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Is Anyone Out There...?

Wow it's been what, one year? Two years? I almost completely forgot about this place until I saw Greg Kasavin at E3 showing of Transistor. Are any of my old friends still on here? It's just been so long haha.

Street Fighter

Well recently I picked up Super Street Fighter 4. Yeah it's late, but I thought better late than never :P. Anyways, I don't have a fighting stick or anything at the moment because I feel like I am not at a high enough skill level. I was wondering if any of you were any good and could help me out online or something...because I really cannot get a hold of this game, it's pretty hard to me. I don't understand the mechanics well enough :(. If any of you have PSN and would like to help me out (I'd be great if you had a mic, that'd make things much easier), please PM me and add me! My PSN is UseYourrNoodle Thanks anyone! -Bass7


Anyone have any recommendations for games I should get next? :o. PS3 or PC!

So far for PS3 I have

-Uncharted 1,2
-All of the CoDs
-Red Dead
-Dead Space 1,2
-Gran Turismo 5
-LBP 1
-Rock Band 1,2,3
-God of War
-EDIT: I have Heavy Rain!

And I'm getting Super Street Fighter 4 within the next week!

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! I'm looking for something with amazing single player. Whether it be great gameplay, or a great storyline! Any help would be awesome! Oh and I'll work at being more active...sorry guys :P.


MY GOODNESS it's been forever.

Hey everyone, if y'all still read my blog at all D:.

Sorry for the huge absence! Too be honest, I've just been too lazy and I also forgot my password yet again...but this time I'm back! Just in time for the holiday season :D.

This will just be a short post letting all of you know that I'm back. And if anyone wants to add me on PSN, please feel free to. My PSN is UseYourrNoodle

Happy Holidays!,

-Bass7. word...Yes.

I'm going to start this blog post off topic :P. I'm wondering if anyone who has MW2 on PS3 wants to help me get the heart callsign. Killing someone with a completely cooked grenade and without throwing it, is damn near impossible -.-.

Anyways back on topic, I have seen the movie 3 times now, and I absolutely loved it each time. That being said this blog post will be a HUGE spoiler, so only those of you who have seen the movie should continue on reading ;).

I have to say, not only was the movie interesting but so are all of the theories about it online. Some of them are just crazy, and it's really cool to see how far and complex people are taking this movie. That's my problem, I'm not sure how complicated we should be taking the movie. Is what really happened simple and right before our eyes? Or is there a lot more to the story than what was presented? Few movies have made me think THIS much about them after watching it, which is very impressive. Watching the movie three times, I have noticed several things and there is a lot to be discussed with anyone else who has seen the movie. One thing I noticed is after he was in Mumbasa and tried out that sedative, he NEVER EVER spun the top and have it fall over. He was in shock, ran to the bathroom and spun it, but was interrupted by Saito before it could topple over. Another thing that confused me a bit was the ending, was it real? Limbo? He finally saw his kids' face, yet they were wearing the SAME clothes he always imagined them in. Having said that, it leads me to a theory that I read online; a very simple one. One that states that the entire movie was a dream, and the ending sequence where he wakes up on the plane is him waking up from this elaborate dream he just had on a 10 hour business flight. That's what would seem the most possible one, since it explains everything that occurs in the movie. It's the easy way out though, that takes away from the fun complexity of the movie. There are many other theories out there, hundreds to be read. I've read quite a few, and I'm really not sure what to believe. I'm really glad they made this movie though. I wonder if they made it this ambiguous on purpose, which I'm guessing they did.

Well, what are your guys' thoughts? Theories? Interesting topics to discuss? I want to hear it all :D.

MY GOD, it's been a while.

Well hello Gamespot. I'm sorry, maybe you guys all thought I was dead or something but that's far from the truth :P. I was merely bogged down with schoolwork...and I forgot my password again. Shame on me, I know.

