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Kratos is Chaos!

Wow I love God of War 3! Its so awesome and epic that no other game comes close. Vengeance is the game and Kratos serves it up like nobody else taking down all who oppose the Ghost of Sparta. The graphics and details are so realistic that it feels real. The gameplay is great bringing back Kratos' blades and 3 additional dual-weilded weapons each with its own magic. The boss battles are so much fun u can feel the joy that Kratos feels as u take down each one :twisted: . The story is a great close to the trilogy. Chaos mode is a pain but makes it a wonderful challenge after already beating the game. And the Challenges are always fun.

I'm gonna honestly say that God of War 3 is one hell of a game and although just released early in the year will make a good run for Game of the Year 2010!

P.S. the trilogy might be done but it was stated that the God of War series is not finished :D

Been awhile!

Whoops! well yesterday was my 21st Birthday! so I got all drunk and it was great cause for once I did it legally.

But it was also first day of spring semester so it kinda sucked. anyways I haven't been on cause I've been busy working and playing The God of War Collection to retool myself for God of War 3. and I've been playing Modern Warfare 2.

Whoo HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last day of school until January 19th!! which is my Birthday!!! I'm gonna be 21 but will also have to return to school.

Well, in other news it looks like the creation of the Food Union and the Kill Mario Union will be postponed due to lack of support for either and I can't get anyone to make tags, icons, or banners for them so I guess I'll learn how and do it myself . . . . . . .

P.S. I hate everybody. Nobody is exempt or special I just hate some people to a lesser or higher degree than others. Such as stupid people which I hate to an exponentially high degree. :P

over thanksgiving break

Hey, well I went to this cool store called Black & Read a couple of weeks ago. They have like a million books and board games and DVD's and video games as well. I found Gantz 1-3, Armored Core 4 for the PS3 and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for the PS3 and bought them all for $65. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is an awesome FPS and Armored Core 4 is wicked as well. As for Gantz its a really awesome anime that my friend loaned me.

As for thanksgiving, I ate alot of food and then ate the leftovers! And see family is nice too.

Alrighty then, Its Kill Mario and Food!!!

Well, I guess the new unions will be a union about food and a Kill Mario union. Nice!

And, since I'm just changing existing unions there is no need for charter members, but it would be nice to get some banners, icons, and tags before we get the ball rollin.

So if anyone wants to do that I'm all for it cause I don't know how and I'm too lazy to learn.

If u make a banner tag or icon for the Kill Mario Union post it in the graphics submission topic in the Mario and Sonic Union

And if u make one for the Food Union post in the Burning Blade topic.

Then we'll vote for favorite if there are multiple submissions.

Uh, Yes No Maybe


So no suggestions on the unions huh? I've heard a Food Union were u discuss everything about food and that's it. Nothin else! What about a Kill Mario Union cause I hate him? or how about a union about a book series? or a union about the Transformers? c'mon guys a little support here!!

Voting for new unions!

So, in my last blog I stated that the Burning Blade and Mario & Sonic Unions are being made into different unions.

I still don't know what they will be about but if you're interested go to one of the unions and post in the New Union Possibilities Thread. Once there are a number of suggestions there'll be a vote to decide what the union will be about.

So this is up to u guys and what u want the union to be about and/or concern, whether it be a game, a movie, a novel, an argument, a war, etc.

2 New Unions

Well, due to the fact that the Burning Blade Union and the Mario & Sonic Union are both dead with no activity I'm planning on revitalizing them both into 2 new unions.

If there's a certain game and/or topic u think 1 of the new unions should focus on and/or would like to see please comment.