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The Rules Have Changed

Forgot this site existed. Haven't really been on it for the past few months. Whoops.

Lately, I've been getting more into PC gaming than console gaming. Mostly because the games are much cheaper to buy from Steam. And lately I've been playing stuff on Steam a hell of a lot. I picked up Bioshock which I never got around to finishing on the X360, and also got a few nice Indie games. Super Meat Boy is absolutely wonderful and everyone needs to get it. Braid is also a nice little game, but somewhat expensive and short. I also bought Portal 2 when it was very cheap after the Perpetual Testing Initiative patch, and it was very satisfying to beat. Also, I managed to score a Dota 2 beta key, though I still prefer to play a nice game of Heroes of Newerth over it, due to the horrendous lag and unit response delay as well as the constant presence of leavers. Team Fortress 2 is also a very good game to get, and because it's free there's really no reason not to. However, I don't have any good hats, which seriously detracts from my experience :(

And to top it all off, I discovered possibly the most wonderful multiplayer game I've played in a while - Super Monday Night Combat. It's like a mash-up of Dota and Team Fortress 2, with class based third person shooting combined harmoniously with tactical team-oriented gameplay. Two teams of five Pros (characters), chosen from a pool of 15, battle it out, escorting waves of friendly robots forward in an attempt to break down their turrets, push into their base and ultimately destroy the enemy team's Moneyball, which is, funnily enough, a giant ball of money. Every character is unique, and it's a really great change of pace from normal people-shooting and normal right-click-strategying. And it's completely free. You don't have to pay a cent, though the grind to unlock stuff is fairly slow and painful otherwise. If anyone wants to give the game a shot, I'd be glad to play with - account name TechnicalHiccup - as the usual pub players are pretty hopeless when it comes to teamwork. However, with lots of tests and learning and stuff, playtime has once again been cut to a bare minimum, which makes me a sad person.

Good luck, have bacon

Dark Times Draw Near.

I has Final Fantasy 13 now! Haven't really gotten around to playing it much, not even an hour into it yet. However, from the first impressions, I can tell that there will lots of nice explosions later in the game, and that eventually Snow could get slightly annoying. So far, all I've done is mash 'A' over and over, but even doing that looks awesome on screen.

...and I don't think I'll get around to playing it much within the next month or so, as the horror that is examination comes in and saps the joy out of my life whilst crushing my spare hours into oblivion. I haven't been studying as much as I would be proud of, and I've been playing HoN waaaay too much over the past few weeks, as well as burning my way through a whole heapload of other random games (Bejeweled 3, Zuma's Revenge) while avoiding what I really need to get around to doing some time soon. I'm probably completely screwed for the upcoming trials of terror, but at least it's worth a try pulling a couple of 'A's.

But for now, it's time to retreat into dark corners with piles of books, notes and past papers.

DotA 2. Awesomeness.

Haven't really bothered posting anything. Actually haven't been on the site for a while either. Pre-occupied by other things... it's the time of year for exams again. Big whoop.

Anyway, not too much has happened while I was gone, so I never really felt the need to update anything. I got and beat Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, but for the last several months I haven't been playing much apart from Heroes of Newerth... which I now feel reasonably experienced at. And it's now free to play, so if you were too lazy to buy it, now there is no excuse. :3

And now DotA 2 is around the corner! Both the inner Asian geek inside me and the actual me (Asian geek ._.) are screaming with joy. Pretty much all of my friends are looking forward to it. Sometimes it seems like half the internet is looking forward to it. And, from the limited amount of gameplay I've seen from the incredibly laggy live-stream for the competition currently running for it, DotA 2 does look like a very good game. Sure, it's probably almost the same as the game I've been playing for the last several months, but it's still nice to have a fresh lick of paint, some nice servers and a handful of gameplay tweaks. The only thing I'm worried about right now is the community. The DotA / HoN / LoL communities seem like an absolute bunch of egotistical retards. So this time I'm sticking close to friend as I delve into this game.

Life sucks sometimes, but then sometimes it stops sucking so much and becomes almost bearable. :3

I haz Bioshock and I iz better at HoN

Title explains a lot.

