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Brave New World

Hello Brave new World :S

There it is The new Gamespot Side without Fuse. After 5 min clicking through the page i felt lost and not at home anymore. I know gs will say hey only maybe 100 users used fuse frequently but for us that was out home im neither a fan of writing blogs nor forum things thats why i felt in love with fuse and was happy to call it my gameing home for a long time i dont wanna miss all the nice ppl i meet there and all the funny and nice conversations we had.

Im really unsure what to do now but i really feel like i need something that replaces the missing fuse for me but sadly the new side wont give me that here so ima make a research of the net on weekend to find a new place which might feel like home :(

I know i will represent the feelings of a gamespot minority cause fuse wasnt so big for many gs users but for us "Fusers" or at least me its a big big point

still hoping we can save the fuse community somewhere but if that ever will happen idk the future will show

Still the brave new gamespot world feels like the discovery of america for me as me being an indian :S

lets see what will come

many thanks to all friends and nice ppl i met in fuse wished we had that time for way longer

p.s.: @ gamespot @ Mods or idk ;D would you borrow me the fuse sorce code since you dont need it anymore im sure there would be a place somewhere on a lonely server in the inet to give it a new home ( :) at least a nice dream lol )


Recently i stombled over a game i found due an random youtube research 

its Called Cube World from Picroma since its not that much known i thought lets blog about it. First of all what am i talking about ^^


On first view most ppl will think oh another minecraft, well i cant actually tell about that cause i never played or was interested in minecraft. So what is this cube world all about? And why does ben bought and plays it when it looks like minecraft O.O?!?!

Pretty Simple Cube World is an rpg game from a single programmer named Wollay. It started as a hobby project meanwhile his wife also assists him in finishing the game. In the current state its an alpha version there is no timeline for it but since its a family project it will sure take some time to implement all the things they want to bring.

So an rpg looking like minecraft whats so special about it? The Key Element of this game is that its totally random generated and endless. endless? yes endless the worlds get generate on a system made out of a single number since numbers are unlimited the gameworlds are also. The so called seeds create the world each world is made of habitats and are really really huge. 

So what features are implemented so far?

races of cubeworld

You can create your char out of several races more shall come in the future. All can be customized in the look a bit like known from all rpgs.

4 Classes with 2 subclasses each are available


You can choose a warrior, a ranger, a mage or an rogue and then your thrown in your adventure.

The game hasnt a tutorial yet or a good feature description but there are several tutorial vids on youtube,  lets play's and several wikis around which explain pretty much all which is already there yet.

So whats the main thing in this game?

The only quests which are there are some questareas on each habitat where your aim is to end the dungeon and win over a bossmob which drops nice items and good xp

Fighting is really challenging its no game for beginners and due the missing tutorial you will die many times in the begin. The look makes the game quite charming but you need to accept the grafics good thing is since its so "low" there is no lag at all in that game never neither if your on multiplayer servers with 100 ppl nore when you play alone.

So the main thing atm is exploring and trying to reach and end those dungeons lvl your char and find new and better loot


You can get pets or better bribe monsters to join your fight, pet riding or hangliding makes it possible to reach dungeons faster and to explore more. Randomly in the world are several bossmobs and normal mobs.

You can craft new equipment when having the resources found in the world and a really nice feature you can customize your weapons with cubes


you can put those on any places of your weapon to create a unique design and look for your char and also upgrading the stats of those weapons ^^ and it shows the creator in you.

So a game made of endless landscape endless dungeons endless lvls (i once found an player in a multiplayer world with lvl idk 23487513 or so O.O). The random thing really makes it an adventure to explore which was the main part of my choice to get the game.

