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my new PSN ID

is fluffy_kittens

that is all.

my old one was SirMothy, if you have me on your list as SirMothy send a friend request to my new one.

Also people with PS3's post your IDS here if you wish.

EDIT: games I play online include COD4, COD WAW, FIFA 09, and LITTLE BIG PLANET


Update, SATS, GS 1 day suspension, the usual..

Jsut an update on stuff.

So today i took the SATs, ughhh 4 and a half hours of hell taking some confusing ass test in a room of people i dont know. Joyous!

I was suspended for 1 day for some OT topic i posted.

I have been playing old school rollercoaster tycoon lately and damn that game hasnt aged a bit its fantastically fun and addicting.

Igave up my officers position in the Jedi Council Union..why? idk really i just felt like it.

So anyway..umm..what else..?

oh yeah sports.

Did anyone catch that 6 Overtime Basketball game between Syracuse and UConn? Awesome stuff!

Syracuse ended up winning it. Really exciting.

the game lasted 3 hours and 46 minutes well into the morning. (ended at like 1:20 local time)

Link to Story

really amazing from a basketball fans perspective.

EDIT: Speaking of basketball, my team is in the championship again, we will most likely win just like last year man idk these two kids must like me cause they pick me for theri team every year and just dominate everybody, we would be repeat winners. I am not one of our best players or anything but i have a pretty nice shot and i score a few points here and there. The finals are Monday, wish me luck.

Anyway thats all if i cant think of for now If i think of more i will edit.

anyway, peace.

Recent Goodness

hey all! So recently things have been going pretty great. Friday I hung out with some neighborhood kids and the weatherwas beautiful. Then i spent the night at my friend Mike's house. Then saturday I went over my friend Lauren's. I thought it would be weird cause I was the only guy there but it was very fun. If you ever get invited to something and you think it would suck being the only guy you thought wrong, i reccomend you go. Anyway so yeah i dominated some chicks are air hockey and what not. Then suddenly the weather went from being springlike to blizzard. We had a snow day monday with 8 inches of snow. Pretty cool but shoveling sucks bigtime, my back still hurts.

Today at school I found out some girl I am good friends with was mad at me ove an arguement we had involving Cars, gps navigators, and discount shoe warehouse stores. I know, dumbest thing I'ver ever heard someone get mad about. Hahah but no sweat.

Anyway today my brother has 2 appointments and no one is home until 7, any suggestions on what i should do to kill time?

I may not be on here much..

because of grades. I got an F in Algebra 2 2nd marking period, long sotry, and my Dad said there will be consequences and that i will lose priviliges. Idk what privileges he means but the computer may be one of them so If i am on here less that is why.

And just a sidenote, I am not stupid, I would be on honor roll every marking period if it wasnt for math related classes. And this year i have a bad teacher and part of the reaosn i failed stems from the fact that sh gave a test the day before christmas break. WTF? Whch i got a 4/55 on as you can imagine. Anyway i dont want to blame it on the teacher cause obviously i can do better, at least i hope, so If I am not here its cause of that. Ughh..hopefully he takes away computer and PS3 which i can do without instead of tkaing away my phone or MP3 player.

EDIT: Idk when this is gonna happen or if it even will or what he'll take away, its all a guessing game as of now but I am sure he will follow through at somepoint. I will keep people updated.

Life Update

So I havent wrote a blog in a little so here goes..

Well theres a few things going on.

1st - Life and stuff. Been listening to alot of Radiohead lately, umm, talking to friends, same old whatnot I guess.

2nd - The Philadelphia Eagles, my favorite football team is making a dynamic playoff run. Idk if alot of you pay attention to American football but the Eagles are a miracle, the only way they made the playoffs was for two bad teams to win and the Eagles win on the same day on the last day of the season. After taking out the Vikings and Giants the Eagles are now one of the hottest teams going into their matchup against the Arizona Cardinals next weekend. Here's hoping for the best.

3rd - 24 Season Premeire yestarday and tonight 2 hours each night. First two episodes were pretty good here's hoping for another 2 good ones tonight. 24 is a great show!

anyway lately I have been feeling..idk..hmm..little bit of everything, as usual, I go from being crazy laughing and happy to sort of downbeat and quiet Idk I feel like I need something more.

Anyway thats all for now, my GS friends.