I borrowed Bioshock off a friend today. I played the first hour or so, and I'm not going to lie, it's very boring so far. The controls are also rather clunky and don't feel as smooth and responsive as some other games out there, and this makes the combat feel slightly frustrating. The camera just doesn't feel sensitive enough, and it makes even simpler tasks like smoothly looking around as you walk feel annoying. I'll give it some time though. I tend do hate everything as soon as I start it and by the time I finish it I start to love it.

And I have been improving exponentially and Heroes of Newerth after I started hitting the random hero button instead of picking my usual heroes. I have now played over half of the available heroes in the game, and every time I pick a new one I don't seem to be having too much trouble learning how to play them. I know what pretty much every single hero does and how they work with the team (internet guides ftw) and I feel reasonably comfortable controlling everyone I have attempted to play so far. Apart from Ophelia. I don't like her at all, and judging from the reactions of others when they random hero onto her, I get the feeling no one likes her at all.

The time I can spend gaming and generally wasting time is going to be cut significantly in a week, I've started to realise how much I've been procrastinating and how much I need to get down to some legitimate study. Even writing this is an excuse for me not having to open my textbooks and read over stuff. Chemistry depresses me. ._.

And I'm considering picking up another game. Nothing too new, the amount of money I can spend on gaming is now starting to depress me as well (lots of things do), but I feel like picking up something like Borderlands of FF13...

Kick Player: [SACK]TechHic

Something I've been seeing a lot of lately. (That's me by the way.)

The community in HoN is just goddamn terrible. The majority of the people on it are downright crazed fanatics that believe being bad at a video game immediately deems you some sort of retard.

I've been getting much better at the game, and now every time I play Pollywog Priest, Deflier, Flint Beastwood, Electrician or Witch Slayer I can pull a pretty decent score (more kills than deaths and not too many deaths). But these are all known as the 'easy' heroes, so I decided to try my luck with a couple of other heroes to see how well I could do.

And thus I have been sworn at repeatedly.

And a lot of the time people just blame me for themselves sucking because they don't want to admit that they suck. For example, a guy tried to run head on into a group of three people and died miserably, then decided it was my fault for not helping and bailing his miserable ass out when he was utterly and completely annihilated. And another time, when I was trying a new hero out, I stood still for a while checking what skills the hero had and what items I needed to buy. Then a teammate started pestering me, then tried to kick me for being AFK. Then when I started moving, I supposedly went into the 'wrong lane', and the same person attempted to kick me for being a noob and not knowing how to play the game properly.

Apparently as soon as you start playing HoN, you need to know how to play every single hero in the game, know every item off by heart, know the map better than the back of your hand and have to always listen to 'pro' players who direct you to your certain doom, and then blame you for sucking when their horribly thought out plans backfire and get everyone on your team killed. And this is in the unranked games.

Generally the community is fine - most people are generally silent and only use the chat box for when in game callouts are required. Then there are some genuinely friendly people who don't mind losing and don't take the game that seriously. Then there are the **** who ruin everything.

HoN is a really nice game, but it's only problem is that the community is more immature than the CoD community is. And most of the angry people who play it, judging by their voices, are adults. It baffles my mind to think what their lives must be like if they take a game so seriously.

But yeah, I'm going to keep on playing, but mostly with friends from now on. At least that way when we fail miserably we can laugh with each other rather than yell down each other throats.

Heroes of Newerth

I don't blog enough. I don't think I even visited this site for a considerably long time. ._.

But during my absence, I got stuff done. School started again, which generally involves idly sitting in class and then cramming notes and stuff at home after school. And even then, half the time spent 'studying' is used up in wasting time on the internet. So I'm not too sure how I'm going to get through exams and stuff this year, but I'll manage. In the end. Somehow.

And I got Heroes of Newerth!

I played a little bit of DotA before, but stopped after I realised how bad I was at it and how unfriendly everyone seemed to be. It's the sort of game which is harsh on all newcomers and doesn't do anything at all to help cater to n00bs like me. It literally takes hours upon hours of dedicated time to learn the ropes of that game. So I pretty much gave up on it. And then my friends convinced me to play this, telling me how it's much... uh... 'kinder'. So I bought it and gave it a shot.