Hopefully I'm back for good. I'd like to start blogging and forum posting again. I need to get back into the gaming scene. I made it just in time for E3. I just finished watching the Sony Press Conference (The one that was available through the PSN,) and I have to say....boooooooooring. I feel as if Nintendo and Sony decided to switch conferences this year, in terms of useful information. Nintendo introduced us to the new Zelda game...Sony gave us what....3D? Yaaaay crappy looking cut outs. Really, I saw Avatar in 3D, and was not that impressed. It honestly looks like a bunch of cardboard cutouts walking around. The most exciting thing I got out of Sony was Killzone 3, and the pretty looking intro.

This summer looks like it'll be a fun time for gaming. I'm going to get Red Dead Redemption soon, hopefully :D. Anyways, I better be off now. I have to finish Heavy Rain :P.


Mixed Emotions...

I'd like to start off this post with, sorry I've been so inactive lately :P. Anyways, life is sort of up and down at the moment. Managing between my college and high school courses (I do Running Start) really sucks. I hate it. I don't get any breaks either ): When HS is on break, college isn't and vice versa.

On the other hand I am very happy...due to my PS3 :D. I absolutely love it....but one problem...I beat all of the games I have, and no money to purchase any new ones. :(.

But one thing pisses me off....a lot...

The Xbox 360 gets the FFXIII LE Exclusive :|. What the hell I mean seriously. First you screw Sony over by taking away one of their most popular exclusive titles, and now THIS!? What the hell SE. Honestly Square, you guys have been going downhill ever since you merged with that damn Enix. You take away Sony's exclusive, the least you could do is show some support and give us something that the 360 users won't get like, you know, a LIMITED EDITION. :/ Too bad you put it on the wrong system. I can't think of anyone I know personally that is excited for FFXIII that only owns a 360. I'm sorry, maybe I'm going a bit to far as fanboy, but I really think Sony keeps getting screwed. At least Japan got a PS3 exclusive...that could possibly be why they won't be releasing one here. Regardles, I'm still pissed.

What are you guys' thoughts?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :D

I'd like to start off and say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! And those who don't celebrate Christmas, then Happy Holidays :P. May 2010 be great for you all, and great for gaming.

Did anyone get anything interesting for Christmas? I got PS3 slim, along with Uncharted and LBP. The next day I went out and bought MGS4, and BlazBlue :P. I bought Starcraft as well. That game is still $20, and it's 10 years old lol.

After playing my new PS3 for countless hours, I must say I'm very happy and impressed with this system. Games look amazing on an HDMI connection, controls are great, and the XMB is probably one of the best user interfaces out there. Blu ray movies look and sound amazing as well. Overall I think it is a very high quality system and I feel like I"m getting more out of it then I would be getting out of a 360. The commercials speak the truth, it DOES do everything. All of the games I own are high quality too. Uncharted is fun, and the overall feel and control is good. Metal Gear Solid is...well it's just epic, but I knew this before I bought it. BlazBlue is an amazing fighter and I absolutely love it, but hate the lag online. Last but not least, Little Big Planet. I am absolutely in love with this game. Ironically it's the game I am playing the most, when I got the PS3 I was thinking "Little Big Planet? Yeah it's a great game but I'll play MGS, Uncharted, and BlazBlue WAAAYY more." Honestly, I am enjoying it more than all three of those games, and have been playing levels online. It really is such a creative and unique game, and I love it.

Just thought I woud let people know what is going on. :P If anyone wants to add me on PSN, it's ToshioSe7en

It's dumb, I know...but it was the only way to combine Toshio and Bass7 :P.

Oh man oh man. What is going on? - Modern Warfare 2?

Alright first of all, I would like to say sorry to everyone for inactivity! XD. I have been way too busy with school (I'm a high school and part-time college student XD). Plus Golf (Varsity baby ;D) has taken up a good part of September - October...but guess what? Season is over so now I'm free :D.

On to the topic, I'm sure all of you have heard of, or saw the leaked footage from Modern Warfare 2 right? Well yeah I'm gonna be talking about that. If you haven't seen it, good luck in finding it. Activision is really cracking the whip on finding all of the videos that are scattered over the internet. I'm sure you can find a torrent if you are really that desperate.

