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Goodbye Gamespot. You Served Me Well.

Hey everyone. This is my final blog post on GS. I have been too riddled with time as of late so I am resigning from my higher positions in all of the unions. I may show up once a month or so to check on things or to participate in game tournaments now that I have online access, but I won't participate in much else.

If you want to read my final callouts and all of that, just check the front page of the DC.

Thank you everyone for such great experiences.

BCZ out

Designers Central News

Well I have not posted a blog in a long time, so I decided to tell people what's new at the DC.

We are opening up the Designers Central to new possibilities, Illustrations.

Personal illustrations are now going to be encouraged as well as a multiple of other designs. To start us off we will have an illustration contest. There may be some prizes later on, but it has not been decided as of yet.

DC's First Ever Illustration Contest

Now, the designertag system is still under construction, and we have decided to make them smaller, so that a user signature may still be displayed, as well as the designertag. A sample image of the designertag has been provided by DJammal:

This is an example of how designertags will now look. To be honest, we may even provide a template for DC members to create their OWN designertag and keep up with them by themselves, that way you can add your own creative touch to your tag.

If you have any suggestions for the Designers Central, just visit this thread: DC Suggestion and Idea thread

Now, we shall discuss the new team system. Teams now have more than just one simple task to complete. Teams are open for registration now and feel free to apply to create a team of your own. Visit the DC Team Application and Information Thread to view information on this new system.

Feel free to post any of your new stuff, old stuff, illustrations, or design topics. If you are interested in designing, the DC is a good place to visit!

Thanks for Reading

Celebrating 3 years on GS

Well everyone, I've officially been here for three whole years, how's it been for you guys? Hopefully I wasnt too much of a pain. Comments are welcome, thanks everyone!

Zelda Alliance Union Resignation

Hey everyone. I've explained this so many times, I decided to post a blog to explain. I have resigned as the leader of the Zelda Alliance, for I have not had much time after my initial reconstruction of the union to update. I have looked over the officers and chosen leonard88 as the new leader, for leonard has been active even during my inactivity. The ZA was my first union and I will never let it die, so I have taken a hard decision in passing the union leadership on. It was my first union and I have been proud to be its leader, even though I could not take care of it as I had hoped due to time lapses.

I hope everyone gives leonard the time of day, for he will be a great leader. I will be assisting with the updates and the union as always, but we now have a leader even during my time of absence to show the union a perfect example of leadership.

For all of those who do not know what the ZA is, I hope you go and check out the union. It is picking up again and updates are happening daily.

For those who are members, please stop by and increase the activity.



Creative Writing

Well for those of you who are interested in creative writing, the DC has now opened up a new creative writing department for you. It would be awesome for you to stop by and help out with the permanent forming of this new department.


Back at GS

I have cleared up a few things in my schedule and believe i may have some time to work on GS again. So, as long as i didnt lose any support while I've been away, i plan to rebuild both the DC and ZA once again. Please stop by during this week as i rebuild, thanks ~BCZ~

Hurricane Gustav / My Activity

I know i told the officers of the DC and ZA that i would post and update every weekend. I am making this blog to appologize for last weeks not being able to post. I was helping with the hurricane relief effort in louisianna. I will do my best to visit the unions in the next two days. Thanks so much for keeping them active