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The Time Has Come for the PS3

This is the year where the PS3 takes the lead and will hold that lead for years to come. The PS3 is getting the best exclusives this year not only in games but also DLC! Hello PS3, Goodbye 360!

Going Home

Well spring break for me is coming up, starting April 2, and I can't wait! This has been a tough college freshmen semester. During break I am rewarding myself by sleeping, eating, and playing PS3!

Nazi Zombies

Man, I love this mini game in CoD5 I showed it to some of my college roomates and have played all weekend for about 24hrs lol. I hope CoD6 has zombies in it, be it arab or russian or unknown I want zombies again. Killing them with an M4 or AK will be sweet!

I got 1080P!!!

I finally bought a 1080P tv to enjoy my PS3 on. I bought a 46" Sanyo 1080P LCD for only $800 at Walmart! I can't wait to get it all set up, right after I put my new hard drive in my PS3.

Rise Against's Appeal to Reason

Well, I got the new Rise Against album, Appeal to Reason the day it came out and I have to say it is my favorite to date. There are so many good songs on it. My favorites so far are Savior, Collaspe, Whereabouts Unknown, hell I like them all! Anyone else like their new album?

9/11 and new Twin Towers

I can't believe today is the 7 yr anniv of 9/11. Also, I read about how the new Freedom Tower is losing support and they are thinking of building the Twin Towers II. What is your opinion? I think they should rebuild them shows how strong America is.

Getting Ready for College

Well, the days are dwindling, I will going to college (UNLV) soon and I won't have my games! I will have my new laptop, but no PS3 :( These were good days, but I am looking forward to college.

2 New Emblems!

I finnaly got 2 new emblems technically 4 but they put 3 in 1. I got the virtually there for sony, micro, nintendo. Also got some sushi E3 08 one.