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Bro u won't have to earn the trophies you earned before.You can do whatever you want :D When u log in with your account all your trophies will come back you earned before don't worry :)

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Yeah i love him too much too but the problem i can not understand is why do they have to create dogmeat so weak!!!!He dies so quickly and i hate that.Bethesta did the same thing in Oblivion ur followers die so easily and now i am sure they cant organize it!!!!i'ld really want Dogmeat to be more powerful and hard to be killed or why don't we have a chance to resurrect him???i really love this game but this is my problem in game i'm afraid to use Dogmeat because i'm afraid he can die.... :(
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i hear that when ur dog dies he dies forever and you can not rest him.Thats so silly they make the dog weak and when he dies you can not do anything about it.That really sux.Beethesda pls use ur brains a ittle bit u did the same thing in oblivion why cant u improve urself????We can not use our backup....
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What happens if your dog dies can you rest him or can get another one as a replacement????
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MAcri thanks so much for your explanation.i think this is our medicine :) Because i hate playing games without voice chat....

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First of all what is Firmware???

Secondly what are u talking about paying?Sony has to give this service asap because if we are playing online games and if we are paying 60 dollars for a game they have to give this chat service while playing asap.......i can't believe how they didn't think this up to this time!!!

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That really sux and i really hate this.Because i want the same things for example whem i am playing CoD or Gta or Far Cry or any shoot em up game i want to have a private chat meeting with my friend at the same time.With that way we can have strategies and tactics between us but sadly we can't do this.isn't there a way of downloading a program like in Pc's to have chat between us while playing?Or how can we complain about this to Sony???