The power of the purse

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Hello dear readers :)

its been a while but i thought today is the right time for making a new blog. The power of the purse hhm strange blogname so what's it all about. The recent discussions here on gs as well as in the whole gamer scene about dlc season passes failing game series and lack of innovation brought me to this point. Why cause we the gamers are the cause of this situation and of the upcoming way gaming will be. Thats the power of the purse cause through the point that the gaming industry is more money gaining then the movie industry in the meantime things and companies have changed.

So the main point will be innovations and how we gamer handle them. In the last year there always was that bick yell throughout the community that there is a lack of innovation. Old game models and series get milked and milked often on a cost of quality. So the Community yells hey we got a lack of innovation in the game development scene. Well dear gamers were the cause of it. Why do you think do we see the most innovations from small game companys or indi gamers cause they are still willing to not avoid risks at all costs cause they are in my eyes more connected to the game community then the global big companys. Why is thats so mentioning the movie industrie above was the first slightly change the gamers recognized.

Since you can make so much money through selling a great game it has become more and more a pure economical thing then creating a piece of art or something that should affect people in a new way. Only the profit comes in view when deciding about making a new game. You see this in the spreading like mushrooms dlc for games. Well but were the paying gamer comunity are the cause of that as long as we will throw our money into dlc season passes or games which came out every year with only slightly changes and a bit of polish we shouldnt cry for lack of innovation.

This is the cause why there still new CoDs ever few month and someone like double fine needs to make a crowdfunding to develop an adventure. Yes cause all companies tell them hey you wont get our money for that make us an CoD with Dlc that will make 400% more profit. (Sorry about the alltime CoD reference but its the prototype of those games).

So the only creative innovation or games including so much love and art come from the small companies and we got it in our hand. We shouldn critisize every effort to create something new picking the weakspots and ruining a game. Look at the beloved fps mentioned in the last escape from mount stupid where is the innovation? What is new beside 1-2 small new functions and a new textureset and maps not much in the last 10 years. Still its the cash cow of the industry all want to make pfs or action games cause they sell best.

Since this is going on now for years the big game companies lost all effords in making an game which is new and might not be loved from all people cause its new different and unexpectable.

So dear gamers think of your power of the purse when getting your next games when you want a change and a new game century of innovations and new things for us. Support those who are innovative and have an critic view on those best selling games what do they offer you new? Is it really worth getting it cause all people get it?Rethink and force the companies to take more risks by making not economicly planed games a huge success.

:) throw your coins in the right direction

hoped you liked my thoughts, your welcome to comment and im waiting from your view of that situation :)