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Merry Christmas!

It's early but I plan on being too drunk the next few days (starting half an hour ago) to navigate the internet so Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope you enjoy Christmas and 2012 is a good year for everyone.

Im glad to see the back of 2011; no more uni and I can finally (attempt to) find a job. I already have an interview in the new year. I have to travel to London on the 4th. Hopefully it will work out well and kick start the new year for me.

Master of the Universe

Well not quite but I am a Master of Science. Got my results through today and I'm pleased to say I passed everything. I was getting a bit nervous over my dissertation mark but it all turned out well in the end. I just need to find a job now.

In other news, Skyrim got delivered today. Its awesome. I had to buy it for the PS3 even though I wanted it for the PC, but I would have needed a new graphics cards. Oh well, its about time I shown the PS3 some love any way.

Top 10 Spooky Baddies Activity

Seeing as it is Halloween and I am bored/hungover I have decided to have a go at making a Top 10 Spooky Villains blog. The activity can be foundherefor anyone else who wants a go. Enjoy.

#10 Zombies (various games)

Let's face it, you cannot have a spooky baddy countdown without zombiesin it. They might be overused more than a yo mamma joke but they are the embodiment of spooky. My first encounter with a zombie was in Resident Evil back in 1996 and ever since then I have always loved a good zombie, and loved shooting a good zombie even more. Your attention is drawn to a zombie in the room by a low groan or the slow shuffle of a foot being dragged along the ground. Theirappearance was always grim; tattered blood soaked clothes and rotting flesh made these beasties a scary sight in any game. They had no weapons to speak of other than their nasty attitude to the living, but get a few of these in the same room as you and you had a problem on your hands.

#9 Children (Silent Hill)

Whether they are in a game or real life kids are the scary. The kids in the first Silent Hill however take it to a new level. At the beginning of the game you are running through dark, dank alleys when all of a sudden you run in to a corpse crucified on some wire gates. Then come the kids. You are trapped in the alley with a swarm of kids with huge knives trying to escape while they hack at you a make the giggle scary kids make. I couldnt find a decent picture of the children from Silent Hill but here are some equally scary children.

#8 Splicer (Bioshock 1 & 2)

Thanks to over consumption of ADAM the Splicers in Rapture are bat **** insane. Many of them still wear Masquerade Ball masks to hide their deformed faces. In BioShock Splicers wander the corridors and the tunnels of Rapture, searching for ADAM to harvest, usually from the Little Sisters (more creepy kids). They announce their presence with a creepy cackle and come equipped with a claws, blades, guns, and super human abilities making them tough to kill. Especially if you run in to a few of them. There are a number of splicers throughout the game, but they all are after the same thing and dont take kindly to your kind.

#7 Tramps, Hobos, Thugs (Condemned)

I can't really remember what these people were but they creeped me out. Nothing was worse than walking through a dark, abandoned warehouse and hearing someone running around you. Then you see some roll out in front of you or something quickly pass by a door way, then all of a sudden one of these thugs jumps out on you and gives you what for with a spanner. Timing the combat made these difficult to defeat, epspecially if you were outnumbered. I can't remeber if they were possessed by a cult or just derranged. Either way they were crazy.

#6 Grunt (Amnesia: The Dark Descent)

I'll admit I do not know that much about these, mainly because I'm too scared to play the game, but what little I have seen of them has scared me silly. I was watching a friend play the game a while ago and at first you catch a glimpse of them turning a corner but later on they are after you. Occasionally breaking a few doors to get to you. To make it scarier you have no protection in the game. Your only choice is to run and as Yahtzee puts it "put as many doors, walls and preferably continents between you and the wobling mutant as possible".

#5 Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

Again, not one that is scary but definitely creepy. Sephiroth is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VII and is hell bent on the distruction of the planet. He belevied he was the only remaining survivor of the Cetra, an ancient race, and set out to become a god and to control the planet. He was infused with Jenova cells, who he beleived was his mother. He was definetely insane and insanity on Sephiroth's level is scary ****. he spent days in the Shinra Mansion reading books on the Jenova project which did not help his sanity. He was equipped with a sword longer than he was and a bad ass sound track and is probably one of the best bosses I have ever encountered.


#4 The Witch (Left 4 Dead)

Witches are a pain. You have just battled a horde of rampaging zombies when you hear a woman crying. You start looking round to see where it is coming from trying to make as little noise as possible and then you see her. Scantily clad and hot in a weird kind of way the Witch is your worst nightmare in L4D. Getting past one of these unnoticed is a tense affair. If you startle the Witch she is on you faster than superman. It takes a lot of bullets and a team effort to kill the Wtich before she kills you. That sobbing of her is just creepy as hell. Worse than children laughing.


