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im crazy about ninjas ^^

In one of my travels through the www i was looking for some stuff i can get for my girlfriend. Since she is a huge fan of anime and plush toys i was searching in origin for some studio ghibli stuff when i stombled over


I didn't knew on that time that there is also a nintendo ds game and now also a ipad/pod game.

It was one of those see it and love it things ^^

Ninjatown is a branch from Shawnimals.


Shawnimals is aChicago-based design studio founded by Shawn "Shawnimal" Smith and his wife and business partner Jen Brody in 2002. Since then they make several plush toys, comics, art, games all around the ninjatown where the wee ninjas live in. From small plush to collectable designer plush you can find many things there. They even got a special Ninja of the month where they only create a small amount of collectable handmade plus toys.

I really had problems get the products in europe but i managed to find 4 stores who sell some and got me some of the plush toys.

:D the ninjas are simply adorable and so cute and fluffy and you simply need to fall in love with them ^^ theres only loving or hating i guess

take a look for yourself ^^ =>>;

^^ the little ninjas are just adorable and i love them very much which made me ordering several of those plush toys

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