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Know who you are gaming online with.

I've been playing a lot of Destiny lately, I mean a LOT of it in order to level myself up to the max. Grinding to get those precious ascendant shards and ascendant energy units for leveling up legendary/exotic weapons and armor. I've been playing a ton of crucible as well, but that's getting old fast, due to the repetitive nature of it. The strikes have gotten stale as well because you can only play the limited amount available so many times, and the rewards for doing them are conservative, to say the least.

Really, the only appealing mode this game has left to offer is the raids, but in order to complete these, you need five other competent people to complete them. Herein lies the problem--finding that many gamers you trust can be challenging. I almost started a clan with a group of gamers I thought would fit the mold, but BOY WAS I WRONG! This group of fellows I knew already from another online multiplayer game, so I figured "what the heck" right? Since they're not newb multiplayer guys I was sure they'd be up to the task for something like Destiny's raids.

They weren't. See, Destiny is essentially a RPG by nature, not a typical online multiplayer shooter. Sure, there's The Crucible to do just that, but the game offers more. Raids require planning, a bit of strategy and a certain level of personal accountability in order to beat them. These guys I joined up with to do just that wanted to jump right in to it with little to no effort. As you could imagine, it didn't work. The result was wasted amounts of time and frustration, and regret on my part.

I'll give them credit were credit is due: they're good online multiplayer gamers. They're a group of five guys who enjoy games like Call of Duty and Killzone, Madden and NBA games. When it comes to RPGs, they're clearly out of their element. One of them asked in amazement about how I was able to level up ahead of him, despite him playing the game before I did. He acted as though I was able to conjure up some sort of magic in order to achieve such a feat. He didn't realize that you have to find these things called "helium coils" to upgrade certain legendary armor.

When they invited me to the raid party, I warned them about the requirements and planning involved, about the time that would be needed to be successful, but they were like "it's ok, brah, we can do it because we're 1337!". I joined and we started the Vaulted Glass raid. Within minutes I pointed out to them were to go, and what we needed to do. I said "see these circles with the big robots guarding the pillars?", but they just ignored me and followed the Alpha of the pack to the other end of the level and got stuck wandering around the backs of caves, and then cursed at me for not keeping up with them. After about thirty minutes of fumbling around, they stumbled on what I'd described earlier and said something like "hey brahs, what are these things, maybe they're important!" and then we started guarding them to open the door.

After about an hour or so of fighting off the big robots, the door to the vault opened. That's just the beginning, but they felt like we'd all accomplished something spectacular. We made it down to the mid-boss and got killed several times, so they called it a night.

The moral of the story: bro gamers are gonna bro. I deleted all of those guys from my friends list and will be extremely careful in the future when it comes to spending time with online gamers that aren't real-life friends. You should too.