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Metal Slime!!!

Hey everybody. Nice to see you all. I was grounded for some period of time, which is y i couldnt post. But my parents said i could get on everyday, and u know what? I grew a level, tee hee.Well, to all my unions, i will be starting to post again around the afternoon. Till then, goodnight and goodluck.

The Fray....Ludacris 3 days i scored 4 pairs of front seat and backstage passes to both of these concerts! The problem is...i can only go to one. What should i do??!

Banner Makers?

Does anybody make banners? If so, can u make me one? I would be really happy if u did. It can be anything about Metroid prime hunters, and my favorite player is noxus. If u wanna suprise me u can, but if u want me to tell u wat i want thats ok to. I am very grateful to whoever can do this for me. Thanks ppl.


(Lol mine doesnt fit :P)

4 Months Gone...

Wow, last time i posted a blog entry...last time I looked at gamespot seriously, last time i say im back without being serious...Yes. I am back. For a very long time.


A Little Update....

Hey everyone! Glad to see yall....anyway I seems like i havent been posting in a couple of days due to AIMS testing (which is a test that all of Arizona elementary-middle school has to take....) and havent been posting at some unions. but the only one which i need to do something is Drarkworld.....

Darkworld- I will post my character Trace on the weekend, sorry for the delay but their still needs to be some fine-tuning with him.

Everyone- I HAVEN'T LEFT!!!

Stupid tests....

I wont be posting for a while

I wont be posting fo a while because i have tests that i need to study for so i will be gone for a couple of days. Hope ya dont miss me! :)


My New Emblem

Hahahaha i think im a nice and gentle person cuz i just got a sweet emblem. Read the description, and i would be glad to go to your house for some tea.

I wonder if GS gave me it because i type in pink, lol it doesnt matter as long as i got one
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