#3 Necromorphs (Dead Space series)

Necromorphs are the reanimated corpses of the Ishimura crew. They are reshaped in to unholy beings with additional appendages they like to swing at you. They have the aggression of a bag of wasps and will attack anything on sight, like a de-bagged wasp. Necromorphs are out to spread the infection to create more necromorphs and are the result of playing with alien artifacts. These things have you on code brown all through the game. You can be walking down a hallway and one runs across a lighted doorway or through an air duct above you head. When this happens you can expect it to jump out on you very soon. Even being prepared does not stop you jumping. As with many baddies in the list, a few of these in a cramped room can be bad news.


#2 Hunters (Resident Evil series)

Again my first encounter with these was in Resident Evil on the PSOne. These things give me nightmares for a long time. The first encounter in the game is a cut scene of something legging it through the garden and coming up to the door you have just entered when you see it reach for the handle. You turn around to see this huge green bidepal frog like creature with claws sharper than my dress sense. It moves at speed and lunges at your swinging those powerful arms and sharp claws. A couple of these in a corridor is not pretty. As well as being fast they can jump high and far. If you find yourself with one of these on either side of you chances are you will be reloading your last save in the next few seconds. Once they have killed (because they will kill you) they give out a blood curdling scream.


#1 Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2)

One of the creepiest things I have ever come across in a game, Pyramid head is an executioner out to get most things in the world of Silent Hill. He does not discriminate. His appearance is one of a well built man with a large rusty pyramid shaped object on his head that looks like a torture device, and a blade the size of an ironing board. He is another baddy with super human strength, picking your character up off the ground and throwing that huge blade around. You encounter Pyramid Head a number of times during Silent Hill 2, sometimes he barely ackowledges you're there, other times he is there to do battle. The mortality of Pyramid Head isn't clear, most battles end with the sound of a siren and Pyramid head walking away. And if that is not creepy enough there is always that sort of mannequin rape scene in Silent Hill 2.

pyramid head

That's my list of Top Ten creepy game villains. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Let me know if you agree or disagree with anything on the list. Most of what I have written is based on my (bad) memory of playing these games so I may have wrote something that is not 100% accurate. Most of the games I played many years ago and I have killed a good few brain cells since then.


I haven't been up to much lately. Only really started coming back to GS in the last few weeks after finishing my dissertation and uni. Definitely no more uni for me.

I signed up to Twitter a while ago but have only really started using it lately. My profile if you want to follow me. Probably not a good idea if easily offended though. I normally tweet when I'm annoyed so expect bad language :P

Before I start full time work I think I need to play some games again and get back to reading blogs. I think I'll give Demon's Souls another go.

Are all phone companies stupid or is it just me?

After years of hassle from Vodafone I left them in the middle of 2010 and moved to Orange. The first six months with Orange went well. No cock ups from either me or Orange. But after changing bank accounts I forgot to set up a new direct debit to pay my phone bill and now my phone is barred from making calls. Even from calling Orange to pay the bill!

I have googled everything I can think of and all I get is call 150 from my Orange phone. So I have tried that and sat there listening to the robotic woman and made my selections only to be told all calls are blocked from this phone! I bloody know that, thats why Im ringing you!

I logged in online and paid my bill from there using my bank card. The site still says I am 30 odd quid in arrears despite my bank account being that £30 something down. I have turned my phone on and off countless times to see if that works but nothing. Does anyone have an Orange contract and know of a secret number Orange dont seem to like to give out? The only other number is some 0870 number which will cost me a fortune and unfortunately we no longer have a land line phone and no one else is in.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, if not just enjoy the rant and stick to morse code or something simpler.

Not a happy chappy

I hate the part time job I'm in now and need something new for 12 months. I decided to go back to Uni to do a Masters but Im already regretting it. I cant really beb bothered with the assignments, presentations, revision and dissertation to get through again, but I couldnt get a full time job so didnt really have much choice.

Seeing as I am in Unin for another 12 months I dont think I can stay as a barman in the place I am now without ending up in prison for murder. That will look bad on both my premanent record and CV. I think Ive had enough with bar work altogether. I hate the abuse you get from customers and being told to just ignore it becasue my managers dont want them looking bad when I tell customers and committee members to **** off. Whoever came up with the phrase "The customer is always right", did not work in a customer environment.

I tried a little ebaying to make some money but too much competition and being out priced by every sod on the web site is making it hard work. I'll still have a go at it but Im not holdng my breath. I have tried looking for part time IT work to put my degree to use but there is nothing.

The MSc is going well so far; a lot of the work is a repeat of my third year so Im finding it a bit boring at the moment. I do want to complete the MSc to (hopefully) get a decent job out of it, but 12 months has never seemed so far away.