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Not 100% sure on this but....Resident Evil 4? lol

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im new to final fantasy- got a game on the wii and really didnt like it-

i was looking at this one for the ds:

is this a better game? someone said final fantasy is like dragon quest but not as cheesy, is that right? i do like my rpgs, dragon quest, pokemon

plz help



If you have a NDS, I recommend getting Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls first since its a remake of the first 2 final fantasy games.

Here's an example/demonstration of how the game is like:

If you have a 3DS, get Final Fantasy III or Final Fantasy IV (NDS versions), FFIV mostly imo cause its one of the best FF games, I remember playing it (the original SNES version) back in the day when it first came out and it is what got me hooked into RPGs.

Crystal Chronicles series is a spinoff of the Final Fantasy series, and the only comparisons that I can think of to the original/mainline series is Chocobos and Moogles lol, not sure what other changes have been in placed since I barely played the Wii/DS versions. It is also a adventure/action RPG and not a turn based RPG like the mainline series (FF1-FF13).

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Kind of worried but I think the Vita will be fine as long as support comes even in the same form that the PSP had in its early years.

I'll be getting mine for sure in the future sometime next year, hopefully a price cut on the memory cards will come by, looking forward on getting a 32 gb since I wanna go heavy on digital gaming rather than physical copies.

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If you are into storylines you could I guess but it really isnt necessary.

However if you get LittleBigPlanet 2, make sure you get the Special Edition.

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[QUOTE="BasilVZero"]But I've also noticed that it seems like its only affecting half of the users at least in my view, some of the members' avatars can be seen while the ones that cant be seen are shaded in gray.gmax
The issue is with avatars (and everything else) hosted on It is possible to host avatars elsewhere; users who do so are unaffected by this issue. The underlying reasons may or may not be the same, but in terms of symptoms this is essentially a return of this issue. I kept wanting to start a new thread, but never did, and then that one got locked. So here we are.
Yes, this got reported earlier this week. Staff have this in their queue to investigate further. . JodyR
And that's what I was hoping we'd hear. With luck they'll get it figured out before too long. Edit: If the opportunity presents, perhaps this time they can also take a look at user video preview thumb nails and user video playback, which appear to be related to

I see if that is the case, how do you use a image from another host? I tried copying the link from my photobucket account, doesnt seem to be working....and I keep getting the message "You need to select a file to upload" whenever I click on upload (after pasting it).

Edit: Also will the situation with be fixed? (since it affects banners as well to some extent) or are we gonna have to use the same method?

EDIT: Nvm, I figured it out lol, thank you. So apparently just copy+paste image link to the box above where you would upload image via browse on userimage.gamespot part and click on "Apply changes" below.

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Apparently, just noticed this lol.

But I've also noticed that it seems like its only affecting half of the users at least in my view, some of the members' avatars can be seen while the ones that cant be seen are shaded in gray.

Just a FYI.

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Two actions will be taken with this bug. If you've already posted a review, the code is being fixed on your previously posted review. Also, this bug is just about finished with testing so if all goes well it should be resolved today.


Thank you for the response.

I shall post my feed back and....

You are right, the already posted reviews (the ones I posted at least) have been fixed however...I just posted a new one and the coding is still broken :/

Edit: Also just avatar isnt working o.O

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Will there be a mass PM Notification or how will we know when this issue is fixed?

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Glad to know the team is working on it :)

I thought it was a problem on my end xD

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