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Another real gamer is born

I've been gone for a while but the time was well spent. I helped my cousin get into gaming. He kept asking me about games and of course I told him about how great the PS3 is. After two weeks he came home with a PS3 and two games. His parents were kind enough to get it. He is starting out with real games such as Saints Row 3 and Infamous. I'm happy he went with Sony instead of Nintendo.

On another note the Vita draws closer. I plan to encourage my cousin to get one. Handheld gaming is worthless without Sony.

The Adventures of Barsy7: Chapter 3 Annoyances

I'M REAL TIRED OF GAMERS NOT TAKING GAMES SERIOUSLY. As you can see I'm real mad. I was in a CoD match and had terrible teammates. I had to carry the team all by myself. All I get is excuses and whining. "Calm down bro, it is just a game, for fun". If you are only here for fun and not owning then GET THE F*** OUT. "But Barsy I'm new here". GET THE F*** OUT TOO. Come back when you don't suck and drag the team, me, down.
I'm busting my butt out there playing the objectives and these guys want to suck, how dare they. It certainly wasn't me bringing down the team as I was the best one there. I was so looking forward to adding another win to my record but I had to push the home button to exit the game, it was that serious. Another thing the other team was cheating. They had to be no way in hell could they have downed me 6 times without hacking.
People need to understand there is only enjoyment in winning. That is the only way to enjoy games. Share any onlione rage stories if you have any.

Adventures of Barsy7: Chapter 2

I mentioned my PSN name in my last blog so I thought I should share a funny story about multiplayer. I recently got into fighters this gen with SF4 and Blazblue. I have about 2 years of experience playing online. I notice a help thread for beginners in the BB forum. I respond to the noob and convinced him I would help him get better. I suggested a private room so no one could disturb us.
Little did he know I had no intention of helping him but crushing him. I hold back a lot in the first few matches letting him build up confidence. The perfect timing arises, I pick my main. I sandbagged him the entire match making sure I had the conditions for a astral finish. Then it happened he stood next to me on wakeup. I let it rip :lol: . He responded with a "I thought we were just training". I quickly tell him "Sorry, just wanted to try it. You can hit me with one the next round". That too is a lie as I intend to go all out on him. That I did and astraled him again for more lulz. He left the room after the match. I took the initiative and messaged him saying "DESTROYED" and "OWNED". He didn't respond back so he must have been choking on his tears. He got perfected both rounds as well :lol:
Only the strong deserve to play fighters. He only has himself to blame for being so bad.

Play me on PSN

If any GS user wants to play me with or against me in a any of these games on PSN feel free to add me. Games include
Blazblue CS
CoD MW2, BO, MW3
Battlefield 3
Street Fighter AE

My PSN ID isL LiEUTENANT. Look forward to some fun gaming sessions.

Adventures of Barsy7: Chapter 1

I feel really good. The feeling one gets when they do the right thing is like no other. I saw a young boy in Best Buy browsing the PS3 section while holding a wii game. Thinking to myself I wondered if really wanted to own a PS3 instead of a wii. I maned up and said "You have a PS3? He looks at me and says "Yeah". I press on and say "So why are you buying a wii game and not a game for your PS3?"

He tells me he has a younger brother and that his parents wanted him to play along with his sibling. I look at the wii game he is holding and give a light chuckle. It was Mario Kart. I told him that he and his younger brother could get a better experience with Medal of Honor, which was on sale, than any wii game. It is no CoD but it is a start.

He shows interest but doubts he could buy it since he isn't old enough. "No problem" I said. "I could buy it for you". That lead to my good deed of the day. Instead of buying myself a game I spent my money on a child knowing he got a hardcore experience with a real game.

I encourage you all to do good gaming deeds. Share stories if you have.