I'm still incredibly bad at the game. But I'm not AS incredibly bad at it as I was at DotA. And if you've never played either of these games, basically you control a 'hero', and by killing stuff, you get stronger and you get money. You level up and earn skills and you spend your money to buy items which make you stronger. And then you push into the opposing team's base and you kill their main structure to win. And it's not at all as basic as it sounds.

EVERYTHING in it requires skill and patience, as well as teamwork. If you die early on, you'll be lower levelled than your opponents, which means your opponents will push into your base faster, which means they'll rack up more gold and EXP, which means you'll be screwed faster. In other words, even the slightest mistakes early on could cost you the game in the end. And if you do happen to screw up, the not-so-friendly community will be happy to remind you how much you sucked, throwing in a couple of swear words here and there just for good measure. It's punishing. The sheer quantity of depth and strategy required would probably scare most casual gamers into tears. It's friendlier to newcomers than DotA is: which isn't saying too much.

But either way, I'm improving, albeit very, very, very slowly. Lately, my scores have been improving: the number of kills has increased from about 1 to about 3 per game, and my death count is no longer in the double digits. It's not too much of an improvement, but it's an improvement nonetheless.

So is anyone here very good and willing to help and n00b get better without yelling angrily at him every time he makes a mistake (which is probably about every 5 seconds)? ._.

Trying to run Crysis

I borrowed Crysis off a friend, after hearing lots of good things about it and after playing the demo for the second game. So far it's all good and all, but the only problem with it is that my computer can't run it properly.

Apparently, according to websites, my computer should be able to run it on at least everything at Medium. However, it still suffers from crazy amounts of FPS drops. And it just doesn't look very awesome when I run it on low.

Can anyone point me to any sort of way to find out what settings I should use or how I could optimize the performance? My computer isn't a dedicated gaming computer or anything, but I want to at least be able to run the game with at least a sensible frame rate. My computer has

-NVIDIA GeForce GT 320M
-Intel Core i5 Dual Core 2.27GHz
-1GB Graphics Memory

So far, without the awesome graphics (because I can't use them... *sad face*) it's a pretty good game. Unlike a standard "Run in a straight line and shoot people" game *cough* Call of Duty *cough* the game requires you to plan your course of action much more. Instead of running headfirst into a group of guys and hoping for the best, you could always sneak up and get around them using your cloak, then strangle the nearest guy while you shoot the rest. There are lots of different ways to approach a situation, but stealth seems like generally the best way so far.

And this is also the first PC shooter I have ever played. I'm more of a console person, and the mouse and keyboard just doesn't feel comfortable to me. Two thumbsticks are still much more comfortable in my opinion.

Crysis 2 Demo

Just yesterday, I downloaded the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo on the 360, after hearing things about it online. After it downloaded, I proceeded to play it for several hours on end. And although there was only one map and a small handful of weapons and perks available, it was still a lot of fun.

It sort of feels like a mix of Call of Duty and Halo. You run around the map at a fairly slow speed, but you can sprint by clicking the left analogue stick. Left trigger aims down sight, and right trigger shoots. Right stick allows you to crouch (I played using Tactical button setup on CoD) and melee is the same as always. X reloads and picks stuff up. If you've played pretty much any console First Person Shooter, the controls should feel pretty familiar.

But then you get the fancy over-the-top stuff you get in Halo, such as jumping super high and turning invisible and all of that good stuff. The left and right bumpers activate your shields and your cloak, which add another layer of depth to the game. Sprinting, jumping, cloaking and acticating shields all takes up some of the energy bar, which charges when you aren't doing any of those actions. It sets a nice sort of limit on the amount stuff you can do, so you can't just cloak and camp in the corner of the map for the whole game.

Also, the killstreaks work differently from other gmaes. After killing someone, you have to go over their body and collect the dog tag that they drop. Collect 3 for a radar, 5 for an airstrike and 7 for a gunship, same as usual. This system means that you can't camp for your killstreaks, but it also means that killstreaks are insanely difficult to get for snipers. because there's so much gunfire going on everywhere, and because snipers are meant to be in that sort of situation, it makes life difficult for them.

Also, the weapons seem a bit out of balance. Everyone right now is using the SCAR, which is the only assault rifle available so far. The sniper is nearly useless, taking two full headshots to kill. The shotgun is fairly decent, and the machine gun seems a bit too strong. But it's only a demo, and tweaks will be inevitable.

