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hello world

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pic for thought

well, for anyone that remembers me, i don't think i've been on since about 07 or so. well, transfered schools and changed majors since then, and am done with one degree and trying to finish another one. probably won't be on for awhile, but i'll display my email for any of you that want to talk to me that way or by messenger (although i haven't been on messanger for awhile either). hopefully when i get done with school i'll be able to come on some more, but for now see you all later.

how is everyone?

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sorry i haven't been on in awhile, but i've been having internet problems at home. after school got out my step father moved back in, and he got priority on the modem, and awhile later i had to call bellsouth so that i could get a home network set up so me and my brother could have the internet using the wireless configuration. the wireless is pretty unpredictable, with more times that it doesn't want to work than i can count, especially on stormy days or even cloudy days (of course, i usually turn my comp off when there are storms b/c i don't have a surge protector good enough to protect my comp against lightning and lightning has caused power outages, phone outages, and the cable to go out quite frequently where i'm at). i'm suprised that the internet even allowed me to get on here now, since when i tried (several times) before it wouldn't connect to the site for some reason.

well, enough about my ranting, how is everyone?

i have a friend who is moving to japan for a job and invited me and my brother to come, but the only way i'd be able to go is if i could find a school there that would let me transfer in, and i don't know where to search to find info for that. then there is the plane ticket price, which is pretty expensive, but right now my priority is finding info on how i can transfer over there, so if anyone here has info on that, i'd be happy if you could share it with me.

well, i'll try to connect back here in a couple of days to see if i can get back on and if anyone's responded, so talk to you guys/girls later.

hey everyone

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sorry i haven't been on in awhile, but i've only got a month of school left, so i should be able to get on sooner or later (as soon as the teachers stop giving me so much work or when school gets out at the beginning of may). like the updates they did (at least the way the screens look when you post something or pm someone, but don't like having a limit on the title size). hope they worked out some of the glitches. well, gotta go, so talk to you all whenever i can...

haven't been on in a couple of days...

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sorry, it seems that wed evening i started to feel a little sick, and then thurs evening i got a fevor. yesterday i went to the doctor and she said it was the flu, so i've been in bed for the rest of yesterday and and today. probably won't be able to get on for another 2 days or so, so i'll talk to you all later. my comp is pretty slow now as well, and i don't know why. well, i'll come on when i can, so talk to you all later.

Let's Party :P

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just wanted to have a party with all my friends and say thanks for being my friend (and i wanted an excuse to get ppl here and have a party :P ) alright, now let's party :D

EDIT: sorry everyone about this weekend, but my internet messed up again and i didn't get it fixed until sunday evening. on another note i got the tagger flirt icon :P and i have 49 friends now, so only one more friend to go and my friend icon will change :lol:

well, i figured out that to make ppl come to your blogs more, you have to make them fun. now i have 1524 (+27 new) views 8)

just got 50 :D (at 5:00pm), so my friend icon changed to popular :) i wonder if there is any after that, or if popular is the highest lv it goes?

lv 13 :P

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well, first off, i lv'd up to 13 on friday, so now i'm toobin' :twisted:

i would have put up this blog friday or sat, but my internet modem crapped out after a storm on thurs, so i haven't been able to get on at home since then. i did call bellsouth and was able to get a new one for free as long as my family stays with them for another year (it was suppose to be $75 for a new one, and since we've been a customer with them for awhile, we were suppose to get a discount to $40, but i was able to get it for free :P ). my family should get the new modem tues or wed.

i also told some of my friends on here that i'd read their blogs this past weekend, but since the box wasn't working, i wasn't able to, so i'm sorry if i didn't get to read it :cry: (i tried to get it to work, but that was a failure).

hintaki has created a new union if anyone wants to know. she said that she won't send out invites cuz everyone is tired of getting them, so if you want to know about it, then ask me in the comment section and i'll give you the name of it (and/or a link to it).

oh, and i have 42 friends now, so i almost have enough to upgrade my friend's emblem/button thingy.

new game called tag it :P

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it's from posters over at, and ma1236 tagged me, so now i'm going to list some things about me, and then i'll tag 3 other ppl. (once your tagged, you list several things about yourself, and then tag 3 other ppl to do the same thing).

let's see, i'll do 10:

1) i don't lie very often (if any at all), and if i did i would feel so bad that depending on what it was i might confess about it (unless it was a life or death situation).

2) i love anime, manga, and video games more than anything else, but don't usually have the money to get them, so i have a big wishlist for each. my game wishlist is on ign under the name matrix002, but it hasn't been updated for about 3-6 months.

3) i have a younger brother who is in high school, and a baby sister who is in elementary school. my bro doesn't like talking to me unless he wants something or needs help with something.

4) i have one of the worst memories, so if anyone asks me to remember something, i usually can't remember it.

5) whenever some type of paper comes into my room, it never comes out (other stuff as well, it just seems to disappear and i can't find it).

6) a lot of ppl either mistake me or my brother for each other, or say that we look a lot alike, which my brother really hates.

7) i'm 21 right now, but everyone who sees me (when i shave my chin) says that i look like i'm 15 :lol:

8) when i was 4 or 5, i had an accident in which someone thru a brick and hit me in the middle of my forehead (still haven't figured out who did it) while i was at daycare during a field day, and to this day my family still doesn't know if that affected me somehow or not (i have a scar there and my skull has a dent in that spot).

9) one of my other favorite things besides anime, manga, and videogames is to come onto gamespot and talk to my friends here :P

10) i would really like to go to japan, learn their culture and language, and also how to cook their type of foods (i love to cook :D )

ok, let me see, three other ppl to tag (i just hope you haven't been tagged yet)... sakura haruno 21, i know you'll have some interesting stuff; mel312, i like to hear about you some too :P; hintaki, who just got her union up and running (she should have some stuff to talk about too :); misfit, can't wait to her some things from you (and try to cheer up); kenshingirl, would you ming sharing?

(i know, i said i'd tag three, but i have so many friends that i couldn't just do three. i had a hard enough time choosing only 5).

hintaki just created a union for anyone who's interested. it's called the VengeSry union, and it was just created :P if anyone can join please do.

oh, and anyone who says it's spamming and that we'll get into trouble should go here:

a mod in the post (pg 3) states that it isn't spamming and that no one has gotten in trouble for it. profile

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i decided to do some revamping of my profile. at first i thought it was the same as gamespot, so i didn't even bother, but recently i checked and decided to fix it up a bit. so, how do you like it?

who says complaining to a tv network doesn't work.

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well, for those of you who haven't watched toonami, the anime mar and prince of tennis started at the end of december, then took a 2 week break, followed by a series of weeks where they just kept skipping episodes for both shows. after the first skip, i went to cartoon network's site and sent them a complaint about that, and it seems that i wasn't the only one. a couple of days ago they started announcing that they would start both series over again and show all the episodes they missed. i just hope that they don't decide to skip around again. 

new banner, yay

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mel312 made me a banner, and i love it :P its from an anime/manga called mahoraba, and it has the different personalities that kozue has from her multiple personality disorder.
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