If your interested in it here is the link to the mainpage where you can buy it for 15 bucks


Also if you wanna know more i will make an second post with more ingame details let me know if you want some ^^

There are even some vids from the developer here on gamespot so you can have a look how the game is in moving pictures 

And ITS NO MINECRAFT !!!! o.o only shares a bit the look :) hope you liked the short preview of the game and when your interested i will put some more of it in following posts so 

enjoy and game on! :D

The power of the purse

Hello dear readers :)

its been a while but i thought today is the right time for making a new blog. The power of the purse hhm strange blogname so what's it all about. The recent discussions here on gs as well as in the whole gamer scene about dlc season passes failing game series and lack of innovation brought me to this point. Why cause we the gamers are the cause of this situation and of the upcoming way gaming will be. Thats the power of the purse cause through the point that the gaming industry is more money gaining then the movie industry in the meantime things and companies have changed.

So the main point will be innovations and how we gamer handle them. In the last year there always was that bick yell throughout the community that there is a lack of innovation. Old game models and series get milked and milked often on a cost of quality. So the Community yells hey we got a lack of innovation in the game development scene. Well dear gamers were the cause of it. Why do you think do we see the most innovations from small game companys or indi gamers cause they are still willing to not avoid risks at all costs cause they are in my eyes more connected to the game community then the global big companys. Why is thats so mentioning the movie industrie above was the first slightly change the gamers recognized.

Since you can make so much money through selling a great game it has become more and more a pure economical thing then creating a piece of art or something that should affect people in a new way. Only the profit comes in view when deciding about making a new game. You see this in the spreading like mushrooms dlc for games. Well but were the paying gamer comunity are the cause of that as long as we will throw our money into dlc season passes or games which came out every year with only slightly changes and a bit of polish we shouldnt cry for lack of innovation.

This is the cause why there still new CoDs ever few month and someone like double fine needs to make a crowdfunding to develop an adventure. Yes cause all companies tell them hey you wont get our money for that make us an CoD with Dlc that will make 400% more profit. (Sorry about the alltime CoD reference but its the prototype of those games).

So the only creative innovation or games including so much love and art come from the small companies and we got it in our hand. We shouldn critisize every effort to create something new picking the weakspots and ruining a game. Look at the beloved fps mentioned in the last escape from mount stupid where is the innovation? What is new beside 1-2 small new functions and a new textureset and maps not much in the last 10 years. Still its the cash cow of the industry all want to make pfs or action games cause they sell best.

Since this is going on now for years the big game companies lost all effords in making an game which is new and might not be loved from all people cause its new different and unexpectable.

So dear gamers think of your power of the purse when getting your next games when you want a change and a new game century of innovations and new things for us. Support those who are innovative and have an critic view on those best selling games what do they offer you new? Is it really worth getting it cause all people get it?Rethink and force the companies to take more risks by making not economicly planed games a huge success.

:) throw your coins in the right direction

hoped you liked my thoughts, your welcome to comment and im waiting from your view of that situation :)

Rumors about F2P

:) hello all,

i recognized so many failed posts about the F2P Genre. Ppl just dont watch the game itself they just see a F2P and judge the games to be awful and pircey on longterms to remain playing the game.

In general you need to split the term F2P. Cause the F2P genre has a great variety due to facebook related f2p games and the huge moorpg genre.

First of all what is Free to play. Free to play are games called there you can download the game for free and you need no costs to play the game.

The Name was Build through the first Free To Play Games either Browsergames which hadnt a client or massive online roleplaying games. Due its a growing rentable market the genres which have f2p evolved. You see many f2p fps or strategy games in latest time.

Why do ppl judge f2p generally. Mostly those comments come from ppl who played p2p games. Ok i can understand that they need to judge games wich offer the same content for free as the game they play with a monthly subscription.

1) Rumor 1 : f2p games are not worth playing (bad technique, no updates)

This isnt true at all i tried many f2p games to find the one fitting for my play and i play my game now for 2,5 years. The Engine might not be the state of the art but honestly you aint playing a moorpg for the grafical details more for the value the game offers you so the state of the art engine isnt needed at all. Second Points no Updates. Strange thing i seen regulary updates often more frequented in f2p games then on its p2p game clones like wow and such. More frequently and with a countable new amount of game stuff.