Does anyone know how long the demo will last? I can't seem to find any info on it anywhere...

Mass Effect 2: First Playthrough

I finished Mass Effect 2 for the first time. Let me just say a few things about the experience.

First of all, the game has incredible gunplay and awesome action. This is let down only every once in a while by the fact that pretty much half of your important movements are mapped to the A button. It makes moving around to cover and escaping enemies that much more difficult, as you can't sprint and change your camera at the same time. It was really annoying, especially as I chose to play as Vanguard, and you have to do a hell of a lot of running around with that class. This is probably the only complaint I had in terms of the combat. Everything else, from the incredibly responsive controls and the seamless implementation of the biotics and tech abilities is perfect.

The game was also slightly buggy, especially on one of the missions when you're on the wreckage of a ship. I had to restart the mission twice, because somehow Shepard would magically walk in mid-air for a few seconds, then just freeze in mid-air. Sometimes, my squad mates would do incredibly strange things as well, such as standing still in the open while some massive mech was blasting their asses off with a giant laser cannon. Sometimes the enemies would also do stupid things, like take cover ON TOP of the barricade. It only happened rarely though, and didn't really affect the game too much.

Everyone complained about the mining of planets being too slow and boring. I didn't really find too much to complain about with it. Every RPG has to have at least some form grinding in it. Running around in circles fighting wild Pokemon, running around Tokyo erasing Noise... grinding is necessary. And I don't really care about it too much, it didn't ruin the experience.

Also, the ending was slightly confusing. The game doesn't tell you how to keep your squad alive or how to keep Shepard himself alive. I ended the game with Miranda, Zaeed and Garrus dead, along with Kelly and half of the crew. The game didn't tell me how it happened, or how I could have stopped it. Garrus needed the 8 vents open? I opened them. He still ended up dying. He was fully equipped, he was a loyal squad member, yet still he ended up dying. It sort of confuses me how, but at least it's a reason for me to play through the whole thing again.

And the final thing to note about the game is the length. It's meant to be a 30 hour game, but I finished my playthrough in just under 17 hours with a level 24 Vanguard. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but probably it had something to do with me not doing any of the assignments. However, I did do every single on of the missions, except for the one where you walk around trying to hack stuff for Liara. I might do it in my second playthrough when I import one of my old save files though. I'm trying to get as much out of this game as I possibly can.

If I make it seem as though Mass Effect 2 is a bad game, with all of the negative comments and all, it is NOT a bad game. It is one damn hell of a good game. If you don't have this game, you are missing out on something. And with Mass Effect 3 coming soon, there's no better time to pick it up, along with the first game, which should come even cheaper. And by the time you finish it for the first time, you'll feel awesome.


MineCraft and Mass Effect

With Christmas coming around the corner, I got my hands on two games which I think should be pretty good. MineCraft, which I got earlier this week, and Mass Effect 2.

So far, after many hours of it, MineCraft has stood out to be simply an amazing game. First glances will leave you sceptical, but after your first hour... in fact, you won't be able to stop at just 1 hour. There's is so much stuff crammed into the game, stuff which you will have tons of fun with. Look past the simple graphics (which are amazing in their own little way) and you have an amazingly fun game where you can do pretty much anything you like. Turn the game on peaceful, enjoy simple mining, harvesting, crafting and building. Turn it on normal and you get a much different experience - go mining and havesting and building, with the added pressure of monsters on your tail. There's just so much to do in that game, and I've barely even scratched the surface. I have one tiny little hut and a single mine. The map is huge. It will keep me busy for a long time.

The other game I got is Mass Effect 2. I was looking through the store, saw the price tag on Black Ops ($130... hell no) and then looked a bit more and found Mass Effect 2 for $59 (NZ). I have the first game which I got for $25, and I enjoyed the hell out of it. I'm only one hour in, but so far everything is playing out well. However, the default controls feel a bit clunky, and the fact that half of your movements are mapped onto a face button is a bit annoying. But the combat seems much more polished, and I've played a bit of it over at a friend's place, and I know the later missions will provide plenty of thrills.

So all in all, I'm pretty satisfied with my purchases. At least, they'll keep me busy enough until school starts... something that I'm reeeeally looking forward to. :cry:

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