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the skirym mission

by on

There it is my skirym copy lying on my desk at home.

now i come to my mission :D i told myself to not open it until i finished saints row 3

^^ well shouldnt be a problem but will prox take me 2-3 more days to end it.

Short prieview of rieview of Saints Row 3:

Senseless Sexual incorrect violent game or in other words a lot of fun ^^. The Siliness of that game makes it so funny.

beating enemys with **** or a gameshow whee you need to kill ppl (not a japanese original x) ).

Will make a rieview but will take at least till weekend for me to do it.

If you like saints row 2 or the gta series come and take a look at saints row 3

First xmas bundle

by on

Ok first new games for xmas season are :

Assasins Creed Brotherhood

Saints Row 3

Dungeon Siege 3

Space Marine


=o more will come i guess since im too long on amazon since black friday

Oh i forgot my bought psn titles :o

Horad, Renegade Ops, Heros of Might& magic, Scott Pilgrim and Alien Breed 2

28.11.11 ^^ another Update since there where again price decreases on amazon


House of Death Overkill

Ape Escape

Medieval Moves

and last but not least Skyrim :D

xmas season is comming

by on

Im just thinking what games i should get for the xmas season this year.

:D if you got any non common nice games i might miss tell me those

:s yesterday i bought all the nice games i could find in psn cause of the only 2 active system issue i mentiont bevore thats really sad if you see that i got my 3 ps3 atm and im not sure it will survive till the ps4 will come.

Im hoping somehow i can also get some black friday deals but atm i cant be sure i will get some some are in uk but could again be restricted to uk residents i think that was so last year.

Atm i spend most time in bf3 and dead island and atlantica. The new patch made dead island really really more nice and there will be the bloodbath dlc soon which i finally will get -.- i hate exclusive addons from special editions which then are only available after 2 month boooo to that ^^ but sure will be fun

Important changes in dead island:

1) kicking needs stamina => through that the game dont comes down to i kick all zombies 100 times cause i wont dmg my weapon and still kill them

2) online gameplay => when you party in online play each player gets zombies on his lvl. bevore patch if i played with a lvl 50 guy i couldnt kill one zombie in 2 hours while they always kinda onehit me. Now the lvl 50 guy gets his lvl 50 zombies and me lvl 14 gets the same zombie as lvl 14 zombie so the onlineplay really gets much much better through that played 2h with different guys i hadnt played cause of lvl difference bevore was hell fun ^^

btw i rally love zombies ö,ö films novels and games but they kinda get tooo common these days we dont need zombies in all games ofc!

Its same like the common enemy theme. Long time the "nazis" got used for that, then in coldwar the bad evil russions where the enemy now it seems terrorist come from everywhere ^^ come on developers get some more creative at least a bit like making a non arabic terrorist maybe one from australia or brazil or something like that.

Today i also want to give a thumb to one of my beloved genres turn based strategy games :( why why dont love more ppl those games to make them also profitable and for the mass public interesting i really want more of those games and not only from certain small develop teams. Dont let it die like the adventure genre :((

^^ ok thats enough for today i still didnt managed to make my game list or new reviews but the playing goes on

So have fun all and always 1 credit remaining :D

the epic fps battle cod against bf3 or arcade vs. simulation :p

by on

another year another battle between cod and bf :D

ok i dont really need to say much about that cause im in bf union and a totally fan of bf since i got really each playable part on pc/ps3. But honestly i watched the mw3 gameplay and though beside all the points i dont like on that game.

Wow :O the grafics are really really lame... I thought from the first animated moviecuts it really would be better but what i saw wasnt rly nice :/

Well ok grafic isnt all especially for the old gamers like me who started with games in ega or tandy grafics ^^

But this well discussed battle once again made me thought about the fps history and made me think about it.

I came to then conclusion that im really sad about 2 game rows i really really liked but which arnt here anymore :(

My first highlight ofc

Unreal Tournament

*_* dont need to tell one of the most pro action fps ever made.

Many copied most never reached and there isnt still anything like it offc i got ut3 in 2007 for my ps3 but since then we had idk how many cods :o but no other ut :cry: i want ut4 !!! with new great grafics but the same insane fast and excact gameplay like the other parts

^^ i still like to play ut2 in browser look for it its pure fun

My second highlight i thought of is :


:D i loved every part of them so far the coop missions in splitscreen were as much fun as the fast multiplayer maps

had so many fun and great times in there :D at least the Timesplitter 4 part was announced but still no release date :/

im having rly much hope in both new games and both series cause they are simply too good to dont make another part

:cry: and i also want a

Buy Two, Get One Free deal at amazon :(( or at least beable to order stuff from :cry:

i need to update my game section as well some new ones did find there way to my home again ^^ i also will try to find the time for making my historic section ^^ pc games and other stuff but this will take rly much time. Since my pc broke down lately and i needed to search several things i stombled over some old games which made me happy to think about them again.

