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My way into the pc gaming world

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Back in the days when i was a kid my dad got a home pc for work. He was kinda one of the first of his company who got one for working partualy home.

This was a huge super machine =D ^^ a 386 highscreen with 16 mhz in turbo mode and a huge 35mb drive :D

So since i only could use this thing i got like 10mb of hard disk space for me and my sister to put games on it.

First ones were like asteroid and the old classical ones but the first real game i played was a ssi rpg on pc.


Death Knight of Krynn :D an epic rpg. Well i was like 10 or 11 years old cant remember for sure but this games put me under its spell. I hardly kew any english back at the time but i still managed to play it through after a while try and error :) Thats the reason why i get close to english cause i needed to translate my friends the view parts i understood so we could enjoy together.

There were evil Monsters you needed to fight with your party


:O yes a dread wolf omg ruuuuun

^^ stunning fighting visuals brought you through the game in addtition to some artpics and mostly written story. a movie :o a movie in a game to show something ^^ this idea wasnt born yet

Here some of the beloverd fighting scences and there was a huge open world map where you could explore the fantastic land of krynn


:D thats an open world isnt it?

Its ideas basically are a computer version of the common d&d series. it just let the computer roll the dices. It included serveral citys, monsters, dungeons, spells ****s for your party :) yes it got me

You even could create your characters which i loved or in the words of those time. You could color the pixels of your troops :D

Why i post about this is cause i mostly got a different view on games like the gamers from today. We old fashioned gamers are more focused on the game itself not on its visuals or stunning animations. I dont say i dont like those too but the most improtant thing about a game is its gameplay. Nice animations or visuals are just and addition and dont make me play games. As you could imaginge those old games still need some imagination :) you made the cutscenes in your head same like doing while reading a book.

I always loved rpgs and especially those from ssi. :( so sad they didnt made it through the years.

:) so this was just a small view into the past and i will try to blog more about my gaming history and the titles which influenced my play and were most important for me.

If anyone also played this game i hope i refreshed some old and nice memories ^^

But most intension for this was look into the game beside the visuals and action look if the game gives you some feeling and catches you like a book :) yes a book and not a movie or a movie like most games are developed today a playable movie

comments welcome and more history game blogs will come soon ^^