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FAO: All people who knew me from the CCU and like, anyone from trigames or TGZ

Hi there.

I need to find an article I wrote, it was hosted on, which since being re-designed some long time ago, is no longer in their article section.

It was an RTS Article... I really need to find it again however, as it was a great piece of work.

Unfortunately, its no longer stored on either of my comps.

Please help, much appreciated, Basez2.

Hello, long time no speak.

Hey everyone.

Haven't spoken to people in over a year or so, hows things going?

I'm still at college, doing a sports course.

Wondered if anyone out there who remembers me wouldn't mind saying hai? :D

Cool, well I'll get back to anyone who says hello e.t.c. I'm off for now, catch you all later.


We are all having a major fight at a mate's house my mate just landed the Running Powerbomb on his sister I'm like what the hell lets fight again!!! So my mate just speared me against the sofa but it bloody hurt and I'm naccered... lets do this! And his sister is damn hot so it adds to the wonderful world of sports entertainment in your living room! lets do this!!!!!!!!!

New Business! And away for a few days, to read Harry Potter!

Hey guys, hows it hanging?

In an effort to make some extra cash and to generally do some work over the holidays, I made a new business! I'm handing out leaflets locally and in a newsagent (conveniance store). My business is walking people's Dogs, in case they're busy one morning or an old person becomes ill. I've made the leaflet already, but its time to get down to some serious marketing and see if it all goes successful. Lots of people have dogs around the neighbourhood, so it should be worthwhile. Plus, I simply love Dogs, I'm find them fascinating animals, and its going to be a pleasure to work with them.

I'm also staying off GameSpot and the forums until i've read the latest Harry Potter Book, in which we'll finally find out whether Harry and his friends live through to the end. There will be spoilers posted everywhere on the forums, so I advise you if you want to find out the end of book 7 for yourself, to stay away from GameSpot and any other forums, in case someone ruins it for you. Book 6 was ruined for me and I don't want to see it happen again for me.

Feel free to comment, as I'll be checking comments here when I come back, and any questions you have I can answer.

See ya next week, Al.

Chasing a dream..

Hey guys.

I'm going for an audition next Sunday up at London (UK). Its an audition for the part of Tom Riddle in the next Harry Potter Movie, the 6th one. I just feel like sharing this with you all since I feel its a great oppurtunity to get into acting as a career. Obviously, there will be 100s of other people there auditioning, but I think even if I dont get the part then it will be a good experiance for me as I will know what meeting Casting directors for a major movie will be like.

I'm confidant in myself, I'm confidant in my acting abilities, but I understand there are people out there who are better than me. There is, however, never a best or worst at any activity in the world, and if I want to pursue the Dramatic Arts as a career then this will be a great oppurtunity for me.

I actually won't be auditioning on arrival.. first of all, everyone who arrives fills out an application form then sits down for a brief meeting with the Casting directors. Successful applicants will be contacted and will then be invited to audition.

It will be a long drive down to London from where I live.. 2 1/2 hours, but I think its totally worth it.

There are no requirements for applicants, except that you must be 15 - 18 years old and male and bring along a passport as proof of your identity. Also, a likeness to Ralph Fiennes would be appropriate.

I will keep you posted about how it turns out.


I'm 16 today...

June 1st, 07. Basez2 is now 16 years old.. what does British Law mean for Basez2 at 16?


Here's what you can do at 16 in the UK from my knowledge..


  • Smoke, buy ciggarettes.. nah not for me, I quit, waste of money anyway. But it still means if I have the odd one at a party or social I won't get legally into trouble for it.
  • Drink alcohol at pubs or restaurants as long as its with a meal and its only one drink.. me and my dad go out to the pub all the time.. however I heard its up to the pub or restaurant whether or not they allow 16 - 18 year olds to drink with a meal.
  • Work longer hours.. jeez my sister for some reason won't stop pestering me to get a job so I'll have to get one eventually.. I'm not bothered about money to be honest, I have everything I need IMO. But it would work well towards adult savings.
  • I dont know anymore lol will someone tell me?