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OMG can I nerd rage here?

My first blog... I need to vent my anger at the Blizzard abomination they call Diablo 3 Well I used to be a Blizz fan.... when WOW brought out Cataclysm and ruined everything I stopped playing and moved onto better MMO's, but.... I kept the love for Blizz because of the Diablo games up until now. No matter how many people you pay to say the game is good in all honesty it really isn't. Let me briefly run over the major issue I have with this waste of time and money. Once you have completed normal mode THATS IT PEOPLE, YOU HAVE FINISHED THE DAMN GAME. Seriously, making us go through that incredibly empty and emotionless story 4 freakn times is just plain painful. And in the end what is there to achieve? You beat inferno mode.... ummm.... so what? Is there any actual difference in finishing normal mode compared to inferno mode (apart from difficulty)? How are players suggesting that this is a game that can keep you interested for months? Here is my advice for all would be buyers for the game.... DON"T BUY IT, go to your mates house that was dumb enough to pay for the game and spend 10 hours on his PC and finish normal mode, and your done, you just saved $80 and experienced everything Diablo 3 has to offer. I really wish I had done my research before purchasing this game. Needless to say, this will be the last Blizzard game I ever purchase before waiting a month or 2 for other people to tell me how bad or good Blizzards games are getting. In closing I would just like to point out to the Dev's, you lot keep saying that "you agree to disagree" or "thats not the feedback we've gotten" where the hell are you getting your feedback? Have you read the forum from you fan base? It seems like you are missing the MAJORITY of peoples opinions. As the old saying goes, "once bitten, twice shy" you scammed us out of our money this time Blizz, but just wait till your next release.... I think you may have a few million less buyers :P