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Add me on IOS Game Center

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Hey, if anyone here on Gamespot has an IOS device (Ipad, Ipod, Iphone) and wants another friend, u can send me a request. I don't know how to do so myself. add me under Bryan S 2

Too many game systems?? NAH! Hell NO!

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so, if u check out my collection you'll see i've got a bit of everything. now one would say that's too much, but i disagree! i say it's not enough! lol! :lol:

Happy New Year GameSpot!!!!!!!!

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just want to wish all of my friends on GameSpot and to all the staff, Mods, Admins, etc. on GameSpot as well! here's to hopefully a brand New Year full of great gaming! :cool:

M2AMF! I now own a Nintendo 3DS

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so, like the title says, i now own a 3DS! just picked it up Thursday night. so to any of my friends here on GS, or anyone that i talk to, feel free and add me.

here's my friend code: 5069-4236-7320

now, what i want everyone to do who replies to this Blog post, please if you're going to add me, put your friend code into your reply, so then naturally i can add u in return please and thank you!

only game i have so far for it is Super Mario 3D Land, but i'll be building up to a good collection for this as with all the rest of my consoles and handhelds!

I am now on Playfire

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ok, so as per Gamespot Fuse, i'm now on Playfire, so anyone else on there, let me know. I'm also still on Raptr as well

Got my Apple IPad 2

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hey folks, i got myApple iPad 2, so was wondering if anyone has any good Apps or games they could reccommend to me? thanks. post links to if u like

Wrestling (TNA/WWE) Rankings as made by me (In no particular order!)

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  1. John Cena
  2. Chris Jericho
  3. Edge
  4. CM Punk
  5. Triple H
  6. The Undertaker
  7. Rey Mysterio
  8. Kofi Kingston
  9. Kane
  10. John Morrison
  11. R-Truth
  12. Christian
  13. Matt Hardy
  14. Luke Gallows
  15. Joey Mercury
  16. Big Show
  17. The Great Khali
  18. Evan Bourne
  19. Wade Barrett
  20. Alberto Del Rio
  21. David Otunga
  22. Daniel Bryan
  23. Heath Slater
  24. Justin Gabriel
  25. Kaval
  26. Randy Orton
  27. The Miz
  28. Sheamus
  29. Jack Swagger
  30. Cody Rhodes
  31. Ted Dibease Jr.
  32. Dolph Ziggler


  1. AJ $tyles
  2. RVD
  3. Kurt Angle
  4. Sting
  5. Abyss
  6. Jeff Hardy
  7. Jeff Jarrett
  8. Kazarian
  9. Desmond Wolfe
  10. The Pope D'Angelo Dinero
  11. Smaoa Joe
  12. Hernandez
  13. Mr. Anderson
  14. Homicide
  15. Kevin Nash
  16. Eric Young
  17. The 'Freak' Rob Terry
  18. Jeff Jarrett
  19. Ric Flair
  20. Jay Lethal
  21. Brian Kendrick
  22. Douglas Williams
  23. Hulk Hogan
  24. Brutus Magnus

Tag Teams (both WWE & TNA)

  1. MCMG (c) TNA
  2. Hart Dynasty (c) WWE
  3. Beer Money -TNA
  4. Team 3D - TNA
  5. Generation ME - TNA
  6. The Usos - WWE
  7. The Dude Busters -WWE
  8. Ink(ed) Inc - TNA


  1. Gail Kim
  2. Michelle McCool
  3. Layla
  4. Angelina Love
  5. Maddison Rayne
  6. Velvet Skye
  7. Lacey Von Erich
  8. Taylor Wilde
  9. Alicia Fox
  10. Melina
  11. Beth Pheonix
  12. Tara
  13. Jilian Hall
  14. Tiffany
  15. Kelly Kelly
  16. Hamada
  17. Sarita
  18. Chelsea (Wolfe's valet)
  19. Natalya
  20. Sarita
  21. Maryse
  22. Tamina
  23. The Bella Twins
  24. Rosa Mendes
  25. Katie Lea Burchill/Winter

Honorable mentions (lowercard/jobbers; TNA & WWE):

  1. Yoshi Tatsu
  2. Santino Marella
  3. Vladimur Kozlov
  4. Goldust
  5. Chavo Guerrero
  6. Chris Masters
  7. Vance Archer
  8. JTG
  9. Shad
  10. Finlay
  11. Ezekiel Jackson
  12. William Regal
  13. Hornswoggle
  14. Suicide
  15. Husky Harris
  16. Micheal McGuilicutty
  17. Tyler Reks
  18. Darren Young
  19. Primo
  20. Michael Tarver
  21. Ranjin Singh
  22. Skip Sheffield
  23. Joey Mercury
  24. Orlando Jordon
  25. Zack Ryder
  26. Curt Hawkins

Updating Consoles

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Ok, so it's come to my attention that some people fear upodating their consoles. case in point this thread in the Nintendo Wii forums:

so i want to know. how often does anyone update their consoles, be it PS3, Wii, PSP or 360?

for me it's a matter of whenever there's an update i want it. i feel that it's a neccisity to have it. i mean why not have the latest firmware/software updates? why be the one with the out of date firmware? it's just a given that u should update whenever a new patch or firmware update is released.

and not just for the consoles, but the games as well. as there's often times when u stick a game into your machine it updates the game with patches and what not