Back from GMM (part 1)

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Hey peeps ;)

Here I am again, back from GMM (Graspop Metal Meeting) :) i hope you didn't missed me to much :P well, i guess i'l write a bit over what i all did and saw on GMM :)

Graspop Metal Meeting

Day 1

Stood up at 7am (urlier then school T.T) to go the train station, my train was at 8:12am so i was there way to urly :P at the next station i had to get on another train and a friend whit who i was going to GMM was waiting for me there. We waited for the train and there were already some other metalheads waiting to. We got on the train and it was just filled whit people who were going to GMM too but now, at the last station were we had to get on another station we got out of the train and it was just filled whit people, that last train we had to take wasn't exectly big so it got totaly filled, some people couldn't get on so they had to wait for the next train :P the next thing was the bus to the festival field, lucky for us they had enough busses (around 10) so there was no prob here, a problem was that the stupid bus stopped right in front of the concert field but we had to go to the camping first wich was like 1,5km further and that wasn't exectly fun whit all those heavy bags :? when we finally arrived there it was another hour waiting in-line to get in T.T and then another walk of +- 0,5km to find a spot for our tents, now i'm gonna do a little skip of time to were we are on the concert field :P

We first bought our food and drink tickets, bought some food and went to the Marquee 1, one of the3 big tents (the 3 tents are Marquee 1 & 2 and the Metal Dome were begining bands played, i haven't seen anything in that last one) we first saw Sabaton, now these guys just sucked, sorry if there is someone here a fan of them but their music and their show sucked :? Then Static X played on the main stage, i didn't knew them so i didn't really care about them at first but they were pretty good, their music was good and their show great, the singer had all his hair straight up like that guy from Tekken, just hilarious :P and the base guitar player was this fat South American guy and he was fun too :P and then back to Marquee 1 for the best show of the day, Epica :D it's a gothic Metal group from Netherland and they just ruled, great music, awesome show :) my friend doesn't even listen to gothic metal and he thought they were the best that day too :D awesomeness XD then we wanted too see Papa Roach on the main stage but after the first song it already started raining like **** we ran off too Marquee 2 wich wasn't yet totaly filled. When the rain stopped Papa Roach's concert was over :( so we just waited an hour in front of the main stage for Within Temptation :D i'm a big fan of them so their music was great ofcourse :P the show however was a little soft at the bigining, but after the first 2 songs it got a lot better till awesomeness XD they also had these huge flame thingies, now we were at like 10-15m away from those things and when the flames came out you could feel the heat of it burning on your face, i just don't want to know how that feels if you're on the front row :P after the second best show of the day my friend wanted to see Celtic Frost, a black metal group, my friend loved them :) i think they were ok :P their music is a little to heavy for my taste and the contact whit the people wasn't good also so, anyway, then we went for some more food, we heard Aerosmith playing, pretty good music but it's old school metal and i don't really like that so we went to Marquee 1 were we waited for an half an hour for Blind Guardian, they started at 1:20pm, we went of after another half an hour bc we coundl't stay awake :P but we didn't really wanted to see them so that was no prob, so of to the camping searching for our tents, i'm gonna skip the stories about that couse the same thing happend every night, half asleep searching for your tent between thousand of tenst takes some time :P

Day 2

We slept for like 5 hours, stupid people yelling things all the time :evil: but that's how it goes, some french people nest to us who wouldn't shut-the-f*ck-up :P so at 10am we went for a little walk trough the camping and then of to the concert field, at 1:30pm we saw Lamb of God, they were great ofcourse, then Sirenia in Marquee 1, they're a bit like Epica but a little less good, still a great show though :D the Stone Sour on the main stage whit the singer of Slipknot, they were a little to soft for my personal taste so we went for some food, and we walk around a bit, went to the little shops and stuff and met whit some friends of my friends who were there for a day (mainly too see Dimmu Borgir) the next group we saw was Cannibal Corpse, now this is the heavy sh!t, but awesome to headbang on 8) the pit was just freaky, there was a dude that came past us whit a little hole in his neck from a spike, he was all white and bleeding like hell but it came good whit him so don't worry, no dead people :P and then off to the mainstage again, waiting an hour in front of the main stage for Korn :D we met a dude from school whit his friends there, the show itself was just awesomeness XD headbagging, jumping, singing along, just awesome :D my personal best of that day AND of the hole weekend :D and then last but not least Dimmu Borgir, my friend is a huge fan of them so he already went to Marquee 1 were they played while Korn was still playing, they were pretty good but a bit the same as Celtic Frost, too heavy :P but headbanging like crazy XD :P earlier we also went for autographs of them, my friend got a flag signed and i this little card, pretty cool hu :D :P

and now i'm sick of writing so i'm gonna leave you guys whit some beautifull anime picies of Blood Opera and i'll write part 2 tomorrow ;)

laterz ;)

