Well then...it has been quite some time.

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It's been a very long time since I've been on here. I had high hopes when I first began, but life took twists that were unexpected. Don't get me wrong, I've still played a lot of games, just lost touch with passing the word on. The last couple of weeks (just for spilling the more recent), I've played Just Cause 2 (free download, per psn+) The Saboteur, Batman : Arkham City, Max Payne 3 and many more. It sucks that I got lack luster with this, because recently I've noticed a lot of games getting scores on this website that they shouldn't get. I think I might have to make a somewhat return, to at least deter people from making mistakes that the "rating" system is giving. This was just a short post to say that I'm back. (Also, it took 3 different email password resets to find this one again...so that could have been why I couldn't get on. haha.)

Prototype and more.

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Well, I'll say I was pleased with Prototype. It was as good as I expected. When I first started, I'll say I was disappointed, because the controls felt so loose. Compared to inFamous, at least. But as I started playing through, I realized that if they were as tight, it'd been weird, and probably a lot harder to play. It basically had what I complained about with inFamous. The story was longer (for me, at least), and the world seemed bigger. Running up buildings was absolutely a dream come true, as opposed to having to climb. The move list was pretty big, as well. A lot of moves get replaced, as you get further in, which is fine, cause it kept it fresh, but some moves, I almost never used. I did like how the changing of moves flowed easily, and wasn't all crazy like I was sorta expecting. The story was pretty good, in my own opinion. Nothing really frustrated me like most games tend to do, either. It was a relief. I'm not saying the game was a cake walk, but with so many options and ways to choose from, to do something, it wasn't a mad rush to try to do the same thing the same way and fail over and over again.

Just like inFamous, if you do not have this game, I highy, HIGHLY recommend it.

Other things I've been doing in the gaming world:

Call of Duty : World at War. I've been leveling up, as usual. I'm now a level 56 I think, Prestige 1. I can't remember the level, but I know I'm a Brig General III. I really like that game. I usually don't get into FPSs, but I dunno, it's fun to play. I also don't like playing online games, but again, it's a fun game. Anyone that wants a...I guess small challenge, can look me up, as I post myPSN a lot. (For any game, really, not just CoD. PSN: Bearrie)

MapleStory : I've been playing this a pretty fair amount, as well. I'm now a 137 hero, at 73%. This game really is a drug, for those who have never played it. It's a free (if you don't buy nexors) MMO game, that makes you want to level A LOT. If not just for yourself, you have enough competition in the game to make you want to level till you can't stand playing anymore. I'm also a damage *insert random bad word here*, so I tend to spend a lot of money to make my character strong. I'll probably play tonight, so I can level. haha.

Other things I need to work on :

Infamous and Prototype : All I really need to do for these two games now, is get 100%. I'm aiming to get all the trophys, but for Prototype, that seems a bit harder. One of the trophys is killing 5 or less civilians? Man...I kill more than that in any single mission. Anyway, that's just my goal for those two.

GTAIV : I was like half way through the game, but every time I started it, it told me I'd have to restart to get the trophys, and I finally did it. Now I don't wanna play it. I don't know why, but it's not fun to me. Not as much as San Andreas was. I was actually pretty disappointed with it. The main thing is the way cars handle. It's so hard to control them at high speeds.

All the rest of my games : Just beat them. haha. Try to get all the trophys, from the ones that have them.

MapleStory : Keep leveling, get my guild big, and finish quests. Anyone who plays, and is in the Bera server, add me. MasaBearrie is my IGN.

Other than that, have a good day.Bearrie out.


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I'm going to go ahead and say, this is one of my favorite games of all time. Not cause it's just the "new thing" nor cause it's a PS3 exclusive. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. A few glitches aside, this was awesome. The skills was nice, the open world was sweet. My only problems with it were the story being too short, the glitches, as I said, which weren't terrible, but some parts it didn't help, I'd liked the world to be bigger, and I'd like the good/evil sides to have a few more differences, like the story, and how all the skills were pretty much the same, just with a few exceptions and colors. The enemies get kinda tough, when you're a good guy, cause you can't just wipe everyone out like you can as a bad guy, or it goes against your karma.

Overall, if you don't have this game, I highly, HIGHLY recommend getting it. Now I can't wait for Prototype. It's looking pretty good as well.

Call of Duty : World at War

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Alright, just sticking this out there. My PSN is Bearrie. My rank is Lt. General., working towards Commander. If anyone wants to play, add me. I usually play with a friend that I work/live with. If anyone wants to start like a good team/squad, let me know. I'm game for getting them points. So yeah, add me or whatever, and game on.

Bearrie out.

(Edited June 3rd)

Alright, so I started prestige last night, I'm around level 20 or so, and working my way up pretty fast compared to my go as the regular ranks. I'm pretty pleased with my accomplishments this time around. I wasn't gonna do it, but my friend that I normally play with did, so I decided to take a go with it, as well. It sort of made the game fun for a minute again. Anyway, just putting that out there.

Bearrie out.

(Edited June 8th)

What is up with my level...?

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I'm not sure what happened, but the last time I checked, I was level 20, closer to 21, and now I'm 19, with 17%... I know I don't get on here as much as I used to, but uh, do we lose % for not signing on everyday or what? Just a little clueless on the leveling system.

Anyway, what I've been up to. So, I have a fair library for the PS3, now. The lastest two that I've been playing are Guitar Hero 3, and Guitar Hero : World Tour. Both of which, I do pretty well at. I'm not on hard, yet, but on medium, I'm in the 90-95%s, with an occasional 100% here and there. Neither of which fill my craving for a story. I was playing Prince of Persia, but it sort of got boring. I mean, it's pretty much impossible to have any depth to it when you can't die at all, which means you don't have anything to really care about. It's still a fun game, though. I still haven't beat Assassin's Creed. It got a little boring, too, as you always have to do the same things over and over, with only unlucking anew skill or two after each session.

