so awesome. Multiplayer is a blast also. There is so many people that play that game online and I just have a grand ol' time. Thanks Microsoft for the best game ever.[/sarcasm]

What I really meant to say before my crazy breakout of sarcasm is that Fuzion Frenzy 2 sucks. Period. Thanks Microsoft for sending the biggest POS game ever made. But, if you look on the bright side, I am helping Microsoft by taking all the games that are overflowing in the warehouses.

My Gallery

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Since I am pumping out so much stuff out of PhotoShop, I just wanted to share my work. Here is my gallery that is hosted on deviantART.

Some tags I recently made.

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Here are some tags that I made in the last hour.  I recently discovered Adobe ImageReady CS2, which makes this very easy. 

GamerScore up to 20,000!!!

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I just surpassed the 20,000 mark.  It seems that I only passed 10,000 yesterday.  From 0-10,000 it took me 9 months and from 10,000 to 20,000 it took 6 months.  On this track I will have 30,000 in 3 months. (I think)  Well, like they say, time flys when you play videogames. (Who is they? Do they say that?)

Forget fireworks, Photoshop rules!!!!

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I just got Photoshop CS2, and it is so much better than Fireworks.  I am just getting a hang of it now.  Check out my first banner above (i know the noise is messed up.)  And my first sig

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