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Need Help finding a good Multiplayer! (PS2)

Hey everyone, I was just hoping if any of you could help me out here. I have a lot of good single player games but I was wondering what games are really good multiplayers. They don't necessarily have to have a good single player campaign just so long as multiplayer is good. This is excluding sports games. So any ideas? Any good multiplayers?? Thanks

Bioshock for the PS3? Hot rumour or BS!? What do you think

There's been word going round that it's possible for Bioshock to be made for the PS3 as well seeing as it's not a 360 exclusive. As for me, I would definitely like that to be true, but I have doubts. What about you guys? It would make a great edition for the PS3 but hey do you guys have any news about it that's more than just a rumour, or do you indeed have facts proving it won't be on the PS3!? Let me hear it!!

Any good RPGs?

Hey everyone. I've been waiting a while for a good RPG to come out for me to buy because it's been a while that i've played anything that's worth it. I was wondering if you guys knew any good RPGs for either the PSP, PS2, PSone, Gamecube or PC!?EXCLUDING Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest or any RPG you see in my Games list. THANKS!

Which Harry Potter book is your favourite?

I finished reading the last book, The Deathly Hallows, and I can honestly say that it was the most amazing book i've ever read. It was intense, exciting, satisfying and I can honestly say it had me pretty emotional.....poor dobby...*sob* and trust me, I have the emotions of a robot so if a book can move me then it has to be good lol. I couldn't put it down for one second. The moment that I bought it which was at 12:01 am of it's launch, I was hooked and I can honestly say that book #7 is the best one i've ever read. I'm just sad that this is it...Harry Potter is done...:( So which of the7 Harry Potter books is your favourite?? Mine is The Deathly Hallows definitely!

PS3 Launch titles!

Hey guys! What's up.  I was just taking a look at the ps3 launch titles and I noticed some pretty cool games.  It's tough to choose only 1 that i'd like to get but if any of you had only enough money to buy one of the ps3 launch titles, which game would it be.  For me it would be the elder scrolls: oblivion, still can't believe it came over to the ps3

Bully ( The Game )

Hey guys, how many of you are looking forward to Bully coming out.  Me? I'm just counting down the days, I cannot wait.  It looks hilarious, great sense of humour and it looks amazingly fun.  Are they really changing the name or what? If they are what are they making it?  Anyways tell me what you think about the game! I wanna hear your thoughts.

See you all later!

Which RPG have you played the longest and how many hours?

Mine would have to be without a doubt Final Fantasy 10 mostly because of blitzball, that was one of the two games I bought when I first got my PS2 and only a few months ago I stopped playing it due to the very large amounts of games i've bought recently...thanks to blitzball and my 2 years (approx) of playing FFX I think I've played well over or around 100 hours and no I'm not lying, I was a serious addict...this was a decently long game and at times difficult but a bunch of my time went into blitzball, I mean my favourite games are sports games and RPGs and having a sport/RPG game within an RPG game is just insane, I just couldn't stop playing...well anyways yeah, what about you guys?

Christmas rules although I don't celebrate it!

Just last week I had an xmas party that my dad's boss was holding.  Near the end, the presents for the children were being handed out.  I thought that I had gotten a bit too old for the presents at these kinds of things, but this 19 year old girl sitting next to me got one so that kinda got my hopes up.  Although I now had hope, I still didn't think I'd get something good cause last year I got movie passes which is decent but the year before that I got a few games.  I heard my name called finally and I got my present and I opened it and it was Need For Speed: Most Wanted.  That is soo crazy, for free too.  My bro opened his and he got Darkwatch.  I don't even celebrate this holiday yet i'm still benifiting from it due to my dad's rich rich boss.  This is gonna be one fine x-mas.