2) Rumor 2 : f2p is a lie, you need to p2p to be able to compete with other players or you can play the game. Well there is a slightly point in that rumor but only a slightly. You need to variate some f2p games here and the shemes which are behind them.

2.1) The Free Free to play games: Free Games with an Item Mall. Either Browser of roleplay games created this genre you can buy stuff in an item mall to advance faster in the games or to get a visual benefit get the newest cloth for your char and so on BUT not limited in the game mechanics. I play such a game i reached lvl 149 of 150 and i never used the item mall i can buy all stuff i want or need ingame with ingame gold just need to invest some more time on grinding then the ppl which buy stuff in the item mall.

2.2) Limited f2p. Mostly p2p games which didnt succeded in the past caused by too less subscriptions. Mostly you can see a limited f2p game here you can play the game but get limitations such as limited inventory space limited classes or such. Those games can be a hidden p2p cause normally at some point you can either play for fun and dont advance or are forced to pay to keep at least some stuff in your inventory but still those games are on 90% failed p2p games and the most f2p games dont follow that sheme.

In my opinion the former p2p games need to follow sheme 2.2 or they would lost in there eyes the last subscribers they got. But on longterm this wont be the right choice. Another way would be to benefit subcribers but not to limited none subscribers. If there way had worked the game hadnt went f2p.

Im a old gamer and for me im simply not willing to pay a monthly subscription on a game as good as it may be i can get plenty of other gameing fun with more variety if i spent that money in other ways (old games or new ones, if you compare playing 1 year wow for example or getting 12 games hhm there isnt really a need to choice for me ^^)

Now the genre f2p will see many changes cause the main developers realized p2p has no future cause the f2p genre is too good so they would either put massive work in there product to outstand them (which wouldnt be rentable) or accept that there is no real difference.

Well ok you also see same products from different firms in supermarkets for different prices. There is always a market for anything so subscribers wont die on longterm but it wont be the cashcow market they used to have in the past 5 years.

Now even crytek and other teams already said or will say under the hand that f2p is the future. So how will our f2p future will be. In my opinion it will be the 2.1 way cause all other forms of f2p will die during the war about the customers who want to spend money.

^^ somehow i lost the point at this point so i would resume fast. Dont judge a title cause its f2p, look at it, try it then judge. And f2p isnt f2p but i hope that will change in the future. =D

Playstation Network Update Week 24 (June 11-15, 2012)

=) ok since fuse is down again and i dropped the hope the psn side from gamespot will ever be half actual or interesting i thought its time to make a small preview of games this week. I will first only talk about the new games not all dlc cause i first wanna get the response of my new blog idea :) so please all comment and stuff

PS3 Games

Alien Breed Trilogy

Availability:Not available in BL, HN, QT


There is not much to say about the alien breed games a nice remake of the old classic from amigas 2 player coop mode possible pretty much trophies for a psn game (platinums!) and its a blast from the past :) if you aint got one of the games this might be your chance to pick all 3 at a fair bundle price

Ratings of Games on GS: Part 1 (7.3 ) Part 2 (6.5) Part 3 (6.6) i only played it a bit but at the sum i would give the triology a 7.0 to 7.5 nice alien shooter with much coop fun

Babel Rising



Portation of the Iphone Game for consoles. You play a God trying to kill those bad babel ppl who want to build that tower.

Never played it or the phone version but GS give it a 6.0. First Impression: Nice Onetimefun but no core game

Bang Bang Racing




A splitscreen fun arcade couch racing from a hungary develop team also ported from an android game. Most impressive feature is the 4 player splitscreen option. No online modes but for the price a nice couchfun with mates

Suggestion score is 6.0 ported from other side reviews

Rune Factory Oceans



J-RPG prequel (Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny)rated due GS at 6.5. Can't Say much too this but looks like an average jrpg but for the price its likely to get a cheaper disc version somewhere

StarDrone Bundle

Availability:Not available in AU, NZ


(includes PS3 and PS Vita versions)
StarDrone bundle features both PlayStation 3 system and PlayStation Vita system versions.