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Exams are over, sorry and off again

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Hey peeps ;)

My exams are finally over :D iiiiii XD i think i did pretty goos on all off so, getting my grade card on monday, we'll see :)

And then sorry that i didn't blogged about me not coming on Gamespot during exams, i wanted to make a blog the weekend before my exams started but i didn't :roll: sorry :oops:

Well, i'm sure there happened much while i was away, but it's gona have to wait till monday couse i'm going to Graspop :D i don't know if i already said something about this but now you're probably wondering WTF is that dude talking about? :P well, it's a yearly Metal festival here in Belgium, my second blog i made on here was last year about that i couldn't go but i think i only got one comment on that one :P so, this year some of my favorite bands are coming like Children of Bodom, Whitin Temptation, etc. If you want the hole list check, o yeah, it's from friday 22 june till sunday 24 june so you won't see me around then.

Well, that's it for now, i don't have time to check my PM's or blogs at the moment, i still gotta make my bag :P but ofcourse i gotta have atleast one interesting part in this blog so anime picies time :D this time i got you guys (andthe girls that enjoy this part :P) some random picies, enyoj ;)

Now who wants to help her out of the water? :P

love that last one ^^

well, see you peeps on monday ;) or on thuesday, depends on how much i'll sleep :P

laterz ;)

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Long Time No Blog

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Hey peeps ;)

as the title says, it's been way to long since my last blog, a little more then a month and a half :P

i'll try to keep this as short as possible and put title on everything so you guys only have to read what interests you :)

Going on a school trip to London, UK :D

I'll beging whit the most important (and the reason why i forced myself to make a new blog :P) I'm going on a school trip to London, UK this week, from wensday the 23th till friday the 25th, i hope it's gonna be fun ^^ we're gonna have a lot free time so i hope to check some big shops and buy some stuff that we don't have in Belgium, we're gonna visit some places like The Dungeons, the Tower Bridge and we're gonna watch some musical so i hope that's gonna be fun too :) I'm gonna write a new blog when i'm back whit maybe some pics, i don't have a digital camera myself but the teachers are gonna take pics and put them on a site or something they said so, well i won't be hear for those days so, cya you guys when i'm back :D

Almost broke my hand :|

Now almost 2 weeks ago i went snowboarding whit school in a snowpark in Netherland. It was super fun :D The last time i did it was 4 years ago so i didn't really knew everything so well, in the begining it was just trying to stay on your feet and constantly falling, there was also this snow machine and i went just in front of it and i fell, i got stuck in the snow bc is was so deep in front of it, when i finally got out of the deep snow i was like a big snowball :lol: after an hour or so it was starting to go real good, i only went down way to fast :P then after another hour we had to go eat and when we went back on the thingy on your board were you have to click your boot in was a little loose, i thought it wasn't so bad so i just went back snowboarding till this moment i was going real fast again and i wanted to take a turn but that thingy turned too :? i was like "O F*CK" and lost my balance, i fell right on my left hand and made 2 flips in the air to then fall whit my face right in the snow, i was lauphing my ass of :P i didn't really felt anything couse i was all frozen (i was only wearing a T-shirt and a thin jacket :P) i thougt it was nothing serious, i went for another board and just continued, when it was over and we went outside were it was warm it was starting hurt real bad, i couldn't even open my bottle Coke to drink a bit :? it wasn't broken but it hurted like hell when i tried to use my hand (don't know what it's called in englisch, in dutch it's "verstuikd")

To make a long story short, i couldn't play game and only type whit my right hand :( my wrist healed pretty fast so the typing went again but mu thumb still hurts a bit, i still haven't completed FFXII thanc to it :( i hope it's totally healed when i get back from my school trip otherwise i'm gonna freak out :P


