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Zombie Apocalypse MMO, Your Thoughts?

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My fellow gamer, have you ever wanted to be a survivor in a massively multiplayer online game based on the player vs millions of death dealing zombies? It can be thought of as Left 4 Dead but with thousands of survivors per server that need to ban together to survive, build death vehicles to get around and fortified cities that can be populated. The vehicles can be made to fit multiple persons while the cities can be all guild run, and the only way to make a city is to start a guild. But of course if a small guild exists with a small city it will be a lot harder to defend against the zombie horde that just keeps coming (Since the cities will actually be destroyed if left undefended). But the larger guilds with the cities will run like a well oiled machine, with all goods and services run by either players or having the ability to hire CPU merchants for there town that will try to get regular goods, but with the help of player gathering and hunting convoys they can get a hell of a lot more.

It would seem that guild/city life would be the very aspect of the game that brings people in, but what would make people stay? That is something that would need some thought. Like what is the end game? What is the pvp? I was thinking that pvp could possibly be guild vs guild fights, declaring war on another city for resources that the city possibly holds that a rival guild would want. City defense then would be very important, and also access to cities would be limited to guild members of certain guilds, with the oppurtunity to have visitor passes to enter other guilds cities, so politics will have a heavy say in this title.

Of course for the lone wolf player, or the lone survivor there will be lots of gameplay for them as well, like first off becoming a mercenary for other players to higher and use as guns for certain situations. And the other would be the capabilities to set up small housing for there own uses, like a bank. But they would make good mercs, merchants, and companions. An endgame of this vision is still in thought, but please comment on here because I would like to see peoples thoughts and ideas, and perhaps this could come to fruition one day!

My Top 5 Video Game Consoles!

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Below is a list of the 5 greatest video game consoles ever to grace the comforts of my large hands:


The Gamecubehas games like Smash Bro, RE4, Wind Waker and some other titles that just stuck out to me as having that feeling of fulfillment and joy that can only be obtained by playing a Nintendo system. I remember when the Gamecube came out my friend and I went quickly home where we sat on the floor and opened the system we so anxiously awaited and popped in the first game. It was a fun experience, but it wasnt until Smash came out that the system truly gained its legs. Then a plethora of other fun Nintendo titles graced the market as well.

4.) Xbox

The Xbox was my true first forray into immersion of the great console war of the time (PS2, Xbox, Gamecube) and became my #1 pic of those three consoles due to several things; Xbox Live, the games, and the feelings I had when playing these games. The PS2 had some good games (GTASeries reinvented)but nothing I could really get to excited about, and the Gamecube also had its share of gems (Wind Waker, Smash Bro, RE4) , but the Xbox had the likes of Halo where I would host/go to LAN that had moments that you cannot recreate. Also online games like Splintercell Chaos Theory where it was my first true stealth online experience, and of course you cannot forget about Halo 2 which I invested well over 1000 hours into. And also games like Brute Force where ragdoll was introduced along with a 4 player coop that was top notch. A lot of good times with this little (big) machine

3.) Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64 marked a grand day for me, I remember the first time I saw it in action at my friends house playing Mario 64 and after that day i had to get one. It was such a great experience playing all these immersive games that were just so fun and again bring the player to this happy unexplainable place that only some games can pull off (Mario 64, Pokemon Snap, Golden Eye). Titles like Mario 64 were ground breaking and deserve a spot in a hall of fame for the innovations and completeness they brought to the table. And who can forget the original Super Smash Bro that just knocked everyone off there chairs because of how good it was. This system brought so much quality and greatness, I mean who can forget playing Conkers Bad Fur Day! It was an amazing game! Oh and Perfect Dark, good god!

2.) Sega Dreamcast

This system was an incedible time for me, so many good memories and the first game that actually made me cry, not for the games story so much as the game ending in general, and that game is Shenmue. But besides that this system offered an amazing Sonic game, Sonic Adventures which was just such a good game! There is no describing the feeling of playing that game! Other games like RE Code Veronica, Crazy Taxi, Toy Commander, and so many others just made this console an amazing time. And of course no one can forget Power Stone 1 + 2 which were just such amazing games, and truly set the console apart from the competition at the time. But alas this consoles life cycle was short lived, only to 2001 due to lack of sales and the introdction of PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox. Too bad what an amazing console.

1.) Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 tops my chart as being the best console made thus far due to several key things; Xbox Live, Games, Features, exclusivity, updating capabilities, ease of use, and best of all introducing Bioshock(My Favorite game of all time) to the markets first. This system just has it all and doesnt hold back when it comes to any features. It is a gamers one stop shop for all entertainment purposes, I mean who doesnt love Netflix on demand service. And no other gaming platform has touched the Xbox 360's online component, when it comes to competitive, social, or just fun online gaming the 360 beats all others done to the ground. I have made so many friends through Xbox live who I have never met but through this medium I have become close friends with these people. And the games for this console are just incredible, I have never put so many hours into a gaming console before and I know my gamer score can back that up pretty well (Gamerscore another reason the 360 has been so addicting).

Of course this countdown is a matter of opinioun, but I would say these consoles have struck a chord in many gamers pixelated hearts that it is hard to deny at least one of these consoles has made it into all gamers countdowns somewhere.

Please comment and leave feed back this is up for discussion. :D

Want to get back in the game!

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I noticed this is a good place to post my ideas and opinouns on games and the like. And I think I will start that very soon, I only have one post up so far about violent games, but I plan to put my voice out there a wee bit more. Hope people are watching :)


Who hates this war on censoring video games and the content?

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Now that Manhunt 2 finally got the Mature rating, I would love to know what they cut from it. This leads into the fact that people have got to stop censoring our gaming media. It has been provin that games do not encourage violent behavior. I want to know why the anti gaming minions love to bash our way of entertainment where TV and movies display a lot more scenes of violence, sex, drugs, and the sort and games which are very restricted in the first place get all the heat. We have the ESRB and to me the parents come down to the ones to blame, I would like to know what everyones opinion is on this matter and if you could add to this heated topic. Along with this what gamers out there also believe that video games these days has become pure art. And a great example of this is Bioshock. I want to know what the rest of the gaming community thinks about this...