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More Reviews!

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I've set myself far too many targets already for this week.

But i've got some 25 unfinished reviews sitting on my computer and i really should get around to finishing them off and getting them out there. 'Should' and 'will' are often two disconnected entities however. But at least i'm writing this down to give myself more incentive.


My reviews

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I've noticed i do predominantly criticise within the bulk text of my reviews, and this sometimes appears to be a contradiction of the final score i've given a game (Twisted Metal is an example of this).

I wouldn't say it's because i'm pessimistic about games in general just that all games have flaws. And if i'm reading a review i'd rather know about the bad bits that might put me off over the good bits that might drag me in. But maybe that's just me.

Praise can be misleading and doesn't always reflect why a game is great.