Thanx to that i couldn't play games anymore i started to listen to music again and practiced my singing and screaming (sort of singing they use in metal) again, i found some new bands to, both metalcore: Neaera and Sonic Syndicate, check MySpace if you wanna hear some song of the second one ;) i already pre ordered their new CD XD

i also got the new CD of Linkin Park, Minutes to Midnight

I think the band lost a bit of their power in this new CD but i'm a big fan so a still love it :D and i ordered a sweater wit the design of the new CD XD

I also rediscovered Bullet for my Valentine, i forgot how good they actually were :P they rock XD

Banners and sigs a made since my last blog

Banner for blackthegame

Banner for GodOfGuitar2

Banner for emo_girl_4ever

Banner for Scorch_22

Sig for Halo3FTW

Sig for BluestormKalas

i also made this icon for on MSN and MySpace


Anime pics :D

This is the part you guys probably missed the most :P No special show this time, just some random pics i found a little everywere so don't bother whit asking were i got them couse i don't remember :P Enjoy ;)


lol, it ended up a little bigger then i expected it to be, i hope you didn't had to read to much :P and sorry to the girls for saying guys all the time :oops: :P

Laterz ;)

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Exams are over and Easter vacation is starting

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Hey peeps ;)

My exams are over, i had my last one on wensday and today i got my grades card and i did pretty good on all, except for French, i got 54% for that one :roll: but i though i would get less then 50% so i'mglade about it :P

And now two weeks vacation XD

During my exams i couldn't play on the PC or PS2 bc they are downstairs and i ahve to get past my mom to get at them :P so i started playing Killzone :Liberation again on my PSP, i have finished the Campaign on Easy, Normal and Hard now and have all gold medals ^^ but now i have to play the campaing in coöp mode too too have the full 100% but i don't know anyone who has the game also in my neighberhood so i'm screwed T.T

I bought the new CD of Within Temptation just before exams started, i've been listen too nothing else since then :P i love it, if you don't know them, it's a Gothic Metal band from Netherland, their really good and this CD is the first one thats released in the US so if you never heard of them and you like Evanescence you should defenetly check them out, to give you guys a little sampl i uploaded the clip of the first singl and the best song of this CD :D


You should also check out this clip, it's also from that CD and it' used as a promo clip for an upcoming MMORPG, check it out ;)

I just finished a banner for Kratose7, say what you think of it :)

thanx to that one i wasn't able to comment many blogs today but did alot of commenting yesterday so, if i haven't posted in yours i mist it, i'm to popular :P

You should also check out this hillarious vid, it owns XD

I also read this morning that the Belgian goverment is trying to make on big HotSpot of The Flanders, atleast, in every big city in it, so if that turns out how it's supposed to we'll have internet in those cities XD

that's all i can think of right now, so time for anime pics :D i got you guys some pics of Sol Badgirl (first 2) and Jigoku-Shoujo (last 3) enjoy ;)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Have a great weekend everyone ;)

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Exams coming up

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Hey peeps ;)

long time no blog, 17 days to be exact, jeez that's long :? anyway, i'll try to keep it a little shorter than last time since i got some complains :P

to begin whit, i have exams, starting this wendsday (21 March) :( i wasn't on much last weekend and it'll probably stay that way till exams are over (28 March) and i also got addicted too Final Fantasy XII so i have to choose between that and PC and yeah, i probably choose for FFXII most of the time :roll: :P

so what happend the last 17 days:

1) i made this for "Graphical design and ..." (Art in short :P)

2) I got my grades card and i have 74% in total, so that's pretty good

3) I Made another banner for Mr_Doom212 for his Filmspot pro, it's of the movie 300 as you can see

4) The weather is pretty f***-up here in Belgium, the last two weeks it has been freezing (less then 0° celcius) at night and in the morningand for the rest of the day it was like 15° celcius :?

and now the best part, it's snowing outside :? and that's only the second time this year it did over here :P

5) Like a lot of people i got the 'Biological Warfare" emblem thanx to easteast :D

Down With the Sickness!
This user spreads the GameSpot virus among the masses, infecting the Internet with gaming goodness wherever he travels.GameSpot

that's all i can think of at the moment so, time for anime pics :Dthis time i got you guys some pics of an artist, i forgot his name though, the map the pics are in is called Misato-Chan, anyway, here they are, enjoy ;)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Bavoke is back from moderation!

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Hey peeps ;)

So yeah, like the title says, i'm back from moderation. On monday i got this fun mail called " Forums priveleges suspended for TOS violation." sounds like fun hu? this is the moderation i got.

