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I have escaped from my rock!!!

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As of late I have not had that much free time and that caused me not to be able to get onto here for a good bit of time. I feel bad for not coming on here and posting with all of my friends. I have missed this place a ton!

Since the last time I talked to you I have gotten engaged, the Spring Semester has started and I should be finding out the sex of my baby soon! So far it looks like my baby will be a girl but they will not know for sure until my fiancé is 20wks. in which she is only about a couple of weeks away from, I am getting very excited about our baby!!!:D

I will try to come here as much as possible during the spring semester but I can not promise much since this semester I have a few classes that will take a bulk of my time. This semester I am taking English 101, Chem 101& Chem 101 L, and Trig. So I will be buried in my notes and books studying a lot for my classes.So what have you all been up to?

I love my new sig

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I would like to thank doombreaker for making me a sig, I love it! Now I feel more like a part of the GS Community.


I finally received my first emblem!!!

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After being on Gamespot for little bit over a month, I have finally recieved my first emblem! As you may I have noticed I have recieved the Pirate Day 2012 Emblem!


Yarrrrrrr This emblem be for those salty dog that be up to some mischief on th' GameSpot forums with their scurvy jokes, silly pirate names, and strange pirate facts.

I can not wait to earn more emblems here on Gamespot!

I do not write enough blogs!

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I just recently noticed that I have been slacking in writing blogs and I feel like I should be more active in writing more blogs. I find that blogs gives the other users here on Gamespot a deeper look into what you think about and how you are overall. I want to start writing atleast three blogs a week and post them on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Now those days may change due to my school work that my professors give me, my work and my social life. I am very dedicated to becoming a great blogger.

I have been in a funk!

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For about the past 6 months I have been in funk, I have not been feeling like doing any of the hobbies that I normally like doing with the exception of watching wrestling. Right now wrestling has been my only escape from the funk. I am ready to break out of it the rest of the way. I am ready to enjoy reading a book, playing video games, etc... I wonder how much longer I will be in this funk.

Just got into this generation of consoles

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Just recently I have purchased a Xbox 360 and I am loving the console. Many of my friends think that I am crazy because the "Xbox 720" is supposedly coming out soon. It is never too late to buy a console definitely when most of the hit games are now cheaper. I have been playing more handheld games recently due to always being busy but I've been wanting to play Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City so I finally gave in and purchased a Xbox 360. I am also looking forward to playing Halo 3, Halo Reach and when it's release Halo 4. Is there any other games that I should get for my Xbox 360?