Ok, so please don't scroll down if you don't want spoilers xD.


As those of you who know about the video, or have seen it, it's very...well disturbing. I was quite shocked when I viewed the video for the first time. Rubbed my eyes because I could not believe what I was seeing. I playing as a...TERRORIST?...killing civilians? That is just a bit too far there Activision. Way to promote terrorism to little kids ALL OVER THE DAMN WORLD. It's a little too traumatic. America is still sensitive to the whole "terrorist" subject. 9/11 attacks, school shootings, etc. The media (especially Jack Thompson type people) is all over this. The majority of the people throwing a hissy fit are the people who are un-informed. That is completely understandable because they do not know much about the game itself. You're a CIA agent going undercover as a Russian Terrorist, and you shoot up a ton of civilians in an airport. It is pretty gruesome and disturbing. The footage was pretty shocking to watch...just imagining kids all around the world saying "hey guys! look what I'm doing! Shooting up random defenseless people muwahahaha I'm a terrorist!". Watching a cutscene isn't as bad as a completely interactive shoutout with defenseless civilians. It's just absurd. Hopefully it won't promote these kinds of acts in kids, or any other player of the game. There is a possibility for that...which is why it shouldn't even be in the game in the first place. There are too many people out there that could be hurt by this, more than the people that would enjoy this. It's a little too hurtful...

But on the other hand...I can totally see why Activision decided to include this into the game. It builds a whole new level of emotion to the game. The level has a much bigger impact on you compared to the alternate solution, a cutscene. It's almost like the difference between watching a clip on the news, and actually being there. It's a whole different kind of feeling that you get. And seriously, the game is rated "Mature' for MATURE PEOPLE....YEAH THAT'S RIGHT YOU LITTLE 12 YEAR OLDS! If a 12 year old kid can't comprehend that it's a game then he's obviously not mature enough. Everyone who is treating this whole thing as a negative part of the game is a little too sensitive. Yeah it's a touchy subject but if you don't want to see it just choose "skip" when it prompts you to. It's the same as if you don't want to go eat Chinese food, yet you walk straight into a Chinese restaurant and complain. Parents are just over reacting. There are far worse things then an undercover CIA agent (yeah he's a good it's not like you're really playing as a terrorist :|). I honestly believe GTA is far worse but I just think the media needs something to b*$%@ and moan about right now.

And besides those two in the hell did they all bring two guns each, into a high security level airport? I mean what the hell is that? There must be some idiot guard on duty. "Um sir, is that a machine gun you got there?" "Oh no officer, it's just my tennis racquet..." "Oh, okay! =D"

Well that's just my two cents. What's yours? :D


Mission Complete!

Was that Fox that said that? XD. Anyways, I finally own ALL of the Fatal Frame games (that are available in the US). I was going to get FF4, but I don't have a Japanese Wii. Anyways here's the story....I was always wanting Fatal Frame...but I could never find it...I really wanted Fatal Frame 2. So I was out with my family (and my girlfriend) on my birthday, and we stopped by Gamestop being the nerd I am, located a complete version of Fatal Frame 2. My sister bought it for my birthday :P. Next one, my girlfriend and I were out in Seattle a month later, and found a complete Fatal Frame 3...LUCKILY my girlfriend turned 17 8 days ago :). She bought it for me (I gave her the money though), along with Final Fantasy 10, because someone stole my copy. She gave me crap about how I used her to buy games :P. Finally, last weekend we went and saw District 9 (which was amazing), stopped by Gamestop in the mall, and BAM they had Fatal Frame 1 xD. Good thing that one is Teen so I can buy it on my own. The cool thing is, I lucked out every time. Each time I went there, the guy told us that the game came in THAT morning. Guess I just got lucky with that timing :). They're all the complete versions too, instruction booklet and everything :P. And they're all great games. Just wanted to let you guys know that :P.

OH, and my parents said they're thinking about the PS3 Slim for Christmas :). And I also just bought a Ti-NSpire today :).