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School. 'Nuff said.

Yeah, school's been pretty tiring so far, getting used to classes and moving from building to building has been pretty tough on my legs and ankles :cry:

I may start doing the Fallout blogs again, but for now I've put them on hold. So yeah, peace!8)

Super-Duper Mart

After arriving at Megaton, the Lone Wanderer was indeed welcomed by Lucas Simms, the sheriff of the town. He had asked if the Wanderer could defuse the giant nuclear missile in the middle of the town, and the Wanderer agreed. And as requested, the Lone Wanderer defused the bomb, then asked for derections to the nearest shop. Lucas told him, "If you head north, you'll find The Craterside Supply, but be nice to Moira, she's... different..."

At arrival, the Lone Wanderer greeted Moira Brown, the head shop keeper. She asked him, "So you're the boy from the vault? Huh... I think you'll want this reinforced Vault 3 clothing. I never found out where the blood-stains came from, though." "So, do you need any assistance?" The Wanderer asked. Moira told him that she wanted to make a "Wasteland Survival Guide", which the Lone Wanderer agreed to help with, and asked what he was required to do. Moira replied "Oh, not much, just a trip down to the Super-Duper Mart not too far south of here. Hey, you might want these, too." Moira handed the Wanderer a silenced 9mm pistol and 72 9mm rounds, along with a combat knife.

When he discovered the scene, the Lone Wanderer was horrified. Bodies chained to the ceiling by meat hooks, trashed and looted aisles, and many, many weapons, all of them fully loaded. But those weren't the only things he found...

Raiders. Everywhere.

Springvale Elementary

The Wanderer had awaken in a giant cage, in a dark room. It seemed as though there were voices emitting from the shadows, saying vulgar and threatening remarks. The Wanderer remembered, his father had told tales of a place known by the Wasteland Wanderers as "The Death Bringing School". He knew he was at Springvale Elementary School, and nothing but death was coming down the hallway to the east.

The Wanderer picked up a lead pipe, and readied himself, but it wasn't a raider, nor was it a ghoul, it was his father.The Wanderer said, "Dad? What are you doing here?" His father replied, "I musn't tell, or... they'll... hear me, and detonate this collar!" The Lone Wanderer looked at his father's neck to find a large, metal collar with many blinking lights, and a small .44 magnum aimed at his father's temple.

The Lone Wanderer realized the wastes were a hellish place before, but not like this. He had seen massive gangs, murder, and theft all throughout his life in Vault 101, but nothing compared to the raiders. Raiders are the bullies of the Capital Wasteland, pillaging any settlement they find, excluding the larger ones, including The Citadel, owned by the Brotherhood of Steel. They wear different armours to define which faction of the raider gang they belong to. There are the Blastmasters, the Sadists, the Enforcers, and much more.

Just after finding out that his father was going to die, the Wanderer found a switchblade and picked the lock on the steel cage door. His father told him, "They will be coming soon, you must go to Megaton, Sheriff Simms will welcome you to a home and Mister Gutsy robot, now go!" And as soon as he had said that, the Lone Wanderer ran as fast as he could, and as he was running, he heard the .44 magnum shoot, then a loud thud. His father was dead.

The Beginning

It was the year 2277, The Lone Wanderer had escaped Vault 101 a year prior to this day. He had forgotten what horrors had been left behind in the Vault. It was a living hell.

The Lone Wanderer had set out on a journey to Rivet City in the lower right corner of the Capital Wasteland, but little did he know, the Talon Company Mercs had been trailing him the whole way there.

When he arrived at Rivet City after days of experiencing attacks of Radscorpions and Yao Guai throughout the war-torn wasteland, the wanderer found a massacre. Blood, bullet shells, knives, these were all found in the giantship that was Rivet City. But as he was exploring the lower decks of the ship, the Lone Wanderer found himself struck from behind, and was unconscious for three days.

To be continued

My return, RPG's, what more?

Well, it seems I have returned to Gamespot. I have a feeling we shall get along well :D

So, I herd I liek RPG's. I was thinking to myself, "Aye, why don't I start an RPG on Gamespot that's basically a fan made Fallout game?" AND SO I DID. Or, I will, anyways...