Star Drone is a rythum shooter also a GS review available which had a 6.0 Score.

Two Worlds II VELVET Game of the Year Edition

Availability:Not available in DK, FI, NZ, NO, SE


RPG from Topware in the velvet goty edition included dlc's nice game for the price if you aint got it take a look

GS rated the game at 7.5 review available

Thats the new Games this week tell me if you liked the short overview of the new content and if you would like to see weekly updates like that short description rating and some small screens to make a small preview of the new stuff :) im waiting on your comments

Nostalgic game of the day : Genre RPG

I cant really decide which of my 2 really beloved rpgs i should choose so i will blog about both :)

Borth were the first appearances of 3d Dungeons. At the time this was really a great step towards our todays rpgs

The 2 main games which brought this out and which i really loved and played for hours are

Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder

Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master Logo

Lets take a look at Dungeon Master first. The Game was Released back in 1987 from FTL Games. It started to have a huge success story in the rpg genre. You have your soldiers from different ****s with different abilitys like in all common rpgs of that time but what made the expierience unique were 2 main points. An 3d Dungeon and real time fights.

The Main Screen looked like that:

Dungeon Master Screen

As you can see the 3d Dungeon with also an opponent :) you moved either with the arrows on your keyboard or with the mouse from over the buttons on the screen. You can change your formation on upper right 2 front fighters and 2 backrow which normally got space for mages or rouges and fighters in frontline. Another thing which you can see was the new and also grwat spellcast system. You see the runes on the right side. You couldnt simply cast a known spell you needet to get the right runes in order ro activate spells. Higher Spells got like 4 runes which made it also more difficult to use them during the real time battle.

:) i know that 3d dungeons aren't what we know today as 3d dungeons but believe me back in the days this was so omg wow :D

I even learned much english through this came cause i needed to translate most of it to my friend into german :)

Ok now a look at Eye of the Beholder:

Due to the great success of Dungeon Master the best and biggest rpg smith back in the days SSI decided to make a new remake of it with updodate grafics back in 1990.

There were also some new features in addition to the better grafics compared to Dungeon Master

Character Creation

Since the RPG System which was behind that game is from AD&D it made it possible to Creat your characters this time from different ****s. In Dungeon Master you choosed from already made Chars.

Main Screen

You can see pretty the similarities to Dungeon Master in the Main Screen of the Game. SSI dropped the Spell System and Made it like on normal rpgs if you know the spell simply choose it and then cast but the main fighting system was taken from Dungeon Master. Improvements of Inventory and Stats from the different Chars where also made



another thing this screen reminded me of was the fact that you needed food for your crew in both games which was rarely spread in the dungeon so you always were a bit under time pressure which made the game also more interesting.

Here the Box of Eye of the beholder i found it pretty scary when i was young so it also forced me to kill the bad monsters in the game :D


These 2 Series were Masterpieces of RPGs cause they brouht the RPG Genre 2 main features 3d Dungeons and Real-Time Battles which are part of mostly all rpgs nowadays.

:) ok that was the blast from the past for today more to come soon

My way into the pc gaming world

Back in the days when i was a kid my dad got a home pc for work. He was kinda one of the first of his company who got one for working partualy home.

This was a huge super machine =D ^^ a 386 highscreen with 16 mhz in turbo mode and a huge 35mb drive :D

So since i only could use this thing i got like 10mb of hard disk space for me and my sister to put games on it.

First ones were like asteroid and the old classical ones but the first real game i played was a ssi rpg on pc.


Death Knight of Krynn :D an epic rpg. Well i was like 10 or 11 years old cant remember for sure but this games put me under its spell. I hardly kew any english back at the time but i still managed to play it through after a while try and error :) Thats the reason why i get close to english cause i needed to translate my friends the view parts i understood so we could enjoy together.

