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Uncharted 2 MP > MW2

That's right, I would take Uncharted multiplayer over the almighty MW2 any day.

I did like SpecOps quite a bit, is probably my favorite thing in the MW2 package, its a shame that you can only play it with the people on your friend list.

Anyways which MP game have you guys been playing lately? =)

Killzone 2

How is it going, feels like ages since I last posted a blog, hope you are all doing well, I'm barely on here but still around. :)

Just wanted to post my Killzone 2 impressions just like I did with Resistance 2 when it came out. Has been a very long wait for this game but it was worth it.

First off the graphics.. that's the first thing people mention when talking about this game and yes it looks incredible, I still prefer the design and attention to detail of MGS4 and it doesn't have the scale as some of the battles found in Gears of War 2 but in the overall graphics quality and raw power Killzone easily beats those two.

The campaign is intense but like in most shooters its over far too soon, the story is alright I wasn't disappointed by it because I was not expecting much. The multiplayer is probably the best thing about it, the class system really makes the battles far more interesting and fun, best MP game around? could be! :P at times it does suffer from some frame rate drops but that's understandable since there have never been a multiplayer game (atleast in consoles) with this much going on, its truly impressive!

Now things that I would like to see in Killzone 3

1. First co-op, KZ2 feels like a co-op game yet it doesn't have co-op.

2. More vehicles, there are only 2 but it seems like they had planned to add more just didn't have the time, for example there's a jeep that appears a few times during gameplay but you only get on it during a cutscene. VERY ODD!

3. More enemy variety (more boss battles) the enemy AI is very smart but they all feel too similar.

That's all, hope I'm not forgetting anything :P if you like shooters and have a PS3 definitely go buy Killzone 2, possibly the best shooter out right now ;) see you guys around.

My 2008 GOTY

My game of the year is none other than Metal Gear Solid 4 big surprise eh :P no other game in my list came close. Playing MGS4 has been the most fun I had this year, when it first came out I completed it 5 times nonstop that's how much I enjoyed it. Sadly it was the last chapter in Solid Snake epic tale but I'm looking forward to a fresh new start for the series, hopefully there will be some news about MGS5 next year.

I guess its time to update my most anticipated games are some:

Killzone 2

Resident Evil 5, not too excited about this one yet but I loved RE4 so it should be just as awesome, the addition of co-op is sweet.

White Knight Chronicles, I hope it does well.

Uncharted 2, haven't played the first uncharted but I have heard many good things about it (still waiting for a darn price drop) :P

God of War III, It will be badass! I think I'm becoming a fan of the series. Teaser vid on Spike tv VG awards this Sunday. :)

oh and FF13 err forgot about it :? (edit: 2 trailers appeared today, it looks so good)

also Home just became public beta, don't really care about it in its current stage but it definitely has potential, I will just keep waiting until they add something worth checking out.

Killzone week!

Have you guys been keeping up with all the sweet killzone updates? All I have to say is that its looking mighty good, I have really been enjoying the beta and personally think that its better than anything on cosoles right now.

Feb 27!

Resistance 2 my pros and cons

Resistance 2 is finally here and its excellent.

While all around great its not perfect so here are some of my pros and cons.

The graphics are overall impressive, plenty of wow moments, jaw-dropping bosses (although easy to defeat) a wide variety of locations and different environments. On the bad side it does have some noticeable ugly textures and other minor graphical bugs.

I liked the addition of more interesting characters, they still lack personality but it feels good to be part of a team, they are also very helpful during battles.

The weapons are good as always, old favorites return plus some great new ones.

One thing that I really hated is that at times the game falls into learn by death, what is the point of having enemies that can kill you with one hit like the invisible chameleon or frustrating scripted events like the Swarm part, they fail at scaring you and in the end are more of an annoyance than anything else.

The multiplayer pretty much delivers in all areas. Its incredible how well everything works, from using teamwork in co-op to the 60 players competitive matches all feels good. Its organize, there's no lag and most importantly its addicting and fun.

There are some things I would like to see in Resistance 3:

co-op campaign - in Resistance 2 a big part of the game you are with at least one teammate so co-op campaign can be done.

and bring back vehicles please =)

Anyways what do you guys think of the game?

Looking forward the most 08

I was going to post this back during E3 but never got the chance, Im writing it from my PS3 so it will have to be quick and short. My most wanted game was MGS4 but that one is already out so here are the games Im looking forward the most for what's left of this year... Resistance 2 - sequel to my favorite shooter, its looking incredible specially all the impressive online features. The guys at insomniac have come a long way since RFOM. Gears of War 2 - liking all the improvements and the graphics still impress, looking brutal and intense as the first one. Valkyria Chronicles - looks like the first JRPG worth getting for the PS3. LittleBigPlanet - can't wait to see what things I will be able to create. MotorStorm 2 PSN games - Flower (big fan of fl0w), Ratchet and Clank Far Cry 2 Fallout 3 Prince of Persia Socom - never got into the previous games in the series but Im willing to give it a try. 2009 is looking just as good with games like Killzone 2 leading the way. Feel free to post your picks. :)

Metal Gear Solid 4!!

Finally got my baby :lol: was there for its midnight release at gamestop, there was a big line of gamers waiting to get their hands on MGS4, it was cool. Its hard to believe that the wait is over, wanted this game so badly and its finally mine. :D

Well for the game itself its INCREDIBLE! a little overwhelming, trying to get the hang of it, at least I got a good idea of how the controls work from playing the beta but still have a lot to learn.

Already finished Act 1, took me around 3 hours to complete, I feel like I missed lots of things on the first level so I will be sure to get the strategy guide on my next trip to the store.

I'm off to play some more, many of you probably got it as happy gaming! :)

PS3 owners please add me to your friend list

Hello everyone has been a while, hope you are all doing well. If any of you have a PS3 please add me to your psn friend list, I play many online games and would be great to play with my friends from GS. My PSN ID is BigBoss712