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Playstation PC and other stuff atm

What i made the past Month,

didnt really come to play much ps3 in last month but i ordered yesterday some new games so some reviews will follow during june

The Blob2

L.a. Noir

Marvel vs Capcom

still old but i hadnt heay rain so fat

disgea 3 :o should end bevor i buy disgea 4

but most time stole Atlantica Online again :o but managed to get to lvl 133, lvl 134 soon and my guild got a lvl up :D yeeha Shangrila Nation ftw!! :D

:D if you wanna try Atlantica Online which i would recomend all moorg players come to Argos Server an pm me "Hobbyjaeger"

PSN still down :(

come on sony bring the network back :D i wanna play online again.

Rly cant understand the hype about the personal datas but i want to play again online it feels so 90's to play only offline :((

why isnt it fun to get a new ps3

:roll: at weekend i finally managed to get my new ps3 uptodate

Strangely the Game Update Servers still work so i get all my games out and installed them on my new system since i didnt played all of them on it.

..............:shock: 5 hours later i was done

My Highlight was ModNation between 1.3 and 1.4 gb. It was like hey lets play a game splitscreen modnation. Put Game in ... 35 mins later we could play :cry: still with 16k dsl

come on psn =D

Pls come back online :shock: i played enought offline on ps3 now missed 4 scheduled gt5 race days online with friends and botzone in killzone is no fun :cry:

^^ i hope they will add some extra content to the plus cause i downloaded the actual plus stuff already the day bevore psn got down -.-

=D but me looking forward for perhaps a nice onlineweekend lets see how fast sony can work

Game Updates

The Sony Eastern Offence brought me some time to play again some of my pc games i sill needet to play :D

So i looked around and thought lets give total war another try i only played the first part which didnt get me really at that time

Now i get and played Empire Total War, Napoleon and Shogun 2

Pretty Nice Games beside i like the Shogun 2 Game most cause of the theme

I also tried Mount and Blade must say really nice idea and i could imagine you can have much fun in it but pls some average grafic should be possible nowadays we dont have the 90's anymore

PS3 Updates: Not that much atm since psn is down still playing gt5,killzone3, castle crashers extreme

I played another round olympia competition with friends when we all came to the same conslusion :shock:

there arnt any good party mini games on ps3 :cry:

Some like the Mario Party ones or perhaps point blank

Oh Atlantica Online 3 Kindoms Patch got out :D i got new quests hurrraaaay

Try to Update Sooner und to finish some reviews when psn is on again

Games March 2011

A short Briefing about actual games:

Games i Play atm:

Atlantica Online=> still rocking Argos and try to claim to lvl 140

Killzone 3 => Try to finish Story on hardcore

Gran Tourismo => Try to make the fettel challange :S

Dragon Age Origins => still need to finish game with meele main

Rest Changes atm but als rdr nightmare and Front Mission

:shock: so much to play such less time :O

Blame you ps3 !!!

Blame You Sony for making the ps3 in china :O

I bought my first ps3 60 GB on Release Date in Europe :D yay was fun and stuff.

After 2 years i get an error message from time to time that disc couldn't be readed o.o Well i sold the ps3 on ebay cause the 60gb version was very asked at thoes days bought me the "fresh" 80 gb Version and Put an 500 GB into and was happy cause the change from the 60GB to the 80 GB was about 20 € for me.

-.- then 1 year laters i get the damn error massage again oh no im incorrect after 1 year and 3 month well and what i find in the manual yay sony gives 1 year guarantie !! Woooooow 1 Year !!!! -.-

Ok then i thought crap contact your seller where you can let repair it. The internetstore gived me the adress of the official Sony Repair Partner and i contacted them via E-Mail.

I get the Answer that my guarantie has passed and that i should pay 170 € to get an other "repaired" PS3 with 1 year guarantie.

Ok Sony how can you really make such crap ?????? There isnt even a view at your ps3 what is defect they simply tell you hey pay us 170€ and you will get another formated and repaired ps3 of the same model. Ok i checked a bit the Forums in Inet. The Fault is an error on the Laser i got inside my ps3 to read the bluerays the Laser costs 70 € imported from china. So i cant see how replacing this .... laser could cost 100€???? Yes ofc a pro technican works hours on that .....

Blame Sony and for that money (170 bucks !!!!) you get another repaired not even a new ps3 -.-

My Solution => Hate Sony a Bit more and ordered a brand new ps3 for 200€ -.- at least you get a new one and not a repaired who could get defects after some month

Dont chase hackers with such an efford, better make your products resistand so they last at least over 2 years -.-

And all my other playstations lived over years which was also a big pluspoint for sony cause im a coregamer and use it really often.

ps1 died after 5 years

my 2 ps2 still live both

from my 3 ps3 2 died under 2 years -.- lets see how long the 3 will last :twisted::cry:

Just the Beginning

:shock: wow finally a blog will be created here soon

P.S. will take ages to get all my games in my collection list and still need to get my psn account in here. After im done with that more reviews will come.

Next Games on Focus:

Bad Company 2 Vietnam

Always on Focus:

Atlantica Online - Best in MMORPGS Series!!! Come to Argos Server and Visit me at Pusan