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Death in the family. No more Videogames farewell.

Well my dad died this morning. I feel horrible and empty. Not really sure what actions to take. I just wanted to say goodbye to all the freinds I have made here on gamespot. I have spent a great deal of my life playing video games. I had a problem I wish I spent more time getting to know all of you. I am very anti social so some of you I know som of you I don't. I would ask of you one thing before I leave question everything do your best in life do not waste it as I have. Goodbye good luck -Aaron.

Got fable 2 getting Gears 2 too

Well I had this game preordered and payed off so I went to get it and it is a rea;;y good game Im evil right now and corupted and when I walk by everyone screams so I destroy them with my will magick. So now im bored sitting here doing notlhing so I made this usless blog. If you had a choice would you be good or evil or would you be good thats boring though well thats all for now I guess oh and the dog rules.

The force unleashed & SoulCaliber 4

Well everyone whats up. Im not to good at making blogs but I recently got SoulCaliber 4 its an awsome game people online are jerks though cause I own them with yoda lol. Anyone have the ps3 version is Vader good. I also picked up the force unleashed its a pretty sweet game but if u fell for the hype u will be dissapointed but if u didint and ur a fan its an awsome game. So what games are u going to get in the future with the holidays coming in about 2 months and the big releases are coming.

Im not modded any more woot~!!!!!!!!

Sigh its been really long after being modded cause of some psp vs ds thread in system wars im sorry i was gone for so long im back now and plan on never being modded again. While I was gone I got a new psp game called pirates its okay I guess and I am now Hunter Rank 2 on MHf.

Im out of school soon

well i better enjoy the time i have left here at gamespot soon it will be ten page reports and horrible college nights sigh. Any ways I have finally upgraded my list of games and decided not to be so lazy this is my first blog i currently been playing Monster Hunter Freedom and Street Fighter psp both are awsome games well thats all for now at least.