Fall out (not about the game)

I feel like since a few days ago when the holidays unofficially ended I have been having a fallout period. My Dad showed me my grades online cause he checks sometimes and I knew he was angry when he called me into his room and it turns out I have a 40 something in Algebra 2 and got like a 4/55 on my last test or something. Idk no matter how many times i get extra help no matter how much attention I pay Math is never easy for me. And the worst part is I only have like 3 weeks and I at least need to get aC which is very unlikely or my Dad will flip out and probably take away my privileges (computer, ps3, mp3 player, maybe phone) And if you think I am some kind of idiot, for the record, if Algebra 2 wasnt a required class the rest of my grades would make me an honor roll student. I have actually won honor roll like 3 or 4 times in my Highschool career. But besides that I feel bored of most of my gifts like they are cool but i am indesisive about what i want to do like Idk if i want to watch a movie or play a game or what so i just sit around all day. And sincebefore winter break I have been mad/upset/idk about 1 thing, this girl from my recent blogs who i went with the play and did all kinds of stuff with then I find out she has a boyfriend as of last week sometime. Like it's not that big a deal but I feel wronged by the whole thing like I totally thought she liked me then bam she is dating some weird redneck kid and she didn't even tell any of her friends about it till like a week later so I had to find out from someone else, I feel like something has been stolen from me and its a weird unpleasant feeling. But the redneck kid is in my gym class so maybe I will hit him in the face with a dodgeball or in the groin with a soccer ball or something. And to top it all off school starts again on january 5th which is in like 3 days from now, now I don't really hate school that much besides Algebra 2, and I am very popular in my school so I am happy to see alot of m friends again but I know I will regret saying that when I am bored out of my mind and doing homework in about a week or so. So yeah now that I've gotten all that off my chest I guess I can deal with it. Thansk for reading my depressing wal of text

Hey (Christmas and stuff, bring PSN IDS!)

So i haven't posted a christmas blog yet, so i will. Everything is going fine I guess. I got clothes for christmas including a Memphis Grizzlies t-shirt (my favorite b-ball team, sadly) and an Oklahoma Sooners shirt (future NCAA champions)

But, on to what I know everyone is waiting for, the games.

I got a Ps3 to share with my brother and we have been playing Call of Duty: World at War online the past few days, I am starting to get good.

Besides that we got Star Wars:Force Unleashed, which I am loving.

And Uncharted:Drake's Fortune which also seems really cool but I've only gotten to play it for like 10 seconds cause I have been busy with the other two.

I will write reviews for some of these games overall they are all pretty good I think all 3 of them are 8.5 quality so far.

So post your PSN IDs here and I will add you, or you can message me andI will send you mine, I dont want to post it here for personal reasons.


Well, things have been on an up note since i last posted a blog.

I will explain.

1 - This girl i liked asked me to go to the school play with her out of nowhere so I went, twice, it was fun, our play was Get Smart btw based on the TV show. It was fun both days and alot of my friends were in it so it was a good time both times, i went to the first show with two girls, haha weird situation, but fun nonetheless.

2 - I got my drivers permit, now in my state of New Jersey to get it you have to do 6 hours of supervised driving with someone from a driving school telling you what to do, well first day i was bad but then the other times i was better so I got my peermit which is good.

3 - Its almost christmas!

4 - had a field trip today missed all my classes except last period which is study hall with said girl from #1. We went to Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia Eagles Stadium) which was fun then we went to Geno's cheesesteaks which is some really good food so it was a pretty good day. The trip was for Sports Marketing in case ou were wondering (yeah, thats a real class at my school.)

So yeah basically to sum it up I am doing very well as of now. Thanks for reading!!

Ohh one more thing, in case you havent been aware all my blog titles were 1 word for a while but then i broke the chain last week so I think I will end that trend now and this will be the last one word blog title. Although it was a fun idea, it showed who your true firends are cause they clicked your blog by just knowing 1 word about the title.

Saddest Thing I've ever seen, Polish man tazed to death in airport..

I posted this on OT but I will copy and paste


1st one is video, 2nd one is the actual story.

So i was flipping through the channels and saw this show on some news channel called Caught on Tape or something and I found this story truly tragic and though I would mention it here.

Basically, a Polish man immigrating to Canada to see his mother for the first time in years flies for ther very first time. But apparently in the airport in Canada there was a special immigration customs thing ghe had to go through. No one there spoke the langauge he did so it took a long time, he was confused and scared and freaking out and wandering around the customs desk for a little while his mother was waiting for longer then she had anticipated. She ended up going home after waiting for hours and her son didnt show up at the time he was supposed to. So he finally gets through hours later and is scared no one is waiting for hima dn doesnt know what to do so he starts acting strange and freaking out, he is surrounded by security and they cant understand him so they taze him and knock him to the ground. (watch the video) He later dies shortly after from the tazings and never gets to see his mother.

Aghh my stomach is still churning from watching this nothing on TV has made me cry before man the goddamn police tazed him when he was already down, he couldnt even speak their language and they should've realized. And no i am not one of those anti-police people but this story is heartbreaking and tragic and so is the video that goes along with it.




for the past 3 days. Yeah i have been suspended before it was for calling someone a moron this time which i have seen way worse on Gs but anyway i guess id eserved it, i have this grim feeling that next time i get modded or maybe sometime in the near future i will be banned, i cant control or help it so i wont try, i am just gonna say this here and now in case it ever does happen, I love all you guys (no homo even though I dont know any of you in real life and this is just a videogame forum you guys have all really been good to me, like my friends away from real life, so if i do get banend anytime just remember you guys are all awesome.

And btw, my music collection goes to the_greenzero if i get banned