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Recently i stombled over a game i found due an random youtube research 

its Called Cube World from Picroma since its not that much known i thought lets blog about it. First of all what am i talking about ^^


On first view most ppl will think oh another minecraft, well i cant actually tell about that cause i never played or was interested in minecraft. So what is this cube world all about? And why does ben bought and plays it when it looks like minecraft O.O?!?!

Pretty Simple Cube World is an rpg game from a single programmer named Wollay. It started as a hobby project meanwhile his wife also assists him in finishing the game. In the current state its an alpha version there is no timeline for it but since its a family project it will sure take some time to implement all the things they want to bring.

So an rpg looking like minecraft whats so special about it? The Key Element of this game is that its totally random generated and endless. endless? yes endless the worlds get generate on a system made out of a single number since numbers are unlimited the gameworlds are also. The so called seeds create the world each world is made of habitats and are really really huge. 

So what features are implemented so far?

races of cubeworld

You can create your char out of several races more shall come in the future. All can be customized in the look a bit like known from all rpgs.

4 Classes with 2 subclasses each are available


You can choose a warrior, a ranger, a mage or an rogue and then your thrown in your adventure.

The game hasnt a tutorial yet or a good feature description but there are several tutorial vids on youtube,  lets play's and several wikis around which explain pretty much all which is already there yet.

So whats the main thing in this game?

The only quests which are there are some questareas on each habitat where your aim is to end the dungeon and win over a bossmob which drops nice items and good xp

Fighting is really challenging its no game for beginners and due the missing tutorial you will die many times in the begin. The look makes the game quite charming but you need to accept the grafics good thing is since its so "low" there is no lag at all in that game never neither if your on multiplayer servers with 100 ppl nore when you play alone.

So the main thing atm is exploring and trying to reach and end those dungeons lvl your char and find new and better loot


You can get pets or better bribe monsters to join your fight, pet riding or hangliding makes it possible to reach dungeons faster and to explore more. Randomly in the world are several bossmobs and normal mobs.

You can craft new equipment when having the resources found in the world and a really nice feature you can customize your weapons with cubes


you can put those on any places of your weapon to create a unique design and look for your char and also upgrading the stats of those weapons ^^ and it shows the creator in you.

So a game made of endless landscape endless dungeons endless lvls (i once found an player in a multiplayer world with lvl idk 23487513 or so O.O). The random thing really makes it an adventure to explore which was the main part of my choice to get the game.

If your interested in it here is the link to the mainpage where you can buy it for 15 bucks


Also if you wanna know more i will make an second post with more ingame details let me know if you want some ^^

There are even some vids from the developer here on gamespot so you can have a look how the game is in moving pictures 

And ITS NO MINECRAFT !!!! o.o only shares a bit the look :) hope you liked the short preview of the game and when your interested i will put some more of it in following posts so 

enjoy and game on! :D