Oh if anyone wanna play bf3 on ps3 or other ps3 games with me send me a message and ill add you in my list

My next plans are :

  • still getting the uncharted platin trophy x) hey i played one more lvl so i made at least some on that.
  • Playing more bf3 to reach lvl 45 and find finally some guy who can play in the coop modes -.- somehow i always get only noobs in there
  • ending dead island
  • update my game list
  • trying to stop me ordering more games from amazon cause i cant keep up atm xD too many stuff too less time

And the last thing for today is :o o: O.O :D i finally reached the max lvl in atlantica online 140 'yay ^^ so i think ill find some more time now for my ps3 until the 150 lvl max will come

99 Problems but the post aint one ^^

by on

Yay finally i will get my copy of bf3 tomorrow at least amazon says so ^^

So i think i wont need to look what i will play at the weekend ^^ also long weekend till wendsday 'yay ! :D

^^ hhm but pokecharms blog remindet me to play uncharted through once again ... only miss the hard playthrough for the platinum

we will see what i can do there.

Second issue today is the PS Plus. Im kinda mad of it cause of 2 reasons. They stuff you with lots of demons and games through your one year abonement. Well when its over you can't play any of those games. Ok first silly thing i found cause they offered you content for your abo and not a "on-time" content. But which made me really angry is you liked many games or bought the fullgame through some money saves in playstation plus so i payed lets say 11$ instead of 14 $ for a title.

O.O and you cant play those titles if your ps plus is over !!!!!!! Hey Sony i payed for that game kinda twice one time for the ps plus abo and one time for the ourchase in the network. That really sucks !!!!!!!! The free games you got ok that you cant play them when the abo is over still i though you announced that totally differently one year ago when i bought ps plus.

Now i will think twice bevore i will get ps plus again -.- or if i better save the few discounts and buy my games directly from psn to have them for all time ...

:D i played bf2142 again and was happy to see that there are still 6 servers online where i could join :D oh yes that refreshed all the fun memories i had in that game wooohooo to bf2142 i would love to see a sequel of this

Atlantica Online

by on

Today my Topic will be my favorite morpg which is also freetoplay :) so if you may get interested come and take a look for yourself

you can lookup the game in gamespot of course but ther is no rieview through gs

Atlantica Online :D :!:

In the World of morpgs my game isnt very known cause the game started in 2008 has changed the publisher and the main focused market is still the korean game version called Han-Game. I started the game early in 2009 and the game got me since then. Well what to say about normal morpgs. You got normally 1 main char and thats it lvl and skill him and game done so most morpgs didnt catch me for more then 2 month. This main problem of all morpgs has the solution in Atlantica Online (AO short so i dont need to write that much ^^).

You can choose your main ****from different ****s like in other morpgs too but then you get the possibility to form a whole party through recruiting mercs. The number of mercs raises till you get 8 of them in your party. Each merc has other abilitys and skills and through that you get a huge varity of how you personall make "your" party. The mercs can also lern different skills and your aim is to make them fit best together. The maximum lvl cap atm is lvl 140 but will soon rise to lvl 150. Nexon is the actual punlisher and they still push the game on. We get new patches with dungeons quests also new mercs every few month. The Game actual has 3 Gamemodes:

1) PvP where you can fight in tornaments or single league fights against other players making 9vs9 fights.

2) PvE normal fights you fight against monsters with your 9 ppl party against monster mobs of 3-27 monsters in. Also each with own abilitys and skills.

3) PvE missions called TBS (Tactical Battle System): Here you enter dungeons and play a mission the game mode is different from others cause you can only take limited mercs with you. The Dungeon itself is kinda a version of old rpgs for example final fantasy tactics. where you move with your mercs in a huge scaled dungeon. each merc can attack and move some fields eacht turn.

Im Sad that the game isnt known so well cause in my oppinion and i tried so many morpgs its the jewel between the other morpgstones :P

On Youtube you can watch several actual gameplay movies of either tbs missions pvp or pve.

The game finances through micotransfers and this is working now for the time the game is online. You dont need to make micros its only a additional bonus to gameplay. Im Lvl 138 now and i bought all stuff ingame and didnt used the item shop so far so it sure isnt needed like in other games to get along on higher lvls

:) would be happy about comments or if anyone takes a look at the game. If you wanna know more write me a mail or send me a message ingame im playing on Argos Server with the nick Hobbyjaeger

Globalisation in the Gaming industry

by on

Today i wanna write about an issue i really dont like or lets say is one of the most probems which i see in the gaming market.