There were evil Monsters you needed to fight with your party


:O yes a dread wolf omg ruuuuun

^^ stunning fighting visuals brought you through the game in addtition to some artpics and mostly written story. a movie :o a movie in a game to show something ^^ this idea wasnt born yet

Here some of the beloverd fighting scences and there was a huge open world map where you could explore the fantastic land of krynn


:D thats an open world isnt it?

Its ideas basically are a computer version of the common d&d series. it just let the computer roll the dices. It included serveral citys, monsters, dungeons, spells ****s for your party :) yes it got me

You even could create your characters which i loved or in the words of those time. You could color the pixels of your troops :D

Why i post about this is cause i mostly got a different view on games like the gamers from today. We old fashioned gamers are more focused on the game itself not on its visuals or stunning animations. I dont say i dont like those too but the most improtant thing about a game is its gameplay. Nice animations or visuals are just and addition and dont make me play games. As you could imaginge those old games still need some imagination :) you made the cutscenes in your head same like doing while reading a book.

I always loved rpgs and especially those from ssi. :( so sad they didnt made it through the years.

:) so this was just a small view into the past and i will try to blog more about my gaming history and the titles which influenced my play and were most important for me.

If anyone also played this game i hope i refreshed some old and nice memories ^^

But most intension for this was look into the game beside the visuals and action look if the game gives you some feeling and catches you like a book :) yes a book and not a movie or a movie like most games are developed today a playable movie

comments welcome and more history game blogs will come soon ^^

im crazy about ninjas ^^

In one of my travels through the www i was looking for some stuff i can get for my girlfriend. Since she is a huge fan of anime and plush toys i was searching in origin for some studio ghibli stuff when i stombled over


I didn't knew on that time that there is also a nintendo ds game and now also a ipad/pod game.

It was one of those see it and love it things ^^

Ninjatown is a branch from Shawnimals.


Shawnimals is aChicago-based design studio founded by Shawn "Shawnimal" Smith and his wife and business partner Jen Brody in 2002. Since then they make several plush toys, comics, art, games all around the ninjatown where the wee ninjas live in. From small plush to collectable designer plush you can find many things there. They even got a special Ninja of the month where they only create a small amount of collectable handmade plus toys.

I really had problems get the products in europe but i managed to find 4 stores who sell some and got me some of the plush toys.

:D the ninjas are simply adorable and so cute and fluffy and you simply need to fall in love with them ^^ theres only loving or hating i guess

take a look for yourself ^^ =>>;

^^ the little ninjas are just adorable and i love them very much which made me ordering several of those plush toys

geeky ninja

Recently gaming and stuff ^^ oO

Many Friends of mine move to other moorpgs atm which is kinda sad ^^ somehow swotr dont got me and beside the upcoming fallout mmo which can also be a failure nothing really interested me after they canceled the wh40k mmo.

Maybe ill take a look at Guildwars but somehow it didnt got my either totally so far.

On Ps3 im making kinda lazy gaming atm ^^

Mostly playing Marvel Pinball with my friends in hotseat tournaments or Assasins Creed Brotherhood and recently Mini Ninjas.

Assasins Creed is somehow fun played 1-2 and now the 3 part still has this comeback feeling. Not so many improvements but a very nice Game. Only thing i dont like so much is the multiplayer kinda lame but i already played it a bit in beta time through playstation plus. Think will have end the game till end of week chapter 7 of 9 atm.

Mini Ninjas ^^ thought i could train some more my ninjaskills

nom nom also ninjas need food

its a funny and nice playable game ^^ not a challenge but fun atm

Happy New Year

Happy New Year all :) hope you enjoyed the last days in past year

2 weeks holidays are over and i wasnt really productive in that time ^^

Played Bayonetta through and Might & Magic Clash of Heros such a fun game ^^

Yes i did take a look into skyrim but soon realized i need to many time to really get into it ^^ will still take some

Also played some Assasins Creed Brotherhood was also fun.

Trained a bit in Horad but am still a baby dragon :o

soon will come more happy gaming all ^^

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