What else. Well, I'm usually on this one game my friends play. Maple Story or whatever. It's a kid's game, but it's not too shabby,I guess. I like RPG's, so it fits. It's a little kiddish, depending on who you meet, but other than that, it's an alright game, I suppose. Hmm. That's about it,I guess. Looking forward to some of the newer games coming out. I guess I'll wait and see what the future holds. Yep.

Bearrie out.

Assistance on Co-op games...

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So, I have a friend that comes over regularly, and we tend to play Mario Kart 64 on the Wii for the lack of Co-op games that I have for my PS3. I have Resistance 2 and Conflict : Denied Ops, but I'm looking for more. Resistance 2 is a good game, but when we play, his stats reset when we quit playing, and it becomes boring when he has to level back up to make it worth while. He usually uses the medic, and I am the soldier. (Any assistance on that would be appreciated, too, unless it's unhelpable) Anyway, I'm just curious to what games could be fun to play that have a good story, and play fairly well that we could play together on one system. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Playstation 3!!!!

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Alright, so I have a PS3 now. My game list goes as is : MGS4, GTA4, Farcry 2, Silent Hill : Home Coming, Saints Row 2, Heavenly Sword, Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed, Uncharted : Drake's Fortune, Eternal Sonata, Fight Night Round 3, Ninja Gaiden : Sigma, Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion/Shivering Isles and Fallout 3. So yeah, my PSN is Bearrie. I got all of these games, the PS3 and my 46in HDTV within the last two weeks, so my trophies are coming along slowly. So far, I've been working on Eternal Sonata, Assassin's Creed and Fight Night. Uncharted and Prince of Persia I'm a good distance in as well, but put them aside for right now. But yeah, my PSN is Bearrie, just thought I'd put that out there. So yeah. Later.

I'm still alive!

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So, I made it through boot camp. What a wonder, right? It's not as bad as a lot would like to think, but it's not easy in no way shape or form. I did my part, I graduated. Now I'm in Arizona after briefly visiting Meridian, Mississippi for my MOS training, which basically means job training. Before that, it was MCT, Marine Combat Training, which personally, I liked boot camp better. Shooting the weapons off was a good time, but some of the instructors were a nuisance. Other than that, the whole thing was a learning experience. But really, I need some "education" on what's been happening in the game world. I've been sheltered from them for a long time now. I bought a PSP after boot camp, just for something to do. Anyone got any recommendations for games? I already have Final Fantasy Tactics : The Lion Wars, Manhunt 2, Silent Hill : Origins (or whatever the PSP version was called), umm Tom Clancy's GWAR 2, Vahalla Knights 2 (which I hear is a terrible game, but I don't find it that bad.), NCAA 09 (don't much care for sports, it came with a good deal) NBA 08, some puzzle games and some lame fighting game. I like RPGs pretty good, and fighting games. So any help would be great. I'm currently in the hunt for the Power Stone Collection. I got into on the Dreamcast and I wannt hit it up again. But yeah, hit me up with some responses, they'll be greatly appreciate. Later.


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Well, as most of you can tell, I haven't went into the Marines, yet. I took a break, got everything fixed and then had the Marines tell me that "Uh, waa, waa your stuff didn't clear in time for this year, so we'll have to cut you and you'll have to wait until January 15th at the earliest and February 15th at the latest. So have fun with that, bye bye." Yeah, I was quite annoyed. The longer they mess me over, the longer it's gonna take for me to have what I want in life. You can't beat having a free house, no bills to pay except accessories that I want (aka internet, which might I add, since this, a cell phone and a car payment will be my only bills, you best believe I'm getting the fastest stuff they possibly make. I'm rooting for fiber wire or T1-T3, whatever gets it done, but I'm done dealing with internet lag. Quite done with it.) But yeah, that's how it rolls, life seems to be at a stand still till then. No point in speaking on Christmas cause it sucked, as it has the last couple of years. It happens. Lots of fighting, banned from wife's family's house, waa, I don't care. Like I need that kind of drama in my life. Hmm, let's see. Well, games I've played recently. Well, none besides Guitar Hero III. I must say, it's as addictive as I remember from II. Good songs, a lot that I liked. For some reason, I sucked horribly at it at first though. My fingers don't seem to want to move as fast as some of the songs will have you try. I watched a video on youtube of a guy who did the last song, Dragon Force : Through the fire and flames. Crazy, crazy fast. He did it on expert and nearly got 100%, I was wow'd. But yeah, if you played any of the other Guitar Hero's and liked them even a little, III is definitely something to check out. Lot of skill to learn there. Anyway, I'm done here. I might try to get a few posts in for others but I don't really have time since I'm trying to spend a lot of time with friends and my wife before I'm shipped. But yeah, it's been fun and I'll more than likely hit this back up hard when I get out and have my own PC back and everything. So, umm, later.


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Well, I got married. It was alright, could have been better but I got what I paid for. I didn't ship yet, had some issues with money and things I want to keep so I had to push the date once again. I'm hoping before October ends, EVERYTHING will be on the right path and I can go. I've been getting the shank since I signed up and I just can't seem to win with life. Some of it's my fault, some of it's not. All I know is, I need to stop letting things happen and take charge. If I don't get my stuff together, I'll never get a PS3, and that'll be the first time I couldn't get a new system since the Atari. That's outright wrong. It'll be all good, though. I can't have bad luck everyday of my life, can I? Something will have to let loose so I can get stuff done. Anyway, I'll cut this off here. Don't know when I'll get another one in, maybe before I leave. Gotta keep my fingers crossed.
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