Your forums privileges have been temporarily Suspended for one or more major terms of service violations.

Reason for moderation: flaming-censor bypass
Action Taken: Delete Msg - Your suspension will be rescinded in 2 day(s). Gamespot

It means that i can't post on forum boards, can't comment or post blogs and can't send PM's to anyone and i tell you that really isn't fun :( so sorry to everyone for not replieing PM's or commenting on your blogs, i don't have time to go comment them all now but in that time of moderation i read a few blogs so i haven't mist allot, i just couldn't comment them :( i'll be commenting blogs again as from the time i post this blog ;)

So, as you could read in my previous blog a wen't to the shop on monday to get Final Fantasy XII but i was a little to early and had to go back the day after when the new games came in, so now i finally have it :D i haven't got the chance to play on it much though, had to make a lot a homework this week but not today so i'll play for a few ahours :D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

In other news, Games workshop (the designers of Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000) is extending the W40k (Warhammer 40,000) license for THQ adn to begin whit they are gonna make a Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG). I'm very excited about this but also a little dissapointed.

I'm excited couse i'm a huge fan of W40k, i've been a fan from back when i was 10 years old and now 5 years later i've becoming an even bigger fan mainly bc of the strategy game Dawn of War (by THQ) and a new novel series The Horus Heresey that tells about the Imperium in the year 30.000, and tactually i always wanted to play a good W40k game that wasn't a strategy game, i like playing FPS's on PC so i hope it'll be a little like this, not totally like World of Warcraft.

And i'm dissapointed bc now they are actually folowing the example of WoW and that's a game that i'm against, also bc they choose THQ to do this, i'm sure they can make a great game out of this idear but in the Dawn of War series they made some "mistakes" that they shouldn't be making and that (sometimes) actually messes up the hole idear behind a race like the Space Marines like Games Workshop designed them, on the other hand aren't those "mistakes" the easiest to do right in a Strategy game so i hop they'll do it good in this game.

Keep up the good work THQ and Games Workshop ;)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Also yesterday i heard on the radio that Evanescence is finally coming to Belgium :D although the concert is in Antwerp (not really nearby :?) it costs 37 euro and it's on a date that i have school so that totally sucks and my parents probably won't allow me to go to it :(

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

O yeah, i just noticed i got the "PlayStation 2 Aficionado" emblem :D



Beats workstations
PlayStation 2 aficionados gravitate towards Sony's ubiquitous console for their gaming entertainment. And why shouldn't they? You got some kind of a problem with the PS2?! Gamespot

I probably got it bc i've added Final Fantasy XII and the 3 Prince of Persia games :)

Well, thats it i guess, lets move on to the anime pics, we don't have enough pics in this blog yet don't ya think? :P This time i got you guys some pics of Canvas, enjoy ;)

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh yeah, i just see that o got over 6000 profile views now :D

Favorite song of the moment: Fear of the Dark by Children of Bodom, an Iron Maiden cover and way better then the original :twisted: :P

P.S.: I tried to post this blog yesterday but i had some problems getting on Gamespot so maybe there are some date fualts in this blog but i'm to lazy to look for them at the moment :P

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New games and Metal Concert

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Hey peeps ;)

I'll beging whit the bad news, i haven't got Final Fantasy XII yet :( I went to the store i usually go to too buy games and they didn't had it and the other store in the neighberhood was closed :( i'm going back tomorrow (monday) after school to see if they got it so wish me luck :)

The good news is that i didn't had to do the hole way whit my bike :) my mom had to drive by it for something so she could set me off at the store and then pick me up again. So bc i was by car i could finally buy Guitar Hero II :D i've played 4 hours on it yesterday and i love it XD i also found The Prince of Persia Trilogy pack for only 30 euros :D haven't played it yet though and probably won't for a long time if i find FFXII tomorrow.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I also fianly finished a banner for a union that KJAX90 asked me to make last week, sorry that took so long dude, here it is ;)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

On friday i went to a little metal concert whit my big brother, it was for the birthday of a friend of his and damn was she hot XD :P anyway, there where 3 bands, 2 Belgian bands and 1 from Holland, the first band was pretty good, the second one, i dunno, i didn't really liked them and the third was pretty good too although their songs where pretty weird so now and then, and it only cost 5euros and we got free beers XD it was pretty cool :)

Well, thats it i guess, let's show you guys some anime pics :D this time i got some pics of Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden enjoy ;) and if you want to see more pics go to this page ;)

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Tomorrow is FFXII day in Europe XD and some other crap

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Hey peeps ;)

I'm currently writing this blog on couse Gamespot is f*cked-up at the moment, i can't see profiles, blogs or game pages, really weird, sometimes it happens that it does show but the when i post or want to get to another page i get the same blank page again, just the top till the selection bar whit "Home" and stuff on it shows :?

