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Grant Theft Auto Online: Changing the face of online multiplayer

After checking out the new trailer for Grand Theft Auto Online, it seems to me that this concept could change the face of online multiplayer. The way it seems to me is that this new multiplayer will be able to bridge the fun of single player with the competitive and social nature of multiplayer. As a fan of the GTA series, I could not love this anymore. No longer will the multiplayer just be team deathmatches and races, but rather a whole new system of customization and just plain social fun. This idea is both great from the perspective of being a player, but also from a business perspective. Now more people will purchase this game and play it online therefore enhancing the online diversity. I hope that made sense, but I'm just really hyped for this game and all the great things that Rockstar does with it. 

Back again....again

Who on my friends list still uses Gamespot? I will try and get more active on here again, but it is hard with all the stuff going on in my life. But all in all I should be back! Again!

Black Swan, Florida, and Older Games

Black Swan Over this Spring Break I had a chance to watch the movie Black Swan with Natalie Portman. I thorougly enjoyed the movie and recommend it to anyone who likes movies that are thrillers, and keep you on the edge of your seat until the end and even then have you wondering.

On a different note, I don't know if I'm the only one but...I've begun to find interest in some of my older games. I've been playing a lot more of Halo Wars, and other games like NBA 2K8. By the standards of the games that are out today these are nowhere near as good, but there are just familiar qualities and the help take off the edge of playing games such as your Call of Duty's, Homefront's, or other FPS and just allow you to focus on the fun that video games were mainly intended for.

So...what games do you guys play when you want to just relax, have fun, and reduce stress and whatever else?

Back on Gamespot

It feels damn good to be back! In the time since I've last been here I've been playing a lot of different games. From your Call of Juarez's and Red Dead's to your Modern Warfares and Black Ops. One Game I've begun to particularly like is Homefront. I do agree that the campaign is lacking and only 6 fairly short missions, and was major reason I had wanted the game hoping the campaign would tell this grand story of oppression, struggle, and unity that shows the America will. What I got though, was a story of mainly just a beaten down world that as soon as you got a taste of what it felt like, was soon taken away. The Multiplayer however, is very good in my opinion because of some features I've never seen anything like before. There are Battle Points earned in a single multiplayer game that can be used to purchase tanks, helicopters, air strikes, hummers, etc. and also 16v16 multiplayer games. These combined created some very interesting and fairly unknown aspects of FPS.


I look forward to posting more and becoming more active again on Gamespot!:)

First Day of E3

First of all sorry I havn't been active with my blog;it's been almost a year since my last post(maybe more).

After watching this year's E3 Microsoft conference I'm really thrilled of the new upcoming games and ideas for the Xbox. I personally think that it will bring some new people to the 360 because it has shown that it is by far better than the wii and a little bit better than PS3. These new things like the Kinetic(?) things will bring ideas similar to wii fit to the 360. So yeah, personally I'm thrilled of what lies in the future of the 360 and Microsoft. Does anyone else share similar feelings?

New Games?

Is it just me or does it seem like no good games are coming out for a few months? I have had no activity in the game world for a few months because it seems like theres nothing special thats out yet that just makes me really intersted. I dont know if it's just my opinion or not,

Christmassy Blogg

First off Merry Christmas guys!!!! or Kwanza or Hannaka or whatever you celerate this holiday season.

I got the game Marvel vs. Dc for an early christmas gift and so far It's pretty cool but of course we'd know whod win in a fight between scorpion and batman.(Scorpion in case you didnt know :P)

Good Christmas music!! Look up the guitarist david hoey's christmas music if you like rock music, and want to listen more of a rock n' roll version of christmas songs.

What games do Ustedes(you all) think I should get with money and giftcards from christmas???

Assorted Items of slight interest.

Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2. Trying to beat it on insane is starting to get really hard. Especially in the part where you're driving the Minotaur and Troika shots now can destroy it in 4 shots.

all american rejectsAAR. New All American Rejects music has come out and I cannot wait until the new album comes out in December!!

Bears. The Chicago Bears won woot woot!