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As most of us fusers told me gs without fuse is just crap and i judge the same somehow im only here shortly to watch dannys shows and check the news all normal community features are just not working for me if they would rethink i maybe would come back here but atm some of the fusers try a different side with more possibilitys i registered today and will have a deeper look into it and not its not ign or giantdynamite :o

In addition a board alone wouldnt do it for me, the wall stuff isnt usable here also im not a fan or forums or boards in forums

if we where honest for us fuse even worked when the notifications where down and kinda no one looked after it

would it be so hard to put the old fuse side on a new space and just relink it from gs? i think not they even didnt need to care about it then a fuse without working notifications was still 100% better then the "community" features the new gs side offers us

from the conversations with others most will move away to other sides anyway if there would be no real step torwards the fuse community which wouldnt be a simply board in my eyes

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finally a common face here :s now without fuse what will we do sign

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i guess you have the same problem as me ^^ an old dvd drive wich hasnt actual firmware and now problems with double layer dvd's. Problem should be fixed through new firmeware if one is available

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to explain it simply spend 300% of your taxes, give national employees 15 month salarys each year trick and cheat in every statistic you can over years so it becomes part of culture.

Sry but in my opinion only ppl living behind the moon can really think they are the only ones in the world who have the right of 15 month salarys and going to protest for that ...

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Hello Gamespot,

I hope i post on the right forum i just want to tell some things which i dont like on your side. If im Wrong here pls push me to the right forum :)

Normally i check out all Stuff on your Page i really like the style the reviews and the community possibilitys.

But whats really not nearly the qualitiy to all your pages is the psn section. :!:

If i want to find something out about news on psn or even which games from psn could be interesting for me i go to other sides.

You aint got a side in the psn section where you can lookout new games or releases only for the psn. If im lucky i can find those things if i search through all releases of ps3 but that takes time and i cant find things which i dont knew already like the game name etc...

Another big point is as a playstation plus user i would like to get informed about new psplus thing. This cant be so hard cause you can finde equal things on several other sides bevore it gets actual in psn.

to be honest the actual psn section here is :/ wont say the word now. Please make it new make it in style of other sections have criterias under which you can search like new addons new demos new full versions new psn titles. Also the "latest DLC Content" directly on main page is all from 2010. Why arnt there all L.A. Noir and other several new DLC's? dont you update the side?

I hopt the critic isnt too harsh but this section is far away from the quality of your side and i really would like to see something equal to the rest of your sections which are all professional good and easy to find the things you want to knew.

I dont have a xbox but from my lookup in the xboxlive section this part must be as worse as the psn section.

I really hope you can change something there cause im a huge fan of gamespot and i would also like to inform myself about psn stuff here than on other sides which i need to do atm.

greetz BenFireFox

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OK then i will pull out the super classics :D

Champions of Krynn

Curse of the Azure Bonds

Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed

Pool of Radiance

Pool of Darkness

those games brought me into the whole rpg game genre

sadly they dont make rpgs anymore but i loved the rpg of ssi games always nice background storys and ingame feeling

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since im part of the free to play community i can say you can expect much im playing atlantica online now for 2 years we get fresh content every 2-3 month.

the Game got a great community gives me much fun and entertainment i think as much as i ever could get even if i would been registered in wow and pay monthly for it. So in my eyes i get the same for free where other ppl pay for.

Actually we could get the question to the other side.... Why do you still pay for your games?

Even not in morg you could imagine working pay models where pl could get extra stuff through micro transaktions which finances the game.

Why isnt is so? Cause the Game industry made more money then the movie industry in the last years , so why not milk a cow when you can?

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Don't know how old you want the rpg's :) very old i would suggest the whole SSI roleplay games

Also much fun:

Dungeon Master 1&2

Eye of the Beholder 1-3

Dont know if you could also find some emulators for old rpgs from consoles :P if they are legal pretty much good stuff on snes,ps1,ps2