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G4TV's Good, Bad & Ugly

When I discovered G4TV channel (formerly known as G4TechTV) about ten years ago, it was phenomenal. Why? TV 4 gamers! It also showed technology & had other shows as well. I'll get the good things out of the way. aka G4TV: The Show was an weekly video game talk show (Laura Foy, Tina Wood & Scot Rubin). It was an internet/radio type of thing going on & I love it. Arena was an show about competitive gaming. Plus, an team who won got to on an vacation. Who can forget Cinematech? A show about showing off gaming trailers. Cheat! was about tips, strategies & other things. Man, it was truly an golden era & felt like nothing can stop the train. But, the channel went through some serious changes, gamers & tech fans didn't like at all. Neal Tiles took over as G4TV president & channel went downhill from there. Now, I didn't mind "Ninja Warrior" & "Unbeatable Banzuke" for they're good shows. But, it was far too much of "COPS", "Campus PD", "Cheaters" & other random shows that didn't belong on a video game channel. Plus, it went up against Spike TV & other channels. Well, it was an great channel while it lasted. I do hope somebody do make an video game channel & put it on cable television someday.

Random Vlog Time!

Guess what time it is? I haven't done one almost an year & want to post it here for anybody to listen. Various Thoughts Vol 83 COD player lost the match & called the SWAT team on his opponent! 2014 NBA Playoff Predictions TMNT reboot movie 2014 thoughts

More random vlog!

You know what time it is. The title says it all!


Battlefield 3 video review: Is it two years too late? Yes. But, better late than never. An teenage gamer in Texas may end up going to prison for "terrorist threat" while playing League Of Legends. Any NFL football fans here on Check out the predictions so far:,,, Random video:,

Random vlog!

Here's some videos I've posted:

Thoughts on Adam Orth's "Always Online" Tweets:

Xbox 1 doing an 180 on policies:

Black Ops 2 rant:

NBA Finals thoughts:

Various Thoughts Vol 73:

10 Things You Love/Detest About Video Games

Alright, I did see more than a few videos on "10 Things I Hate About Gaming" last month. Half of them were good reasons, while other half were pretty stupid. It seems that nobody hasn't done 10 Things I Love About Gaming yet on YouTube. I'm asking Gamespot users on what 10 things you love or hate about gaming. From thesaintedmagnushow youtube user

Is Gaming Still Fun?

I did three part videos on the topic on YouTube & what's your overall thoughts? By the way, I'm sorry for not responding here on Gamespot lately.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:

Part 4:


Part 5:

Why so much whining about Modern Warfare 2?

