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Brave New World

Hello Brave new World :S

There it is The new Gamespot Side without Fuse. After 5 min clicking through the page i felt lost and not at home anymore. I know gs will say hey only maybe 100 users used fuse frequently but for us that was out home im neither a fan of writing blogs nor forum things thats why i felt in love with fuse and was happy to call it my gameing home for a long time i dont wanna miss all the nice ppl i meet there and all the funny and nice conversations we had.

Im really unsure what to do now but i really feel like i need something that replaces the missing fuse for me but sadly the new side wont give me that here so ima make a research of the net on weekend to find a new place which might feel like home :(

I know i will represent the feelings of a gamespot minority cause fuse wasnt so big for many gs users but for us "Fusers" or at least me its a big big point

still hoping we can save the fuse community somewhere but if that ever will happen idk the future will show

Still the brave new gamespot world feels like the discovery of america for me as me being an indian :S

lets see what will come

many thanks to all friends and nice ppl i met in fuse wished we had that time for way longer

p.s.: @ gamespot @ Mods or idk ;D would you borrow me the fuse sorce code since you dont need it anymore im sure there would be a place somewhere on a lonely server in the inet to give it a new home ( :) at least a nice dream lol )