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It has been a long time since i have posted a new blogg and here it goes.The Ps3 as you all know is new and looks really cool. I have been savin money for this but it makes me rethink about it. Should i get the Ps3 or the Xbox 360. The Ps3 has a multiplayer for free and you do not have to pay for it although the Xbox 360 you do. Lots of new games are coming up for both but the Xbox 360 is getting more. I believe that the Ps3 is better because it has a game called MAG. I want you people to reply to this and tell me if the game is good or bad. Or what system i should get.Thanks for your time Gamespot.


Yes, Finaly! I am going to get my Psp-3000. It looks so cool, i really want the wifi on it and to be able to play the games. The first game that i am going to get for the Psp-3000 will hopefully be Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

At first i wanted the PspGo but a lot of my friends on Gamespot said that is sux and it cant play Umds. So i trust most of my Friends and i am not going to get it. I am now thinking it is a rip-off because all it does that is better than the Psp-3000 is that it has bluetooth.So that is what had really caught my eye.

But i am so happy that i am finally going to get a Psp-3000.:D

The only thing that concerns is that the Psp-3000 can be hacked.:o



The pspgo looks like a great game console. I can understad it costs more than a psp and that is because it is more smaller has a 16gb hardrive and looks awesome. To tell the truth whoever has this console is one lucky dude. And that is comin from the soul. I really want one. By the way who has a pspgo?

Help Me Make a union

I would like to make a union called the Thievius Racoonus Union. If any of you like the Sly games please help me make this union. What this union is really about those games with the animals who are thieves. They have quite a backgroun and i would reallly like to make this union. SSo plz mail if u wanna help and plz post a comment on this. Do not be afraid to show me your real opinion. So plz comment bak.

Level 6 Here I Come!

To all you peoples out there i want to make it to Level 6 to make a union. But i have many questions about creating unions. If you make a union, do all your other unions get deleted? How many unions can you create? What title should i name my union? Any suggestions? If you have more info about unions give me some. Comment on this blog!

Level 3 Finally

Level 3 finally. I join this site like three days ago and it took me two days to get to level 3. Now i can comment on games and write my own reviews finally. Hopefully, I will write good on my reviews if i have any. If you see my name make sure to click on me because the review will be good. I can't wait till new games come on because i want to be the first to write a review. Wish me good luck.:P

The stuff about me!!!

Hi, i am berndog2 and i am here to review games. The thing that suxs is that i cant write a review. The most modern console that i have is the Wii. I have Wifi on the Wii and i am really good at video games. The only game that i have for Wifi is SSBB. SSBB is really fun cause i get to battle people. Other than school and homework i am all about video games. Video games are fun cause there mostly fantasy. In some games you get to control a character that is the opposite of you. Video games are like the best tech ever made!!! Just to tell you people out there it is ok if you track me i will befriend you in a blink of an eye.