Are you tired of Modern Warfare 2 players/haters crying about everything that's wrong with it? It seems that every gamer who plays or played Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360, PC or Playstation 3) has done nothing but complain, moan, cry, throw a hissy fit & everything else. For me, I did complain about it for single player mode being too much like FOX's 24, single player mode being shorter than Kevin Federline's rap career, player host an game, quits the match & ZERO teamwork on team objective game modes (Headquarters Pro, Capture The Flag & etc.). "Camping" (watch the video "My Thoughts On Camping FPS video game on YouTube) is part of the game rather gamers like it or not.I wish gamers would STOP complaining about "camping" for it's annoying & childish. As for online multiplayer mode being unbalance, the answer is still yes. Why? Commando perk is an game-breaker, boosters on xbox live, cheaters, "noob-tube" players get cheap kills & everything else. I don't know if there's an counter perk for Commando. As for grenade launcher haters, use the equipment! OH NO, using that equipment will make me an bad player!!! WAH WAH WAH!!! Weapons are overpowered & doesn't sound like in real life. Face-palm! Graphics is terrible. Last time I checked, graphics doesn't make or break the game! Why do players worry so much about Kill/Death ratio? Is it going to defy you as an FPS player (unless you're in Major League Gaming or Game Battles)? Every video I watched on YouTube, someone is about to choke an animal over Modern Warfare 2. Shoot, I "rage-quit" when I see an Call Of Duty video being posted & it's Team Deathmatch all day, every day! If I watch ONE more video & some hardcore Modern Warfare 2 nerd tells me how to play strategic in an Team Deathmatch (where there's LITTLE strategy), I'm going to lose my mind! Call Of Duty 4 is still an excellent game, but perfect? NO! Call Of Duty World At War? Please don't get me started for it was average, spawn system is still worse & MP40 jug players. Modern Warfare 2 is a good game to play (with family members, friends, clan members), it has problems (go check out my review of it) & haters should go back to playing their "perfect" Call Of Duty 4, Halo 3, Medal Of Honor 2010, Halo Reach (I can't wait to play it), Killzone 2 (an game I'd love to have an do-over review) or other games that's not going to cause them to have a heart attack. Do I feel that Bad Company 2 is an better game overall than MW2? The answer is YES! Why? Single player gameplay is simple, the hype wasn't over the top (Halo 3 & Modern Warfare 2) & online mulitplayer mode is mind blowing! I love when Modern Warfare 2 haters/Call Of Duty Black Ops lovers acting like Treyarch is their only hope! Are you serious?! This isn't Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope for crying out loud! To anybody who thinks that Treyarch will make an "perfect" Call Of Duty Black Ops in six months, you're living an dream world. IW makes a "bad" game for Call Of Duty series (Modern Warfare 2) in everybody's eyes & they're turning their back on them! How many Call Of Duty games have Treyarch has made & it's nothing but garbage? COD 2: Big Red One was/still an snooze fest, Call Of Duty 3 was/still an terrible game & Call Of Duty World At War was average. Do y'all really think that Treyarch will "deliver" an awesome Black Ops game?

Good & Bad On Multiplayer

Multiplayer video games have been around since 1990s & it's gotten huge in the 21st Century. I'm 90 percent more an single player type, but will play multiplayer to take an break from single player mode. I did play an multiplayer game online with "Call Of Duty 2" almost three years ago & quit playing for immature, racist, sexist gamers that I ran into. I've been playing "Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare & 5 World At War" for two months & it's great to play without headphones. Not only that, I turn the sound off on altogether to avert hearing dumb-spit coming out of people's mouth every five seconds. Four things like about it is to play your favorite game online to see how good are you, host an party on first person shooters or sandbox (Saints Row or Grand Theft Auto), choosing friends to play in same state (North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, California, Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii, Ohio, New Jersey, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, New York & etc) & have fun. Five things I abhor about it are gamers who take it as an serious business to the point that it's unreal, cheaters (Call Of Duty World At War where some gamers will find an weakness to exploit it to get more kills than deaths), quitters (did it three times, but it's legit) & ignorant people who don't know how to congratulate or be gracious loser & racist, sexist comments during gameplay. I'll continue to play online without headphones as long I want to. To the ignorant gamers who do this type of things: grow up & have fun. Otherwise, don't play at all!

Judging video games by demo?

Video gamers love to give reviews about it by playing  10-20+ hours to tell others how they think about particular game.  That's not the issue at all. What fires me up like it's no tomorrow, when gamers blast it without playing regular version of it . They go by what peers say or just play demos. Here are few examples; "Sonic Unleashed is trash, why go with werehog or Sonic Team didn't listen to the fans",  "Call Of Duty World At War is another WWII FPS game, why continue to make it", "Tomb Raider Underworld isn't as good as Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" or "Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe fighting game is an pathetic excuse for a game". That's like me blasting Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, Star Wars The Force Unleashed and Sonic The Hedgehog regular version of it for just playing the demo. It's dead wrong to judge an game without playing it or demo. What's worse is that they judge it without getting their hands on it. Borrow it from a friend, family member or go to a movie rental (rent/sell video games) store. Playing demo and full version are two different things. Play the game and be the critic. Don't go slicing it based on a demo game.
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