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Just do something else for a week. Major online launches always have issues when they come out. R* will fix it - eventually. 

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I'm having the same dilemna. A little bit of both, I think.

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I can't help but laugh at the fact that many people on these forums forget that there were other negative points mentioned in the review other than the depiction of women. 

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On this subject sort of - is there an actual cruise control activated when you aim a gun while driving? It's weird to me because when you aim while driving, the accelerator button becomes fire.

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Depends on how well you've been raising your child. I too was playing violent / obscene games such as Doom, Duke Nukem, GTA when I was younger than 10 (usually at my friend's houses). I think I turned out fine. I have also known and known of children that definitely took the stuff to head a bit too much. They didn't go commit any terrible atrocities, but they probably didn't grasp the seriousness of the subject matter either.


With that said, you as a parent can't really hide these things from your kid. At his age, I'm sure he's watching porn behind your back and playing violent games all the time - at his friend's houses if you won't let him. 

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I don't think she explicitly says she gave it a lower score because of the depiction of women in the game. Nine out of ten is a great score, and I think appropriate for the game. Stating it as a "fact" that the game deserves a perfect score shows how dissillusioned some of you are.

Let me first say that the game definitely is awesome - I'm loving it. But I am also aware that the game is not perfect. The game is not an unparalleled technical achievement - which a lot of people seem to think it is. The gameplay isn't that much different than the other recent GTA titles - definitely more refined but I don't think I've been surprised by anything so far (I'm about 3 hours in). The much hyped graphics aren't very impressive to me. Theyre definitely good, but character models, textures, and lighting quality seem only just good to me. Storyline so far has been good enough.

Everyone has an opinion, and certainly someone who whines about another's doesn't have the correct perspective on what a review/opinion is. It's very subjective.

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Definitely. I love the sarcasm in the series - they take everything bad about American culture and amplify it by a factor of 100 (or maybe not at all for the super crazies out there)...

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Are you really that distressed that the reviewer docked points for the depiction of women in the game? It's just ... like ... her opinion man.

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I myself am a PC gamer, but I caved and bought the game on PS3. Looks good enough, but I wouldn't go as far as to say it looks great. Definitely needs some AA. With that said, the game is awesome.

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It's unnecessarily difficult to plan out a bridge. Both shores / landings have to be relatively flat. It's a very qualitative thing. If you drag a road across the span, it might work. It might not. If it doesn't you just have to screw around with it and try to find a path that works.