First of all we got 1 World countrys like Usa and Japan :D they got all the cool new stuff instantly yay and well for a decent price or at least some kinda fair pirce

Then there are the 3 World Countrys in which you are very poor when you live there like :o me in germany

I tell you why ^^

1) Yay we finally made it into the year 2011 still it isnt possible for publishers in movie or game industry to make there publised products world wide -.- why do we in europe alwayse have to wait for the translation (ok this one could count if i would looking for german versions but even then -.- how long could it take to translate something into a other language). Normally the software for example we make in our firm is localizationable ö,ö fast translated in every language so you dont need to take 4 month for this for another release

2) :D i read some stuff about the gouvermental group in australia who censores stuff :o we got also one of those in germany so since the beginning if i need to want an uncut version in need to go and order in foreign countrys ^^ ok blame germany laws for that you cant blame the industry but i found it still lame

3) lets call it fair trade o.o or the big mac issue

Somehow the crazy publishers thought well lets see which cow on the planet we can get the most milk of hhm hey look at those german ones they look really healthy :O ^^ i will explain. I simply find it seriously unfair that you can get such huge price differences for a game. Example if i want to get a new game here in germany which is just released for ps3 i need to buy one for lets say average 65€, so thats about 89 $ or 57 Pounds if i order the same game in uk i pay average 39~40 pounds which is a difference of 20 € ! Ok sure the uk is a land faaar away from germany :o its in africa and we all know that ppl there are all unemployed o.O oh wait it isnt so they are also in the eu and not so many miles away from germany

4) to get to point 3 the americans also find a way to keep the situation as it is. You could get to the point hey why should i pay more for games that you need to and you think hey lets order some from usa :D -.- fail through restrictions you arnt allowed to order games from usa when your from germany -.-

so my conclusion or idea :o i spend almost the same ammount of money for games each month and to get more ofc i order in the uk to have more for my money. But im sure if they would made a fair price for all which not soooo much differences the publishers would sell way more units and get more ppl fascinated about there products and get a totall win if they keep all ppl equal ä.ö but when should we have a fair world ......

holidays over

by on

:cry: it always goes so fast

ok a short briefing what i done in last 2 month

Still Running my Guild in Atlantica Online and still all fans of morpgs should visit us in atlantica online and have a look for me still the best and only morpg on market we get new patches with lots of content from time to time and all test and prieviews of the game only got 40% of it so take a look if you dont wanna miss a really good game

:D gamespot should make a new review about Atlantica Online how can i ask for it ?

Well beside i played not so much pc in the time some shogun 2

On Ps3 played pretty much zen pinball, got my platinum in fallout las vegas and play plants vs zombies atm rly funny game ^^

Next is getting the 2 last trophies for uncharted 1 then i hope dead island will finally arrive .-. i will never order from again they are such slowpokes and portal and mass effect 2 will arrive in next days maybe ill also get marvel pinball cause it looks nice and will be as much fun as zen

what i hated in last 2 month is that i see a new trend in the game industry destroy old brilliant titles -.- lasst victims where xcom and now syndicate. Oh can yuo remember back in the days i loved syndicate it was so much fun to gear your stuff and make ambushes on your victims -.- and now oh lemme see again an ego shooter ......... yes sure we need 50 ego shooters a year come on :( if you make 4 rly good ones fine rest into the trashcan next thing is the dying genres in pc hello world there still are ppl who love good strategi games turn based or adventures and such and if you would make a good game you cant say it wont sell im for sure.

Happy Bday Psplus

by on

Happy Bday PSplus :D

Since i got it from the beginning and got all those funny stuff i rly hadnt bought for myself i could only advise all enter psplus. You might think oh i get strange games and avatars and stuff but i must tell give it a try i got plenty of funny games which made rly fun to play which i didnt get without psplus and for 50 bucks for now 15 month its really worth the price!

:D so happy bday

Played some Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Demo yesterday rly a fun game im looking forward to it need to try the splitscreen option with a mate but it was rly cool playing will play some more this weekend


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I just wanted to mention cause i get asked frequently about it. I dont like the Firefox Browser and my nick doesnt come from there ^^

it neither comes from the original atari game back in 1983 cause i was only 2 there :P

Originally its an mixture of a fox game i played long time back ago on my amiga ^^ ok who still know the red fox ;)

The Fire was adopted from my visual beeing since i got red hair ^^

So i choosed this nick way long ago bevore i knew the firefox explorer

now this made me nostalgic and i will make a new blog about my entry to the gaming world in a few hours :D

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