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Playstation Network Update Week 24 (June 11-15, 2012)

=) ok since fuse is down again and i dropped the hope the psn side from gamespot will ever be half actual or interesting i thought its time to make a small preview of games this week. I will first only talk about the new games not all dlc cause i first wanna get the response of my new blog idea :) so please all comment and stuff

PS3 Games

Alien Breed Trilogy

Availability:Not available in BL, HN, QT


There is not much to say about the alien breed games a nice remake of the old classic from amigas 2 player coop mode possible pretty much trophies for a psn game (platinums!) and its a blast from the past :) if you aint got one of the games this might be your chance to pick all 3 at a fair bundle price

Ratings of Games on GS: Part 1 (7.3 ) Part 2 (6.5) Part 3 (6.6) i only played it a bit but at the sum i would give the triology a 7.0 to 7.5 nice alien shooter with much coop fun

Babel Rising



Portation of the Iphone Game for consoles. You play a God trying to kill those bad babel ppl who want to build that tower.

Never played it or the phone version but GS give it a 6.0. First Impression: Nice Onetimefun but no core game

Bang Bang Racing




A splitscreen fun arcade couch racing from a hungary develop team also ported from an android game. Most impressive feature is the 4 player splitscreen option. No online modes but for the price a nice couchfun with mates

Suggestion score is 6.0 ported from other side reviews

Rune Factory Oceans



J-RPG prequel (Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny)rated due GS at 6.5. Can't Say much too this but looks like an average jrpg but for the price its likely to get a cheaper disc version somewhere

StarDrone Bundle

Availability:Not available in AU, NZ


(includes PS3 and PS Vita versions)
StarDrone bundle features both PlayStation 3 system and PlayStation Vita system versions.

Star Drone is a rythum shooter also a GS review available which had a 6.0 Score.

Two Worlds II VELVET Game of the Year Edition

Availability:Not available in DK, FI, NZ, NO, SE


RPG from Topware in the velvet goty edition included dlc's nice game for the price if you aint got it take a look

GS rated the game at 7.5 review available

Thats the new Games this week tell me if you liked the short overview of the new content and if you would like to see weekly updates like that short description rating and some small screens to make a small preview of the new stuff :) im waiting on your comments