Anyway, so what was i gonna say *thinking* ... oh yes, THE EUROPEAN RELEASE OF FINAL FANTASY XII IS TOMORROW XD finally i 'm gonna have it :D i have to ride 12 km to the shop and back whit my bike though :? but i'm a crazy mothaf*cker so i don't care :P

Oh yeah, i just beated Kingdom Heart II the other day :D just in time :P i did it in 33 hours and i'm at level 52 i think :) and jeez did that final boss took long, he just keeps on getting a live again :? it wasn't that hard though, i only had to do the finall battle two times and that was bc i was pushing the wrong button :P this boss is peanuts compared to Ares in God of War :P

I also got to level 25 :D horray! i'm now Defias Brotherhood :) whatever that is, it's was in a little quiz of Ari a while back but i answered it fualt so :P

Well, i think i got nothing else to say then that i got addicted to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory again :P and that i played it over 300 hours from the first time i played it till now whit Xfire :D so let's move on to the anime pics :D

This time i show you guys some scans from The Omnibus Collection, it's an art book whit work in it from Manga/Anime artists, on top of every pic (page) it says who made it, enjoy ;)

If you wanna see more scans of this book check this page ;)

P.S. It's seem that Gamespot is working fine again :)

P.S.S happy now Crimsoni?

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Happy Valentine's Day and other stuff

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Hey peeps ;) Happy Valentine's Day :D now i got something to blog about :P i hope most of you got somethign :) (i didn't :( ) anyway, for those of you that didn't got something (and for the others too ofcourse) i got some Valentine anime e-cards :D

check this vid too ;)

Also i heard about some examinagen of Unicef on the radio this morning. It was about in wich, of the 15 richest countries in the world, it is the best to live as a child (1-18 years old i think) and on number one was Netherland and on number 10 there was Belgium (not that good huh :?) 11) France, 12) Germany, 13) Canada and now it comes, on number 14) United Kingdom and guess what, on number 15 out of 15 the United States ... the US is the worst (rich) country for children to live in :? well, i guess Netherland pwned us all :P

Oh yeah, i just made a new banner for Mr_Doom212 and a sig for kyleali11 :D

click here to see the banner completly

oh, i almost forgot, Children of Bodom, one of my favorites bands of the moment are coming to Belgium :D there coming too a yearly metal festival called Graspop Metal Meeting and it's just after the final exams in July, so thats one festival on my 'havo to go to" list :P Also, Female Metal Voices Fest V is coming too Belgium too this year, it's a festival whit all kinds of metal bands that have female singers, i love female singers :twisted: :P anyway, it's gonna take place 19 & 20 October 2007, another one for my "have to go to list" :P

Jeez my blog is getting really long this time and there's more to come, i still have some anime pics to show you guys :D ther just some random ones i found on japanees sites so i don't know of what series they are, enjoy ;)

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting


favorite songs of the moment: Aces High (Iron Maiden cover) and Children of the Damned by Children of Bodom :twisted:

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Update of the week

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Hey peeps ;) i hope everyone had a great weekend ;)

To begin whit a now got over 300 friends, almost 5000 profile views and i'm halfway past level 24 :D

I made a sig for VeSupreme in the beginning of the week

And i have just finished a banner for emo_girl_4ever


Well, not much happened this week, just a boring week whit lots and lots of homework and tests, i finished my painting for art yesterday and today i had to make alot of exercices for Dutch wich i think are tottaly useless :? i also have a big math test tomorrow so that'll be fun :?

Becouse of the bif amount of homework this week i haven't played much on KH2, i'm got like 5 chapters further in a hole week :?

I don't know anything else to say so, here are the pics of this week ;) i got them from a japanees site and since i can't read i'm not sure about the name but i think it's from "Savant", i could also just be the dude that posted it :P anyway, enjoy ;)

oh, creepy one :twisted:

ah, thats better :D :P

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