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When I search for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for PC - it isnt in the database at all.

Only the DC and GC versions shown up.

Just a heads up...was wondering cause I just recently finished the PC version lol.

Edit: PC version was released late 2012.

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Well its working now!

Must of been some sort of hiccup?

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A lot of people are having the issue it seems.

I see a few avatarless people ;x. (Including myself).

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Watched the Nintendo and Sony E3 conferences this year for about an hour and half each, but didn't get any emblems.

Watched the Microsoft conference for about the same time, but the emblem did work there. Also watched Sony's conference last year, no emblems.

Thank you in advance :)



Just saw this thread.

I'm also missing the E3 conference emblems since I know I've seen them all lol.

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Try using the same link except have either or, use it as a "quick fix".F22_King_Raptor

Very odd that worked lol.

But thank you!

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Just tried it again....still doing the same thing.


Along with that I tried it on another browser (was originally using firefox but now on chrome) still the same thing.

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I tried reviewing the PC version myself but like you said it just redirects to the homepage of the game. I also tried changing the link of the review from gamecube to PC and it still redirected me to the frontpage [LINK]. I think they probably haven't made a page for it yet.


Yes that is the issue I am having and I see ;o.


Kinda odd that they havent made the page for it xD. Thought it was just me ;p

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So I am trying to make a user review for Sonic Adventure DX (PC).

When I am in the PC version of SADX's page I click on "Review the Game" it takes me to the main page of SADX however I can do a review for the GCN version (which wasnt the version I have ;x).


Any solutions or is this a known problem for other games as well?

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Thank you! No more issues at all :)

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Final Fantasy Type-0

Tales of Innocence R (in the west)