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And people say girls don't know anything about video games.

When BestBuy first started carrying video games, they poured their souls into the department. They gave great trade-in values, they did price-matches, they constantly had great discounts and they had good staff who knew what they were talking about. They also promised $10 coupon (well, 800pts) when you pre-ordered upcoming titles and would always honor it.

And somewhere down the line, everything went ****.

Recently, almost every single encounter was an unsatisfying one. I almost always left the store pissed and annoyed.
Today was no different.

We waited 20 minutes to trade in one game. The guy before us wanted to trade in 4 and none of the 4 guys at the counter knew what they were doing.
In the mean time, I asked the guys specifically if taxes were added on top of the trade-in credit, they said YES.
So we waited patiently.

When it was our turn, we also had to wait for about 10 minutes before a manager came and type in her password.

You know, people, if you don't already have good looks to begin with, not putting on a smile hurts a lot more.
I've always been an incredibly patient customer, but I have a thing against not-so-good-looking-SAs without a smile. It starts anger deep down in my heart.

And you could have at least let your customers know what the hell they were waiting for.

Anyway, at the end of the transaction, taxes weren't added to our credit. I asked them why, they were "too busy" to give me an answer. They said, "ummm, I don't know, maybe because you only traded in one game."

WHAT? Ok, maybe that's your policy, but I asked you BEFORE I traded the game in, no? Now you give me this bull**** and expect me to eat it because apparently, you're "busy" (no, you're not, you're just ****ing slow. FOUR guys, ONE customer. What are you so busy for???)

I didn't ask them to void it, though, since my boyfriend was so annoyed that he didn't want to stay there any longer. But I honestly wanted to smack their empty heads and see if the sound would echo.

And out of these FOUR gaming department guys, no one knew what Skylanders was. HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW WHAT SKYLANDERS IS WHEN IT'S A CHRISTMAS HIT EVERYWHERE ELSE??? Good ****ing lord!
We constantly have customers telling us that people at BestBuys aren't at all helpful in the gaming department, I honestly didn't expect it to be this bad.

I'll never understand

... the charm of Call of Duty. I mean, well, I grew up watching my dad play Call of Duty 2 and thought it was badass, but haven't felt the same since then.

I played World at War and only really loved the zombie mode, I played Modern Warfare 1 and didn't get into the whole "modern war" scene. I then started Mod 2 and was too bored that I couldn't finish it.
Black Ops was skipped altogether since I knew I'd be getting it for the zombie only, and Activision would be charging me $15 for every map pack. No thanks.

Maybe "realistic" shooters just don't interest me anymore, I prefer something crazy and over the top. I'm also not very patriotic, I guess you can say, so the whole "hero of the war" thing seems rather cliche to me.

But the game freaking breaks sales record every. single. year! Now, I'm not some anti-corporations bitter SoB who wishes all big companies to bite the dust, but seriously?? Just what exactly do people still see in this franchise? Do you all support the obvious money milkage? The one game per year and $15 per map pack deals?

I understand that it's a matter of personal taste, and I'm not saying CALL OF DUTY SUCKS BALLS, but damn, you people really are Activision's b**ches.

And a small complain on the side, I worked the day before the release of Mod 3, the phone was literally ringing nonstop. One phone call right after another asking if Mod 3 was being released the next day.
Haven't you heard? Google is your new best friend.

Dead Island madness

We get at least 20 phone calls a day asking if Dead Island is in stock. No, sadly it's not, my good sir. When will it be available, you ask? I have no idea.
It seems that ever since major game sites reviewed the game as "Fallout 3 with zombies", the popularity of Dead Island sky-rocked. Well, that, and the famous "feministwhore" incident.
I luckily got a copy even though I did not pre-order, and I have to say, while this game has its faults, it lives up to its fame in my humble opinion.

I'm a huge RPG fan. I'm a huge open world fan. I'm an alright zombie fan (I'm very timid. Zombies scare me.) I usually prefer strictly single player games, but good co-op games are much welcomed.

After hundreds of hours of Borderlands and Left 4 Dead (2), my boyfriend and friends had been looking for a good 4 player co-op game. Dungeon Siege 3 should have been no-brainer's choice, yet it failed us in every way possible. I also got into Sacred 2 too late, all of them were already done with it (I blame myself for thinking the game was stupid when they first invited me to join)

And then came Dead Island, a game which all of us somehow missed entirely. I guess no one ever expected an open world zombie RPG, although the idea seemed obvious enough.

Now, onto the game itself. Are you a graphic whore? Do you care about how the shadows look? Do you need the cutscenes to look absolutely spectacular that they bring tears to your eyes? If you say yes, you can skip this game.

If you don't give a crap about any of those like I don't, you might just be in for a treat.
The combat is intense, the looting is decent, the weapon upgrades are varied, the world is quite beautifully designed (although not as nicely rendered in some places).
And the zombies are really scary, both sounding and looking.
(Ok, ok, I will admit, this isn't entirely MY observation, it's also my boyfriend's. I only played for a little bit but was too scared to carry on on my own. I'm the only one who got a copy among all of us, so I need to wait until all of them have a copy to continue)

We haven't run across any glitch in 2 hours, but I'm sure people who complained about glitches weren't just pulling it out of their asses; open world RPGs are pretty much known for being prone to glitches. At least we know the developer is working on the patches, so I shall be patient.

Seriously, though, send us more copies already. I find customers' disappointed sad faces rather difficult to bare.